Go to the ski resort: what to take in the mountains?

The beginning of the ski season is not far off. Experienced tourists back in September-October booked a hotel and air tickets, and gear is already starting to prepare.

Newcomers are harder to collect, so today we will talk about the list of necessary things, for those who go to the mountains for the first time.

Mine Ski and Snowboard Clothing

Clothes for riding better buy special. You can ride jeans or sports pants only on the hills. Perfect option, contact a specialized store, the consultant will help you with a choice and will pick up the perfect suit, depending on what you will ride (skiing or snowboarding).

But you do not limit one costume with one costume, ski suit dress for special thermal underwear. It can be made of various materials, natural (cotton) and synthetic (microfiber, polyester, lycra, fleece), its main task &# 8211; Keep warm and discharge moisture from the body.

Ordinary underwear, sweatshirts and bikes can also warm well, but remember, skating &# 8211; This is a physical activity during which the body actively highlights moisture. If you dress ordinary clothes, it will get enough quickly and you freeze.

Do not bother and buy special socks, especially if you plan to ski. They are not only well preserved heat and, like thermal underwear, remove moisture, but also prevent rubbing legs.

Many novice skiers believe that corns and graziness on the legs &# 8211; Because of the unsuccessful shoes, but in fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, incorrect socks are blamed.

Gloves are equally important, they must be waterproof, wind-resistant and comfortably sit in the hand, without saying the movement.

Do not forget about the header or bandage, and it is better to take both, in case of changing weather.

If you plan to ride on high-mountain resorts, it is recommended to take with you a special Balaklava or Flis Sand. As a rule, you can easily buy them on any ski resort.


If you regularly ride, it is advisable to buy your own gear. It is selected depending on your parameters (growth, weight) and skating experience. Only own gear will be perfect for you.

If you are not ready to buy a complete set, take at least boots. Good ski boots are configured under the leg, adjust the angles of the foot and the top, stiffness, make thermoforming.

Remember that we need to carry equipment in special covers. Before traveling, be sure to read the aircraft transport rules of the airline, which is flying. In the winter season, many airlines transport it for free.

Go to the ski resort that take in the mountains

Do not forget about the mask and ski glasses, and if you are still uncertain on skis and the more snowboard, be sure to purchase a helmet.

What cosmetics take in the mountains?

Going to the mountains to take cosmetics as important as the first-aid kit! The sun in the mountains is much causar than the sea. Get a sun burn here will not be labor. Therefore, do not forget to take a tanning cream in the mountains, it is desirable with SPF 20-50 (depending on the type of skin).

Do not forget about hygiene lipstick. Lips in the mountains suffer from not only from the active Sun, but also weathered from frost and wind. Hygienic lipstick is better to buy in a pharmacy in place, those that you will find in the homeland hardly have the necessary level of protection.

Be careful with moisturizing cream, the simple cream is not suitable, it will rather contribute to frostbite than help keep moisture in the skin. Many brands offer special moisturizing cold creams, but they should be used for 20-30 minutes before entering the street.

In general, all cosmetics can be bought in place, many products intended for a mountain climate are not sold on the plain.

First aid kit ski

We already wrote about the first aid kit. To the standard set, we recommend adding a little more patches, hard bandage, warming cream and stretching cream, bruises and t.NS.

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