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Goa – The smallest state in India is absolutely not similar to the rest of India, but at the same time one of the best world resorts spreading on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Until 1962, Goa was a Portuguese colony, and only finally gaining independence from the metropolis, Goa became the 25th state of India.

Goa India – The coast on this exotic resort has extended more than 110 km by forming 40 magnificent beaches. It is believed that Goa is very popular among tourists at once for several reasons: first, many mounted spacious golden beaches Goa, stretching for many kilometers along the amazing shores of the Arabian Sea. Other tourists will attract the ancient monuments of India, easily accessible during one-two-day excursions organized from the state of Goa. Third in Goa attracts rest. And the mixture of styles, races and cultures make Goa unlike other Indian states.

Goa is conditionally divided into the north and southern parts, «Border» between which Fort Aguada is. V North Goa Supply such places, villages and small towns like Vagator, Bug, Anduna, Calangute and Kandolim. South Goa Includes such cozy places and villages as Majord, Benaulim, Kolva, Varka, CavelosSim and Mobor. See below.

It is worth adding that Goa is also one of the best in the world of health resorts, where you can successfully combine rest near the sea with wellness treatments. The fact is that it was in India that was created a great development outside the country famous Ayurveda. Ayurveda word is formed from two Sanskrit words «AUR» (What means «wisdom», «the science») and «Veda»(«life»), and often translates as «Long life». In a modern understanding of Ayurveda, a certain system of philosophical and medical knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, a beneficial person, as well as the prevention and successful cure of diseases.

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What interesting look in Goa?

Top attractions of Goa

Vijayanagara in Hampi

Plantation Spices


Dudkhsagar waterfall

Cape Don Paula



Shiva face on the beach ..

Banyan in Arambole

Fort Aguada

Goa: excursions and events

Most popular Excursions in Goa, Which tour operators offer tourists:

  1. Excursions in Goa «Dudkhsagar waterfall». Often there are other names of this excursion in Goa: for example, «Tunes flying water» or «Elephants, Monkeys and Dudkhsagar Waterfall», and «Visiting Bandera». Excursion consists of a trip to the picturesque waterfall of Dudkhsagar, and some of the trip takes place on jeeps through the real jungle. This follows lunch in the tourist camp, where tourists will have the opportunity to swim in a mountain lake and ride in an elephant elephant. The average cost of excavation per 1 adult – Approximately $ 50, for 1 child – about $ 25.
  2. Excursions in Goa «Face of history». Other common names of this excusive – «Classic Goa and Hindu temples» or «Sightseeing tour of Goa», and takha «Temples and Indian Cultural Evenings», «The magnificence of the old Goa». Excursion consists of a visit to such Hindu temples as Smya Durga, Sri Mannachi, as well as dating tourists with the main Christian cathedrals of Southeast Asia, located in the center of the old Goa. Pleasant Bonus – Shopping in Panji. The average cost of a trip to 1 adult tourist – $ 55, for 1 child – About $ 30.
  3. Goa, India Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Goa Travel Guide
  4. Excursions in Goa «The jungle book» or «Rhythm jungle», «Trip to Jungle»: This is a great chance for tourists to relax from the bustle of the resort in the purest ecological camp on the picturesque hills among the varia and clean nature. Acquaintance and friendly communication with elephants, evening barbecue and cheerful dances around the fire, and even – the initial yoga lessons. The average value of 1 adult is $ 150, for 1 child – Approximately $ 75.
  5. Excursions from Goa in Hampi – This is an excursion to the abandoned city of temples and palaces (neighboring state of Karnataka). Hampi is located in the middle of the mysterious ruins of Vijayanagara — The former capital of the ancient Vijayanagar Empire. Cost per 1 adult tourist – $ 260 with a group of groups from 4 people (the trip passes on four jeeps, travel time is 8 hours one way).
  6. Excursions in Goa «Crocodiles and spices». Other popular trips names – «Taste of india», «Plantation of spices and hunting for crocodiles» or «Savoy plantation». This tour of Goa consists of a trip to the Indian River Zuari and the picturesque Cumbardja Canal on a comfortable beautiful yacht in the natural habitat of crocodiles and a huge number of birds, with a stopping for lunch, in the middle of the Giana Plantation of Spices – Savoy. The average cost per 1 adult tourist – $ 55, for 1 child – About $ 30.
  7. Excursions in Goa «Sea fishing» or otherwise – «Exotic fishing»- It usually goes near the port of Aguada, Cape Cape and Mormugao Bay.
  8. Excursions in Goa «Visiting Tigers» or «Amazing road to tigers», and «Track tiger» or «Meeting with tigers». This tour of Goa consists of a trip to one of the most famous Indian reserves in the world – Tyavarekoppa, where tourists will be able to blame wild animals: Tigers, Pavlinov, Lviv, Antelope and even wild elephants. Excursion lasts two days, overnight stays. Cost per 1 adult tourist – $ 300 with a group of 4 people.
  9. Excursions in Goa «Step into the past» or «Paradisk beach Palillam»: A trip to the Jeeps in South Goa through the picturesque Indian villages, during which tourists will get acquainted with local crafts and will visit one of the largest beaches of Palis, who were the first to open hippies in the distant 60s. Cost per 1 adult tourist – $ 50, for 1 child – about $ 25.
  10. Excursions in Goa «Little Tibet» or «Bison River and Little Tibet», and «Dellalian Reserve and Little Tibet»: In exclusion, a visit to the Dellado reserve, where elephants, wolves, leopards, deer are found. Rafting and visit to the Tibetan settlement included. The average cost per 1 adult tourist – 175 $.
  11. Excursions in Goa «Cruise on the pirated schooner of the XIX century » – Delightful breathtaking sea walk along the southern coast Goa to Exotic Islands Grande and Picken. When Schooner will anchor near the island, here you can swim and sunbathe. After the satisfying dinner, consisting of the gifts of the sea, you can go fishing near the cliffs or try to win the prize in the competition of tourist destinies, which is held on a spacious deck. The cost per adult is about $ 40.

From the entertainment, the nightclubs and pubs are also presented on Goa and Pubs like «Titos» (Baga District), «Extreme» and «Paradais» (Panji district), purely European «Tusovka» – in the club «Kuban» (in Andun), trans-party pass in «Nain-Bar» (on the Vagator), in «Shore bar» (in Andun), in «Hiltor» (ibid).

History of Goa

Climate in Goa

Goa Weather – For this Indian state is characterized by a relatively mild climate with an average comfortable for tourist temperatures approximately +25–27°With throughout the year.

Goa climate can be described as tropical. Experts believe that the most comfortable time to rest tourists in Goa is the period of the so-called tropical winter, that is, the time from October to March. During this period, the average air temperature in Goa ranges from +21 to +32 degrees, and the water temperature is located in the area of ​​+27 degrees. And only the monsoon period (May-August) often prevents tourists to enjoy the rest on Goa during this period.

Goa: Entertainment and Activities

In tourists-lovers of water sports during the rest in Goa there will be many opportunities to engage in all possible types. On the beaches of tourists will be offered riding on water bikes, water skiing, boats of scooters, parachute and diving, breathtaking windsurfing, surfing and parasailing, plus to everything – skating on a board and on a banana, an exciting ride on a yacht along the long coast of Goa, interesting river Jungle cruises with crocodiles and mangrove thickets. You can also take a rickshaw and drive along the coast, watching local attractions, stopping and resting on the way, swimming and sunbathing anywhere.

It is the resort of Goa owed to its appearance youth poppural style of music called Goa Trans. If you love to dance, then you will have a lot of tightly on the beaches on the beaches, during which hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world are gathering at sunset to enjoy the evening, with each other, the picturesque ocean and of course music. In the air Goa continuously hovers the atmosphere of an endless holiday and fun. Here flows nightlife. Recreation of tourists does not stop even at night. After meeting a dazzling sunset over the ocean (do not forget to grab a camera with you!) All night bars, merry discos, numerous restaurants and even casinos open again.

Transport features of Goa

In Goa, most tourists and locals ride Mopeds or scooters. The most common among them is Honda Activa and Honda Kinetic, rentals work almost everywhere, by car, near each hotel. Rent a moped per day costs from 200 rupees (see the daily course of Indian rupee to the dollar and the euro), depending on the run of the motorcycles, his state and your priceless ability to bargain, which in India can be made to perfection. Important Tourist Council: Never leave your passport on the pledge of the moped, it is not necessary for local rules. In the extreme case, you can always leave a photocopy of passport – this is also a document. By the way, gasoline in Goa now costs approximately 45 rupees per liter.

The most advanced part of tourists-special moves on Goa to Motorcycles. The most common bike models are Royal Enfield and Honda, Bajaj. Motorcycle rental will cost approximately 2 times more expensive than moped. Prices for motorcing means also depend on the rental period. The more period, the cheaper it will be easier.

Some of the Russian tourists move to Goa on cars. The most popular models in the box office are Suzuki Maruti and small jeeps. Car rental costs about 2 times more expensive than motorcycle. But the main problem is that Goan roads are very narrow and difficult for tourists unreasonable to them, moreover, in India, the left-sided movement, and the traffic rules are not available there as a given. But with the current unlawful rule «Who is more right» this type of transport is much safer than the rest.

Well, of course, Taxi. The tourist immediately comes to mind: «Which Hindu does not like quick ride…». However, be prepared – This adventure is not for nervous. But quite well and relatively safe. Also in Goa there is a motorbike-taxi, t.E. You will be taken to the destination on the motorcycle, which will be cheaper, but maybe very extremely extreme. Approximate prices are as follows: Vagator Arca in the evening costs 200 rupees, Anjuna Vagator at night costs 200 rupees on a motorbike, Vagator-Arabol costs 300-400 rupees. But it all depends on how good you will be able to stare with a taxi driver!

Goa, India Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Goa Travel Guide

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