Goa. Where, how, why.

So we got to the popular Indian resort state &# 8211; Goa. Where to live, what to go where to go.

North or south?

South Goa is traditionally considered more expensive, but also a cleaner coast. All expensive hotels are concentrated here. Rest here calm and measured, main contingent – European pensioners. Beaches cleaner than northern, but youth here are frankly boring. Calangute, Palis, CavelosSim and other luxury beaches will serve as an ideal background for your selfie in a swimsuit, but also require large financial expenses. Accommodation, restaurants and entertainment here is an order of magnitude more expensive.

Northern beaches are famous for their parties, daily mass meetings on the beaches (the sunset is called not otherwise as "Sunset", from the English. Sunset – Sunset), Friendly dogs and no less friendly remaining inhabitants. From all over the world, friki, yoga, freelancers, downshifters, musicians, artists and the most ordinary travelers and tourists come here. There are no pathos and luxury, local restaurants eat rice with hands, and most of the beaches can be confused with some alupka, but it is here that they are going for the notorious enlightenment, cure of the soul and body, searching themselves and the very atmosphere of Goa, about which you Surely heard.


If you are an independent traveler, not a batch tourist, then it means that you choose the housing yourself. The best option is to book several guesthouses or hotels with free cancellation, and you already choose from them. Often photos of Indian hostels are straightened from reality, so you can choose better in reality. If you are going a big company, it makes sense to rent a villa, it will be cheaper and more interesting.

Normal price in high season for villa – 20,000 rupees per month. Guesthouses start from 200 rupees per day with man. It should be understood that not everyone can live in those conditions that are offered for 200 rubles a day, but backpackers and hippies are quietly living there all winter. If you need a level comfort above average, count on 3000 rupees per day for double room. For this money you will receive a hotel 4 * almost on the shore. For example, Hotel Sol Beso Mandrem Goa is located on a relatively quiet beach by Mandrem and for little money offers excellent service. Checked personally!


Move the most convenient on the scooter. For rent and motorcycles, but we have already written that they are extremely recommended for beginners – control is heavy enough, like a motorcycle himself.
On machines almost do not go here, motorikshi are also very rare. Bike will come in handy to ride nearby beaches and picturesque villages.

Please do not get drunk drunk. It would seem that a banal rule, but it is constantly violated, and most often Russian tourists. In the accidents in Goa, people, both visitors and local, and the cause of accidents most often consists in alcohol intoxication of the culprit of the accident.

In the high season, the movement is quite dangerous, always put on the helmet, no matter how hot to you in it. Helmets are not in all rolled products, you need to ask, the Indians do not use the Hindus. You will look at you like an aliens, signal and diligently. Well, the better.


You can eat in roadside cafes very cheap. Choose what is most popular among local and boldly make an order. Rice with vegetables from 80 rupees, rice with shrimps from 110 rupees. Meat is more expensive. In Goa, unlike the rest of India, you can try beef. But our advice – in the direction of meat, you can eat at home. Seafood here are just fabulously delicious and indecent cheap. Fishermen twice a day (in the morning and evening) go to the sea. They will take their catch to the fish market in Siolim and Chapor. Come in Sioliol to 8 – 9 pm and do not even have to bargain. All remnants will be sold literally for a penny. Our personal experience – 2 kg of squid fillet, 3 kg of medium crabs, 3 kg of royal shrimp – 1200 rupees. Choose any empty cafe and ask the cook to cook your products. Depending on the number of food and man, as well as the complexity of the preparation of products, negotiate 300-500 rupees, on average 150 rupees per person. Of course, you can try to reduce the price. For comparison: one average lobster in the average café of the most popular and party beach Arambol will cost 800 &# 8211; 900 rupees.

Be sure to try traditional Indian Roti and Chapati cakes, fried cheese Panir, Tandorars and Masala chicken dishes. Of course, the list of Indian national cuisine does not end, but only begins, but it is all very difficult to list. A variety of dishes in the menu is always very large, try to collect your eyes into a bunch and choose something from this huge list – everything is very tasty. Ask not sharp and do not be afraid that food will be fresh – the Hindus will still drive and sprout, just a little less than they are used to.

Spices Masala add not only to food, but also in tea, mix the milk and the famous Masala tea gets at the exit – you are sure that you buy these spices as a souvenir to all friends, and at home you will try to repeat the recipe.

Lassi is also a well-known indian fervent drink based on a kefir with fruit juices, it is especially relevant when you need to drink sharp dishes.

Goa. Where, how, why.

Things to do

In addition to the standard tourist set, the beach – Hotel – Restaurant We advise you to visit all Beach Goa and, of course, Paradise Beach in Maharashtra. The distance from Arabolla is about 9 km, taxi drivers are asked from 1500 rupees, but you can get to the scooter without problems. So, having left the beach Arambol turn to the left and go to the north. Through some time on my right hand you will see a big bridge over the river. At the end of the bridge there will be a checkpoint, you cross the state border. A policeman can search you and scooter, be prepared for this. Next, by signs Go to the beach. Local can be periodically asking Paradise Beach, everyone knows where it will indicate the road. On the way, you will pass by the authentic villages in which tourists do not rest, stop and watch, here you can see a lot of interesting things. Almost at the entrance to the beach there is a school of primary classes. Wait for change and talk with the kids who run out to the street. Pupils are simultaneously very happy and are very afraid of meeting with foreigners, but posing with pleasure. Therefore, if you like a portrait photo – this place will be for you a real find. The beach itself does not need a description, the name says everything for itself.

Be sure to visit Panji &# 8211; Capital of state. Walking along the streets of the town you can easily imagine that you are in Portugal. Former Portuguese Colony, Panaji keeps the architecture left after the colonializers and even religion &# 8211; Most of the population here are Catholics.

On the other hand, Goa is bordered by carnatak. Go there to ride on elephants in the Bhagwan Mahavir reserve and swim in Dudshagar waterfall. You can get to the waterfall only on jeeps, as the road (if you can call it) goes through the jungle. Ceing safari on Indian forests – Liana, rare glimpses of sunlight through thick branches and flooding water to the ankle. The last segment of the way to the waterfall is overcome by foot – the monkeys will be waiting for you, do not feed them. Sunglasses better remove in bag, cameras and phones keep tight. Martyshki arrogant and not afraid, take the food right out of the hands, even if you just decided to eat, not feed animals. Reaching the waterfall, you can swim in it. The water is cool, entering the water as such, you will have to jump with stones, but the impressions are worth!

In the neighboring state of Karnataka attractions at least debug, but the main (and the closest to you) is the statue of the Hindu God of Shiva, the highest in the world. The size of the 14-storey house, 37-metering facilities are located on the most beautiful beach of the carniki, the beach. There will be no coming on the scooter here, you will have to take a taxi, but for a company of 6 people it will cost quite inexpensively for such a distance, about 1,500 rupees per person in both directions.

If you don’t want to go, ask fishermen to bring you in the morning in the sea on the boat. At 6 am near the beach, you can see many dolphins that sail to fishing boats in anticipation of delicacy. For 300 rupees with a person you will be taken away from the coast and will be waiting for dolphins. If you are very lucky and the sea will not be jellyfish, with dolphins will be allowed to swim. In the natural habitat it is free, and the sensations are completely different.

India is an amazing place, here for each turn there is something special, it is impossible to revise everything here and understand at once. This is a real country of wonders and a great travel.

We hope you will be useful to our advice, and you will discover India for yourself &# 8211; maybe not now but when &# 8211; Check out!.

Goa. Where, how, why.

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