God of mountains (or choir) in ancient Egypt

Mountains is one of the most ancient deities of Egypt, who keeps history about the past time, when all men were engaged in hunt. God was depicted as a man with a falcon head or like a sunny disk that reveals falcon wings.

Apparently, in the dalitation period of the history of Egypt, he was a tribal God who worshiped the militant hunters who became the owners of the neighboring tribes. The leader was depicted as a rapidly acagressive predator, "Lord of the Heaven", which commands the airy ocean. The mountains was God in the city of Jerackon, which was located in the Upper Egypt, and after conquering the local leader of all neighbors, and the construction of him for the throne of Pharaoh, the Sokol began to personify the royal power.

The kings of the second dynasty were named choir and set (it was about 2800 to our era). It was a recognition of equality between the Lower and Upper Egypt, although they had an economy at different levels of development.

Represented a mountain in two different versions. In the first case, he performed the Lord of the Heavenly Arch, the Lord of All Divine Creations, the Sun God. In the second, he portrayed the earth king, Pharaoh. Antez wrote that the chorus as a real Trinity: Heavenly King, earthly king and falcon.

Although the Heavenly King was significantly different from who rules on Earth, from the mortal king. Creating a mythological chain was invented precisely in order to overcome this contradiction. This is evidenced by the texts of the pyramids. The death of the earthly mountain turned him into Osiris, the deities of resurrected from the dead. And thus he became immortal.

A cosmogonical myth that tells about the mountain, namely it tells that his parents were Osiris and Isida, who, in turn, gave birth to Nut and Hebia. Osiris was killed by a cruel and evil set, his own brother. As a result, the Seth rose to the throne. Grown and strengthened mountains began fighting a cunning network. As a result, he won. He was rightfully proclaimed by the Egyptian king.

Among historians there is an opinion that this myth is talking about the war for the throne between the Lords of the Lower and Upper Egypt. The first patronage of Seth, and the second mountains. The leaders of Lower Egypt first took the top, but the struggle ended with their defeat. One of the versions argues that the Met of Seth was not brother, but uncle.

Later world myths about the mountain depicted him like a light-point deity. He entered the battle with dark and evil forces, Argent for the murder of Osiris, who was his parent, and also protected the pharaoh throne.

The relief on the walls of the temple of the Mountain in Edfu depicts God that fights with the help of harpoon with crocodiles and hypopotamas that evil evil. He stands on the nose rook. Mountains Sometimes merged into a single whole. Another interesting temple in the Com-Maombo is devoted at the same time as a mountain and Sebe – God, depicting in the form of a crocodile.

Another myth says that the choir was conceived by Isida and the dead Osiris. Woman brought up a child hiding in the thickets at the River Neil. When the choir mature, he came to the gods and proved to all that the Egyptian throne should have only he.

God of mountains (or choir) in ancient Egypt

Next occurred the fighting of the mountain and set. Seth pulled out an eye at the mountain (wonderful eye or an OKO). After that, the network lost the childbody. The OKO was swallowed by Osiris, as a result of which he rebelled out of the dead and gave power by the mountain.

During when the mountains hid in the waters of the river, he was under the patronage of the gods. Being a young man, he learned well. He felt the extraordinary power of power, putting on the throne of Egypt. But the state was not so simple without properly organized communication systems and communication systems.

Therefore, the duties of the highest posts were carried out always by members of the king family. It well showed Antose in his writings. This pattern was observed and during the fourth dynasty. The mountain was inspected by the builders of the pyramids of Heops and the pyramids of Hefren and the Great Sphinx.

When the fifth dynasty began, everything changed. Ordinary people were appointed for these positions (2550 g. to N.NS.). It happened due to the change of the royal position. The supremacy of the choir was replaced by the rule of.

Antes expressed the opinion that such changes were caused by the fact that many were very unhappy with the board of the king family. The state also changed the principles of the management system, management system, and also strengthened the central government. Numerous gods of animal origin have lost their relevance. The country’s tribal organization came to the end, the gods tribes and patrons. Review of the world changed. Astronomers showed their discoveries to the world, revealed the secret of sunlight, determined the importance of the Sun for all the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

The mythology of the past has ceased to be popular, the legends of the old days have no longer satisfied the inhabitants of the country. Ancient statements were replaced by open knowledge. But the god of the mountains still remains popular, in modern Egypt in every tourist store you can meet the Amulet "Eye Mountain" – a popular Egyptian souvenir.

God of mountains (or choir) in ancient Egypt

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