Going to a ski campaign

Ski hike – the case is both fascinating and responsible, because except with it You should take everything you need, In the mountains you need to be as mobile as possible.

For extreme and loving difficulty people There is nothing better than a ski campaign. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the ability to experience your strength. Breathe fresh mountain air, look at everything from a bird’s eye view – what can be more beautiful? If planned Long campaign in 5-7 days, It is necessary good physical training, as well as no less serious attitudes towards camping.

Ski suit

To begin with, it is necessary take care of good thermal underwear Double copy. It is necessary that it is well assigned moisture, but at the same time he warmed. On the jacket and pants or overalls should not save. It is better to choose membrane clothes With high degree wind-consumption and moisture resistance. The costume should be comfortable, as well as in it there must be additional ventilation in the form of lightning. The little things will need two pairs of gloves (better with a rubber band so that the snow does not fall inside), 2-3 pairs of socks, hat, handmaker, balaclava, which is good protect against wind and snow.

In the mountains, the Sun is reflected from everything, so do not forget about good sunglasses of the fourth category with the degree of protection against ultraviolet rays at least 95%. For skating Choose a good ski mask, Perhaps with interchangeable lenses for sunny and cloudy weather. But its presence is optional – you can only do with sunglasses. And the most important thing is the correctly selected helmet. They come with an open and closed type and all pass the maximum testing (heat, humidity, degree of protection during blows, cold). Professionals usually Choose closed helmets, Since they are not allowed to fall in the snow. For ordinary people, the main thing is to choose the right size of the helmet so that it does not hurt in any case on the head. And he should not get to neck: when dropping it may result in injury.

Ski gear

It is necessary to clearly imagine the route of the campaign and conditions for skiing. After all, it can take place on the prepared tracks and the fluff. Skisi selected depending on the growth, body weight, riding style. For the carving, shorter skis are needed, and for freeride – long. Better to take universal skis Skier to fit for different types of tracks. Newcomer can not take long skiing, but large and heavy people, on the contrary, need longer skis. There are important criteria about which should not be forgotten, such as vibration, rigidity, sliding surface material and ski geometry.

Key point in equipment are ski boots. You should choose them depending on your skill skiing. For a beginner, you can take boots with a level of hardness equal to 60 units, but for a professional, this value must correspond to 160 units. There are universal boots with the possibility of switching "walking-riding". When buying a boot it is forbidden hurry, it is better to try on boots and stay in a minimum of 20 minutes, To understand how comfortable they are convenient for you in size, form and quality. Needed and sit down, and quickly go to them, try to set clips in several positions making different levels of inclination.

Still very important design Internal boot boot. It is better to choose it with the possibility of molding under your leg when the boot is automatically adjusted under the leg, so that it is perfect. For mountain tourism, riding and mountaineering is best suited by telescopes. The optimal option is Folding: in the folded state of their length will not exceed 55 cm, which is very convenient for mountaineering.

Hiking equipment

Backpack need to choose small, lightweight, waterproof, ergonomic and necessarily convenient, with many external devices, for which you can easily fasten the tent, safety equipment, ice ax and a lot of things that will be needed in the campaign. Tent There must be a two-layer to provide you with comfortable and pleasant privals with friends.

Going to a ski campaign

Selection of safety systems depends on the specifics of your campaign. It must be multifunctional, suitable for continuous lifting uphill, and for descent. It should be borne in mind that all equipment will have to bear on themselves, and only "cats" will help. Better consult with specialists When choosing a safety system, they will prompt that it is better to choose: blocking, gazebo or strapping. The main thing is to ensure the safety of all members of the campaign.

Aid kit

Plockers, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines, media and cough products, good sunscreen, knee pads, elastic bandages, crelation cream and bruises, hygienic lipstick – All this should be in the "mining" first aid kit.

Do not forget about trifles

Need to take with you regular or headlamp, Drying for shoes, repair kit, flask with a hot drink, GPS navigator, walkie-talkie, bivak, action chamber, which can be attached on a helmet, as well as means and personal use things. You can take in case of emergency Snow shovel, because it will play a decisive role in the case of avalanche. And most importantly – a good mood, and a combat mood.

Do not be afraid of difficulties, and good luck to you in ski camps! Check out positive emotions and impressions!

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