Goldfish market (Goldfish Market) in Hong Kong

That in Hong Kong has many markets, they certainly know all tourists who were there at least once. On some, you can buy products from jade, on other cheap electronics, the third will offer you fakes of world brands, but there are markets "for the soul". Tourist is unlikely to find something useful there for himself, but for a walk and research of the city – this is a great place. One of these markets in Hong Kong is Goldfish Market, or simply the goldfish market. There were a lot of people in this market, but mostly, of course, local. We got here for the first time about five years ago, and tourists here of course came across, but almost all were from Asian countries. After the famous Travel show "Eagle and Rushka" showed him in his transfer, the number of European tourists, and mostly Russian-speaking, increased several times. This time, almost all tourists whom we met in the market of goldfish were from the countries of the former USSR.

Getting to the Gold Fish Market in Hong Kong is simple, it is located near the PRINCE EDWARD Metro Station, you need a release from the metro B2. If you forgot what kind of way out you need, then at the stations there are always stands with a list of outputs and information where they lead. If you are all done correctly and do not suffer topographic cretinism, immediately when you leave the subway, you will see pink pointers, which will drive you right until the right place. If something went wrong, then as always, at the end of this article you will find the accurate coordinates of the right place.

Fish – Some of the most popular pets in Hong Kong. First, Hong Kongs believe that they bring happiness, and secondly, in contrast to cats and dogs, it takes quite a bit of space. And as you know, in Hong Kong with a living area, it is heavy, and a typical Hong Kong apartment rarely reaches 30 square meters.

Plus, it is quite unpretentious to this fish and always make an eye. Therefore, as you already guessed, the main customers of this market are local residents, and only very rare tourists are ready to drag a new gold friend to other countries.

Fish of various sizes and colors are sold in conventional polyethylene packages: the friend’s favorite is caught from the aquarium, they put in the bag, pour water, oxygen and voila are added – a portable aquarium is ready. It will not break and be damaged during transportation.

In addition to the goldfish themselves, you can buy all sorts of algae, aquariums, decorative pebbles and all that you still need if you decide to start fish at home.

All these numerous aquariums and bags with fish and algae look rather unusual. In the head somehow it is not very stacked, why to sell fish to make a separate market, because you can do something on the type of our bird market, where you can buy a mouse, and a frog, and an unknown little animal.

No, Hong Kongs decided that goldfish is worthy of their, separate street. We talked with one of the sellers, and he said that now the market has become much smaller, part of the shops closed, because there are few shoppers, and there are many sellers, so sometimes among shops with fish, you can meet, for example, a bicycle store. &# 128578;

The goldfish market is located on Tung Choi Street and most tourists look only in those stores, the entrances to which are located on the street. But truly the kingdom of goldfish is in the depths of the market. You only need to go to one of the stores that does not have a showcase, and then you can plunge into a completely different market.

Gold Fish Market in Hong Kong

There will be no beautiful showcases with hundreds of bags, in each of which the fish. Here you will see huge aquariums and in them hundreds of fish.

Tourists are quite rarely closed in these stores, so in each of these stores you will be offered to buy something.

The goldfish market is interesting, unusual, and the free landmark of Hong Kong, which is necessary to visit, if you relax with children – they will definitely like them.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

We had to explain to Max quite a long time, why we cannot buy a fish and pick it up with you to Moscow, and instead of fish I had to bribe the child with another typewriter. &# 128578; Goldfish Market walk is best combined with a visit to the bird market and the flower market, but about them in our following stories.

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