Gold Kolyma

During its existence, humanity tried many investment options: at first, the one who had a stick-spell was better, then salt, honey and other food, cattle and animal skins, various shells and pebbles went into move – almost all that under the hand came across, but in the end they stopped on gold. Not subject to corrosion and very useful in production, this metal has become an essential element of the global financial system. One problem: it is not easy to get. Gold in nature is a bit, and even then you need to find.

Borisk and Gold Pouch

When, at the end of the XIX century, America went crazy on the basis of the gold fever and tried to somehow cope with thousands of people, the crowds arriving on the banks of the Klondike River, the Russian government decided to check whether there was no something interesting behind the Urals. However, sent to Chukotka and to the Okhotsk Sea expedition returned with empty hands. (Northern lands were worried hard, "My Planet" wrote about this in the material "Nehir Chukchi".) As it usually happens, everything has changed due to the random find. Someone Schofigullin (story did not save his name – or Bari, whether Safi) on nicknamed Borisk escaped here from the horrors of Lensky governmentists and, as the legend says, decided to check the old memory: maybe gold and there is there. And found. And then found himself and his very dead, half-swaying on the edge of the shurt, and nearby – gold bag. So one prospector did what the scientist failed, – found a golden belt in the heads of Kolyma.

Project of the monument of Bari Shafigullin (Boriska), the first diversist, the opener of the first industrial gold on Kolyma, who has changed the future of the northern territories

In 1928, after a successful expedition, confirming that gold here really is, it was decided to build the East Even Boltbase. Six months later, there were three residential buildings, a school, a veterinary office, hospital and boarding school, and the street stretched out the street – naturally, Oktyabrskaya. Ten years later, the city of Magadan became new years old, schools and streets became the city of Magadan.

Rumors about gold found spread with a huge speed, and workers dried here. Until the state brought up the state, gold miners walked over the entire golden territory, secretly washed metal, often killing each other because of a particularly visiting nugget. The people became more and more. Golden fever peak came in 1928, when a real hunger began in the village of Ola due to the excessive number of people who were looking for a precious metal district.

Golden bacteria

The gold mining is mans loose gold at the mouth of the river

By 2016, 117 enterprises had in the Magadan region of the license for searches, exploration and production of precious metals, and most of them (96) specialize in gold, the remaining – on the ore. This is not surprising, because the first to extract is much easier: as it is clear from the name, its placer is found in the valleys of rivers, where the noble metal, for thousands of years, wash out from the lived, settles on the day.

Underground mining of ore gold

I will have to tinker with ore – it is pressed into the rock – ore. There are several ways to separate one of the other. The easiest – flushing, minimum costs and maximum hard work: having sinking a piece of rock, you need to wash it for a long time, waiting for gold at the bottom. Industrial companies have long been refused from this stone age, preferring more modern technologies. Today, most prefers cyanization: Sinyl acid salts are used to extract metal.

Gold Kolyma

However, technology does not stand still, and today everyone develops and introduces their own, improved methods of extracting gold, when selecting the optimal version, based primarily on nature, composition and state of ore. One Russian company even brought a whole association of bacteria, taking them to eat impurities and thus relieve gold.

Students – they are everywhere

Until recently, legal gold in Russia was mined only by legal entities. On Kolyma – ton-two per month. So, in January, the coldest month, when the temperature consistently holds at -40 ° C, 930.8 kg mined this year. The total production of last year was 27.9 tons; 30.5 t plan in 2017.

However, today the authorities are ready to make concessions: the legislation has amended, and now the noble metal can produce IP after receiving the relevant license.

But in the Magadan region decided to go even further and put the experiment: why not allow the searches for a yellow metal to individuals? In fact, the main goal of the project is to legalize illegal prey, popular among the inhabitants of small towns, where there is almost no work. (Watch the photo project about the poachers "Pirates of the Siberian Forest". And on this link – a story about illegal gold mining in Burkina Faso.) New amendments will be able to handicraft workers, now shears gold on abandoned polygons and converting criminal cases, get a license without any contests and auctions and legally selling.

In the meantime, the bill of "free brought" wanders in the cabinets and passes public discussion, you can experience your luck and without any licenses at the "prospective fart" – gold rinsing competition held in Magadan since 2015. Every summer, participants are found in the improvised camp of the gold killers on the shore of Gerdner of the Okhotsk Sea, receive gold-bearing soil and with the help of wooden trays are trying to laure as much precious metal in 15 minutes. True, the mined will have to be mined, but the winners will not remain deprived of – in 2017, the Prize Fund of the Parly Farta amounted to 2.5 million rubles.

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