Gold showcases Helsinki

Today, in winter, demand for Finland has been high. Thanks to a large-scale advertising company, tourists have already learned well that the despondency and boredom in the Christmas holidays are not threatened with them here: Mountain skiing and water parks, Christmas trees and house of site Claus, inspection of cultural monuments and underwater fishing.

Those who arrive in the city by the sea start their "Trade Tour" Better in the morning. To fall ashore in the terminal "The shops", Immediately visit the old shopping hall located near the port. For Finns, these are special places: a market trip is often part of the program of the local elite – ministers, doctors, professors. Moreover, the tradition of offering tea with high official guests of Finland on the market, located in front of the presidential palace. Among others there is chaven and president of the United States George Bush.

After the morning tea – Forward on Poyja Esplanaadi. On this street there are shops-salons of many famous firms in Finland, including firms selling fur coats "Grünstene". There is a sense to stay longer. Here are original fur coats from natural furs of various animals. Prices for them, depending on fur, color, silhouettes, length – from $ 4500.

To the one who wants to refresh and embellish the interior of their house, it is worth looking into the store "Designer", Where high-level Finnish applied articles are presented: from Arabia, ITTALA, NUUTAJARVI. There are also author’s art sets, candlesticks and vases with original design, and household dishes of the famous company "Hackman".

Further before your eyes are the only five-star hotel in Helsinki "Kamep", And if you want to stay in search of luxury in the capital of Finlandar, you can stay in it. Prices, however, at first glance, it may seem somewhat high: night in the cheapest room costs $ 290, but at the end of the week there are always special offers.

The hotel is very easy to get to the Gallery Shopping Center "Kemp", Where the world-famous trademarks are also presented, and Finnish, that everyone has a hearing. The latter belongs, for example, a local textile manufacturer "Marimeko". Along with clothes, this company offers and exclusive designer fabrics that are able to update and ennoble any home.

Further – Shoe Store "Permit Palmrichi". This is the real pride and fame of Finland, highly valued, exclusive and expensive shoes. In addition to high-quality splashes from genuine leather "Palmroid" You can find and handbags in the same style and from the same material. By the way, prices are not so great. Continue studying trade brands known worldwide, stands in the department store "Kyusinen". It is located almost away from the originally selected trajectory of movement, but also in the city center. V "Kyusinen" Collected names and names like Hugo Boss, Laurel, Sahza, Cerutti 1881, Armani. Prices do not really bite. Female Armani Jacket, for example, cost $ 615.

He who wants to choose more original things with "Labelas" famous fashion firms should find "Boutique Karina-K", In which a very representative choice of Lagerfeld and Chloe handbags, Charles Jourdan, Moschino and Givenchy, Moschino and Givenchy, Clothes Dolce& Cabbana and Jean Paul Gaultierier. So, long black with dark red flowers evening dress from Dolce&Cabbana cost there $ 1500. The advantage of this store is that the whole exclusive can be bought in one place – clothing, shoes, handbag and other necessary accessories.

Gold showcases Helsinki

When everything is already needed already purchased, it makes sense to search for suitable precious jewelry. The best choice for this in the jewelry salon with age-old history and traditions – "Aleclander Tilande". The collection offered there is no different from the fact that they sell expensive jewelers in London and Paris. At least this affirms the seller-manager of the Sirka Sirka Carpinen.

Syrk shows a golden mirror from the antique series, decorated with sapphires and diamonds, made in the shape of a heart hanging on a chain and opening as shell. And men offer suitable and practical accessories from the rollex collection.

To joy to the client who knows well what he needs, but it can’t find it, six jewelers work in the cabin.

Well, when a tourist gets tired of changing shopping, he can go to the newly renovated restaurant "Kappelli" In the center of the park on Poyja Esplanaadadi. Once in this historic place, the world famous Finnish composer Jan Sibelius. The restaurant’s glass hall offers a beautiful view of the surroundings and located right in front of the building, where someone always stands.

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