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Recently, Russian tourists pay much less attention to the so-called "fraternal country", as they were called in the near past. Vietnam – one of these countries. After 1990. information on "Bratsk Vietnam" More and less often meets on the pages of Russian newspapers and magazines. Meanwhile, many countries of the West, on the contrary, are exhibiting an increased interest in a distant state located in Southeast Asia.

What is it connected with? First of all, with the deep changes that occur in Vietnam since 1986. and a new course of reforms, which so drastically changed the appearance of the country’s ruined by continuous wars, which many can not believe in the reality of this kind of success. In the pre-maintenance times, our compatriot was worth getting almost a free trade union ticket and drive all Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, while residents of capitalist powers were experiencing difficulties in obtaining visas.

Now the situation has completely changed: Vietnamese hotels to the denial are clogged by Anglo and French-speaking "Pavenitsy", who became an indispensable attribute and urban and rural landscapes.

Nevertheless, on the streets of cities and on the beaches of Vietnam, you can still meet our compatriots. The attention of the Russian tourist, who first fell into a large Vietnamese city, are captured primarily by the bicycle and motorcycles, cyclists, new taxis, an abundance of motorcycles and mopeds, ancient pagodas, modern high-rise buildings, slums, extremely intense and dense street movement (in Vietnam lives approximately 76 Mulous residents), as well as an abundance " Overseas" Vegetables and fruit. Other Eastern exotics should be noted and scattered everywhere "Golden benches", which, unlike the usual jewelry stores, are engaged not only by buying and selling decorations of gold, silver and precious stones, but also simple, at first glance, babies, ingots or even sweaty pieces of valuable metal, which rarely lingers "Pavenitsa tourist". About this aspect of activities "Golden Lavok", Apparently, you should tell you more. The fact is that Vietnamese fundamentally distinguish between two types of gold: "Gold Palenitsy", Namely, the usual gold, from which industrial decorations are manufactured, and the so-called "Our gold", That is, Vietnamese. "Vietnamese" Gold, unlike "ordinary", Almost does not shine, it is a soft yellow metal with a special matte. "Vietnamese gold" – Gold of the highest trick. Decorations from it are extremely rare, due to the softness of the material and lack of gloss. However, this is the most valuable product in many Asia countries, where capital is traditionally accepted in gold. Typically, rings weighing on one "Chi", that is, in one tenth of Asian oz "Kay" or "Lang", which is 37,301 grams. These rings are not a decoration, but first of all the way of investing money. In antiquity they were stripped on the threads and worn over the sinus or neck. Nowadays, as a rule, stored in a secluded corner or, if the individual golden stock is small, wear on the fingers. Thus, the average Vietnamese average "Kubashka" consists of a golden rings with a matte tide, as well as solubular pieces, plates, or even pieces of noble metal, which at any time can legally sell for the full cost to a state or private enterprise, that is "Golden bench".

V "Gold shops" can be changed and currency. The abundance and availability of such a service have a beneficial effect on the country’s economy as a whole, since in this case the course of the national currency (in Vietnam the main monetary unit – Dong) is tied to the dollar, but to gold, and to the gold of the highest test. Such a state policy in this field, along with other measures and instruments of economic regulation, contributes to the stabilization of the Dong course and in relation to the US dollar. By the way, in Vietnam, for five years already inflation does not exceed a few percent.

Gold Vietnam

Recently, the state began to sell special gold plates or ingots weighing about one "Kay" (37.5 g) with the image of a dragon, samples 9999 and its own number, which can be exchanged for money at any time in any public or private company that has the right to. Moreover, which is especially important, without any scaling from the state. This circumstance has noticeably diversified the contents of the cubes both within the country and in the Middle Vietnamese abroad. These gold products can also be used in the calculations between individuals and, of course, with the state, for example, when buying a house or land plot. Holding cases when a large deal falls in a bank or the same "Golden bench" selling foreign currency to buy gold and after that it is calculated for the purchase. That is why prices for serious goods, such as land, houses, cars and t.NS. Vietnamese with each other immediately indicate "cai" or "Langha". For example, this house costs 400 "keev", But a motorcycle – 5. And no thousand dollars or hundreds of millions of dong. Everything is simple and understandable. And the absence of a different kind "Hds" significantly facilitates control over the movement of gold in the market. To the above, it should be added that Citizens of SRV can also take a bank loan at once with gold ingots, and percentages to pay in dongs, and the interest rate on the golden loan on average is 0.9% per month, and for money – 1.25%. At the entrance to B "Golden benches", Typically posted signs with purchases and sales prices "Our gold", which generally differ little from neighboring shops. Courses Buying and selling gold, along with course currencies courses, are also published in all self-respecting daily newspapers.

Overwhelming majority "Golden Lavok" – Private, but there are large state-owned companies, on whose shoulders are entrusted with the role of regulating this sector of the market economy. Note that prices in state stores are not very different from private owners.

In Vietnam, as well as in some other Asian countries, gold is not only a means of preserving capital, but also a traditional gift, such as a wedding, housewarming or other family holiday. In these cases, it is customary to give not only gold jewelry, but also the gold patterns – a canvas of a red velvet with the volumetric images of the Golden Foil 9999. Usually such pictures are on a solid basis and placed in a kind of glass sarcophagus to protect these beautiful and fragile products from dust and fluff. And you should know what a plot corresponds to this particular holiday. For example, the wedding basically gives the picture with the image of the dragon and phoenix, and on the housewarming – four racing horses. Almost always images of animal and good spirits, in accordance with an ancient tradition, accompany Chinese hieroglyphs made of the same gold foil, which easily recognize good wishes and facilitating newborns, young, newly seals and other lucky people who are intended for such beautiful gifts.

Gold Vietnam

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