Golden autumn: what to do in Vienna in September

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Imperial architecture, stunning number of palaces and museums, and everywhere – parks! September in Vienna – Amazing Paving Summer and Golden Autumn. The weather is warm, tourists are significantly less than in the summer, and therefore resting more pleasant, and prices – below.

This fall has a special rate: "2 nights in the hotel 4 * in Vienna for 4033 rubles per person". Spend the weekend in Vienna – really quite affordable and at the same time pleasure. Save on vacation and tourist map Vienna Card. And we will tell you what to do in Vienna in September.

Enjoy basy summer in Vienna

Good weather in September is practically guaranteed, and therefore – walk, walk, walk! Streets, squares, parks and embankments – everywhere reigns a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and wherever you look – everywhere very beautiful! Golden foliage of trees is brightly playing against the background of palaces, concert halls and museum complexes, which will become an excellent fabric for tourists, if bad weather comes. But, of course, it is better to believe in good weather and enjoy the remnants of warm days before the onset of the autumn.

Admire the autumn vineyards right within the city

Vienna is a unique capital, because the vineyards are broken right in the city! In September, walking in grape gardens especially beautiful. You can not only enjoy picturesque landscapes, but also see how the harvest work is boiling in the gardens. And be sure to go to Hyuriger, who will fall on the way. Here you will get ready for the best wine, treat traditional Austrian dishes and will be awarded a great mood for the whole day.

Go through Ringstrasse

Ringstrasse Boulevard Ring Sheats Central Parts Vienna, Inner Stadium (Interior City). Tourists who walk through Vienna, not to pass it in any way. At the waste boulevards, landmarks like the Town Hall and Town Hall, Museum Quarter, Volksgarten Park, Vienna City Park and Vienna Opera’s famous. In 2015, Ringstrasse celebrates its 150th anniversary. This date is dedicated to a huge number of urban events. By Ringstrasse you can also drive on the tram.

Drink wine on terraces and parks

Lying around the city, make a pleasant pause and drink a refreshing cold white Austrian wine. In good weather it is more pleasant to do on terraces at restaurants or in urban parks. Vienna’s tourist office advises tourists to pay attention to the fresh and fragrant wine of Hemishte Stroke, as well as on light and spicy wines Gryun Veltiner and Bulue Tsweigelt. You will find them in any summer cafe.

Relax in the museum quarter, where the summer program continues

Museum quarter year-round attracts tourists to him – in order that it includes dozens of museums, and he himself is in the very center of the city. However, during the summer and until late September, the museum quarter holds a special program, most of which goes out in the fresh air. Visitors attract summer terraces, a walkway for playing in Bowle, DJ performances, Puffy and Sun loungers for recreation. And the dream of all children and adults – boating races in the city fountain!

Golden autumn what to do in Vienna in September

Fly in the Viennese

The Vienna Forest, located at the outskirts of the Austrian capital, is a biosphere park and is under the protection of UNESCO. Here we grow two thousand species of plants, hundreds of species of animals and birds live, including – and very rare. On the marked paths, you can walk on your own or with a guide, which will tell about the history and the importance of these places and will help to see what is almost not noticeable to the view of the ordinary citizen.

Make a river walk on the Danube

Viennese shipping spending tourist excursions on the Danube and the Danube Channel. There are thematic excursions – with parties or gastronomic dinner. Blue Danube ships leave from the Bricksbruck Bridge, from Marina Wien Pier or from Wien City River Station on the Danube Channel. Located next to the city of National Park, stretching along the shores of the Danube, can also be swimming on boats. In the evenings, ride on the river on rigorous boats.

Vienna Tourist map

Viennese tourist map allows the owner free travel on the subway, bus and tram, and also gives more than 210 discounts when visiting museums and attractions, theaters and concert halls, when making purchases and campaigns in cafes, restaurants and Hoiriggers. Card operates 48 or 72 hours.

Book your accommodation at the rate "2 nights in the hotel 4 * in Vienna for 4033 rubles per person" And go to this beautiful city for an excellent autumn mood!

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