Golden Coast Guide

Turquoise-blue waters, raging along the magnificent sandy beaches, surrounded by high Surfers Paradise skyscrapers – this is a typical image of this iconic Australian holiday destination.

But Gold Kost can offer much more than just beautiful beaches.

Gold Coast on the east coast of Australia boasts incredible 300 sun days a year. From the moment you arrive, you will feel a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, which seems to permeates the whole city Queensland. How else? Surfers "hang ten" in Kulangatte, the beach of Mermaid admires Coastal chic charm, and Tugun, the place where you can find the perfect coffee and a cup of asai.

And, of course, there are thematic parks and nightclubs that attract family and lovers of parties from all sides, not to mention extensive subtropical depth Gold Costa, which requires learning.

Face to face with Australian animals in Currumbin

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Reserve is a Queensland State Institution since 1947 (originally as a bird reserve Currumbin) and pleases visitors near animal meetings. Highlights include impressive shows of predatory birds and reptiles, the opportunity to see wandering kangaroo and emu through the park, a wildlife hospital, a miniature railway and Daily feeding of hundreds of rainbow lorikes, Which descend in the park to eat fresh nectar right from the hands of visitors (and head and shoulders).

However, the most important thing is that it is here here you can very close to get acquainted with one of the most iconic animals of Australia &# 8211; Koala.

Learn Surfing

Gold Coast is famous for excellent surfing, so why not try yourself! SURF IN PARADISE – this is just one of the many surfing schools, Based on the Gold Coast, located north of Surfers Paradise. Students studying for both adults and children get the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful beaches of Australia and world famous surf breaks.

Explore Lamington National Park

Located B Ancient tropical forest Gondwan Listed on World Heritage List, Lamington National Park offers visitors who can explore, a lot of pedestrian trails that can be explored, subtropical species of birds and animals, lush forests and high trees. Environmental importance, high biodiversity and pure beauty of rainforest – that’s what Made into the list of world heritage, And also received the nickname "Queensland National Park".

Do not miss: Excursion over the neck of glowing worms in tropical forests illuminating secluded ravines like stars.

Acute sensations in thematic parks

Golden shore is a synonymal of thematic parks, so relax from the beach and get ready for some sharp feelings. Immerse yourself in the country Wonders of a movie, where you can see characters some of your favorite films in Warner Bros Movie World.

Arrievable from delight when you go down on a giant water slide in Wet N Wild.

Start new animal friends in Sea WORLD

Take the courage and visit the "big 9 sharp sensations" in the largest park of all, Dream World.

Shopping before fall

Golden Coast Guide

Gold Coast can be known beaches and American slides, but it is also the perfect place for retail therapy. Pacific Fair Shopping Center – the largest shopping center of Queensland, with more than 400 shops for you, plus a huge number of restaurants.

If you like markets more, do not miss Carrara Markets &# 8211; The largest permanent market in Australia. With 10 acres on which more 400 shopping tent, This weekend market is a treasury of transactions, clothing, food, jewelry, home products, baubles, decorative and applied art and everything that you can wish.

Immerse yourself in Paradise

Surfers Paradise (Although the irony of the fate of the surf breaks here is not the best that the golden coast can offer, but do not let it push you!).

This part of the Golden Shore is one of the most recognizable – Think, sparkling high skyscrapers nearby with an endless sandy beach – and is home for beach markets, turbulent nightlife, excellent cafes and bars and many entertainment for families (for example, Aquadak, tours, mini golf, bowling and ghost house Dracula).

Check out the neighborhood

Kulangatta: Being on the border of Queensland and the new South Wales (the airport runway crosses the boundaries of states!), Kulangatta has all excellent surf beaches, with the exception of large crowd of northern neighbors. Come to the beach, stay in an unusual atmosphere of indie, and in retro stores.

Tugun: Come here to drink a first-class coffee and a delicious cup of Asai – Tugun quickly becomes hot point of gourmet on the gold coast.

Burleigh Hill: For those who like to start the morning from jogging, come to Burleigh Hill – there are several pedestrian tracks to choose from, and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the beach and a rainforest on the way.

Main beach: You need to update your wardrobe with something summer? Not fond of the shopping center inside the city? Look at the delightful marina for Mirage yachts on the main beach &# 8211; Right on the waterfront. Here you will find designer brands, spa salons and award-winning restaurants.

Golden Coast Guide

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