Golden Gate – Scary Beautiful San Francisco Bridge

In this article I will tell about the famous Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge), without which almost no mention of San Francisco. I will share where it is best to photograph, how to get to him and why, how to drive and not earn a fine, as well as the ladies of several recommendations and share a card.

If you allow, I will not go into historical details and describe how when and why was the Golden Gate Bridge – All this information can be easily read in Wikipedia. Instead, I will raise questions that are more worried about tourists seeking to take home beautiful photos of the Red Bridge, and therefore finding places where they can be done.

Take a picture of the bridge in the forehead is not difficult – I got closer, click – And everything is ready, but find such angles so that it organically fits into the surrounding landscapes – harder yes and you have to run if you don’t know where to look for them. Considering that San Francisco – The city is rather big, and the time of tourists is forever little – It is better to have appearances and passwords on your hands.

Where to look for profitable angles?

Places from which you can admire the bridge, a huge variety, and from each of them Golden Gate Bridge looks great. You can collect a whole collection of pictures called «And so, and so», Actually, that we have Andriusix and it turned out. In addition to the fact that you are specifically traveled to GG Bridge to arrange a photo session to him, the bridge will constantly come across the path while you walk along the embankment, exploring the beaches or climbing the streets of San Francisco. I will not kill anywhere! See ourselves.

View of the bridge with 39 pier (bay embankment)

For the first time we saw Golden Gate Bridge, when on the first day they went for a walk along the San Francisco embankment in the Fisherman region’S Wharf. The bridge was visible somewhere in the distance and was barely distinguished, but the camera and a suitable lens came to the rescue.

View of the bridge from the city streets

Walking around the city, you will also see a bridge or some parts. San Francisco is located on the hills, especially those of his districts, like, Russian Hill and Nob Hill, and therefore panoramic views from the height are provided. A little fantasy and your collection will be replenished with a pretty and unusual photo of a red bridge.

Here, for example, the view from the misconception of Lombard Street.

View from Lands End Park

A park «End of land», about which I wrote in the article dedicated to San Francisco’s article, it is worth a visit not only because there is very pretty and pleasant to walk, but also because with its edges there are buffa. On the one hand, the beach appears the Beach of Ocean Beach, and on the other – Bay and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge.

To fully enjoy the views and nature, go to a small Eastern Coastal Travel (EASTERN COASTAL TRAVEL). This species can be captured from the overview site of the same name.

View of Golden Gate Bridge with Baker Beach

Another profitable bridge view can be caught by visiting the city beach Baker Beach. This kind of bridge suitable-gate I liked almost most of all others. Not only is the beach itself – the place is pleasant and photogenic, so also the bridge looks very cool from it.

Types from the park Marin Hedlands (Marin Headlands)

All the places described above are south of the bridge, but it can be seen under a different angle, from the National Recreation Zone Golden Gate (Golden Gate National Recreation Area), that is from the north. To do this, you just need to cross the bridge, and there again a lot of options – Watching platforms allow you to consider the red giant from all sides.

View from Conzelman Road

Along the road Conzelman Road, several parking lots are scattered, each of which can be stopped and picked up Golden Gate, however, there may be problems with places. We sometimes had to wait for some car to take off to take her place, and behind there were already a few of the same awaiting cars.

View from Best Golden Gate Bridge Vista

Here on this view, there was a real excitement! Apparently, tourists like bees on honey, ignored the name promising that from this point opens the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

View of the bridge with Battery Spencer (Battery Spencer)

From the above view of the view-point down the short path is departed, which leads to the place marked on the map as Battery Spencer. Here there is a fenced platform, which allows you to approach the bridge almost close. Here is something full of detached – Everyone is being photographed in different poses and try to get out of the fence to capture the bridge as much as possible.

It’s all «Bridge» Points that Andriusix we have time to visit in two days. Of course, there are others, but it is unrealistic to visit them in one or two days, and whether it is necessary?

Why the bridge is red? Actually, it is not formally red, and the colors of an orange kinovari, which is called «International Orange» INTERNATIONAL ORANGE). One of the architects considered that so the bridge would be better visible in the fog and generally perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. Well, you will not argue!

List of places with best views on Golden Gate Bridge?

  • Pier on Hyde Street (Hyde Street Pier) – From this pier you can see the bridge, as well as go on a tour on one of the historic ships.
  • Pier 39 (Pier 39) – Ability to combine pleasant with useful: take a walk along the famous pier, to see the sea lions, buy souvenirs and admire the bridge.
  • Coyt Tower (Coit Tower) – you can climb the elevator to the top of the tower and see not only the Golden Gate Bridge, but also the whole city like on the palm, if, of course, it will not be too foggy.
  • Marin Hedlands (Marin Headlands) – That part of the national recreation area Golden Gate, which is located north and to the left of the bridge. Among other things, there is also a walk in the campaign.
  • Beach Beach (Baker Beach) – The main thing, may not be a surprise for you that in its northern part, closer to the rocks from which the bridge is photographed is a nudist beach.
  • Lands End – They themselves saw that from there are incredible views.
  • With ferry or boat – You can also catch great angles, and at the same way and the wind in the hair.

In addition to these places, you can find a million points on both sides of the bridge and on it, create your own unique shots and show your vision of a red handsome.

What to do on the bridge?

  • Walk on one on foot.
  • Ride cycling.
  • Find «Phones suicide» – On both sides of the bridge there are emergency phones, next to which you can see inscriptions, stits, something like that there are other exits, in addition to suicide.
  • Buy souvenirs in roundhouse (it can be found south of the bridge).
  • Lone Sailor Memorial. I will tell you the secret that it is standing near the northern tip of the bridge, next to Vista Point.
  • Golden Gate - Scary Beautiful San Francisco Bridge

How to get to the Golden Gate bridge and on it?

There are several options, how to get to the bridge and get to it. You can drive by car, public transport, join the tourist excursion, ride on the rented bike or take a walk to the bridge and on it on foot. Below I will describe more than each of these options.

By car

Golden Gate Bridge is part of Highway 101 and is available for travel by car. From the south to the north bridge you can cross completely unhindered and free, but to go back to the city, you will have to pay the collection (about 6-7 dollars, depending on the payment method).

We were aware of what you need to pay, but, without seeing no working cabins on the spot, we decided that the money did not take money, it means that you can drive free. However, it was not there – It turned out that directly on the bridge no payment is made, but this does not cancel them. Our car automatically counted and we had to pay later to pay for travel on the Fastrak website. That’s what we did not know. Owners of the car then received a notice of payment, and after him after a while and a fine of $ 20. Fine We paid in the same place on the site. Details on the payment of travel can be read here (including how to act if you are traveling on a rented car).

As for parking, they are on both sides of the bridge: on the north side are free, on southern – For a small fee (about 25 cents in 15 minutes). It is worth considering that parking spaces on the Golden Gate Bridge Plaza (south side) are very limited. Look for additional parking information here.

By cycling

Everyone can completely ride on the bridge on a bike, and for cyclists, access is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It is worth considering that there are certain rules that need to be observed, for example, in certain hours you can ride only in Western or only on the Eastern sidewalk, and at night, ask you to let you.

Weekdays (summertime):

  • From 5:00 to 15:30 you can ride only on the Eastern sidewalk,
  • from 15:30 to 21:00 – only on the western sidewalk,
  • From 21:00 to 5:00, the passage is allowed on the Eastern sidewalk, however, the automatic gate is closed during this period of time so that employees remotely open them, you need to click on the button «buzzer» («call») Next to the goal (at the entrance and on the departure from the bridge).

Festive and weekends (summer time):

  • From 5:00 to 21:00 you can only ride on the West sidewalk,
  • from 21:00 to 5:00 – Only on the Eastern sidewalk + the same procedure «Night Drive».

Weekdays (winter or standard time):

  • All the same, only instead of 21:00 substitute 18:00, that is, the automatic gate is closed three hours earlier, the situation with Western and Eastern sidewalks is similar.

Summer time – From early March to the end of October, winter time – From the end of October to March (specific days need to be clarified, as they differ from year to year).

Keep in mind that directly on the Golden Gate Bridge Plaza or somewhere nearby there is no offline in which you can rent a bike. This can be done in the area Fisherman’S Wharf, Described in the article about the 1st day in San Francisco, for example, Sports Basement (here is the site). From the embankment you will reach the bridge, capturing on the way some more interesting places.

Where else can you rent a bike in San Francisco to ride on the bridge, read here.

On foot

Great way to get acquainted with Golden Gate Bridge closer – stroll along it and sweep it with his own legs. Access to the bridge is open seven days a week, but pedestrians are allowed only on Eastern sidewalk. In the summer, the passage is possible from 5:00 to 21:00, in winter – from 5:00 to 18:30, the rest of the time the automatic gate is closed.

When walking on the bridge, the following items must be observed:

  • Try to go as close to the edge of the bridge from the water side and away from cars;
  • Be careful to avoid collision with cyclists;
  • When the sidewalk is overloaded, walk together after another, so as not to occupy all his width.

On public transport

You can get to the bridge and back on the buses of the transport system Muni. The route you need – №28. If you do not just get to the bridge, and cross it on public transport, you will have to take advantage GOLDEN GATE TRANSIT SYSTEM, Routes 10, 20, 80 and 101. More detailed information can be found here.

On a tourist bus

Method for lazy or hurrying – Take advantage of travel agencies and get a trip to the tourist bus. Tour can be booked in advance online, or purchase on the embankment (Fisherman’s Wharf) or somewhere in the city – variants set.

What is prohibited?

  • Passage on the sidewalks of the bridge on a scooter or electric bike (they can only be transported through the bridge with the motor turned off);

On the official site you can go through this link.
Card Bridge and surroundings See here.

  • Travel on rollers or skateboard;
  • Pets are not allowed.

Perhaps there is nothing more to add, you will handle everything else.

Enjoy your dating with the famous bridge, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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