"Golden Nine": Hyde for the famous Cafe Paris

This selection is not about where in Paris the most delicious and cheap business lunches, the most correct onion soup, where the fragrant cappuccino or fresh croissants. She is not about gastronomy in general. Rather, about the history and culture of France. Famous Cafe Paris, in which history and modernity, music and painting, France and Russia are intertwined.

The first twice in the list – Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots stand opposite each other on Saint-Germain Boulevard and are rapidly arguing who of them are cool. Both have a rich history and famous guests. Both legendary cafes – symbols of Paris.

Cafe on the map:

1. Cafe de Flore

Cafe openly in 1887.

Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Rembo, Cami, Hemingway, Luis Aragon, Emil Zol – Here is just a small list of celebrities that have been taped in this cafe. Guyom Apolliner Here arranged "Paris Evening", Based the foundations of Dadaism and Surrealism. Not consider the number of Hollywood stars visiting this cafe.

Modern Paris Intelligentsia also loves Cafe de Flore. Starting from 1994. Cult french writer Frederick Begbeder (who remembers his "99 francs"?) arrange here awards ceremony here Literary Prize "Flora".

You can choose a table both within the institution and on the street. But consider the place very tourist. Despite the high prices, it is always crowded here. Find a free space, especially on the street, may be problematic. Everyone wants to touch the legend.

Price examples: Green Salad – € 8.20, omelet- € 12, onion soup – € 15, ice cream – € 15.50, Wine – from € 10 per bed.

Address: Bul. Saint-Germain, 172

2. Les Deux Magots

Cafe opened at the end of the XIX century. Its title it is obliged to the figures of "Chinese shutters" Mago.

Mago – Figurine fat man in Chinese clothes sitting in a relaxed pose. It was taken for its basis a Chinese god satisfaction. Such figures are also called "Chinese swollen".

Cafe has become a challenge for sophisticated French bohemia. Especially he was chosen by the writers.

This is one of the main literary places in Paris. Among the famous visitors: Rambo, Verlene, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Andre Julia, Hemingway, Apolliner, William Folkner, Albert Cami, Founder of Surrealism Andre Breton.

In 1933 it was established here Literary premium "Dya Mago", which has since been awarded annually.

Prices in Les Deux Magots are comparable to neighboring Cafe de Flore and, in general, above average. Thoroughly lunch here is expensive, but go to a cup of coffee to feel the atmosphere of true Paris, definitely stands.

Price examples: Latte – € 6.30, glass of wine – from € 9, breakfast (coffee and croissant) – from € 12, salads – from € 10, Potato Fries with meat and salad – € 25.

Address: 6 PLACE Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

3. Le Procope

Paris’s oldest restaurant, one of his legends. Leads its own story since 1686.

The restaurant founded French Culinary Sicilian origin – Francesco Prokio dei Coltonian (or just proof). In honor of him and called the restaurant.

"Prokop" is one of the first places in Paris, where the ice cream began to serve.

Once literary evenings were arranged here, Georges Sand, Voltaire, Rousseau. Here were Viktor Hugo, Denis Deadro, Onor de Balzac, Benjamin Franklin. In times of the Great French Revolution, Robespierre and Marat arranged their headquarters in this place.

The legendary exhibit is the tricon of Napoleon, which he left the deposit when he could not pay for lunch. Now she is behind the glass showcase of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a menu in Russian. Dishes are prepared according to original historical recipes. Luxury interiors of halls, vintage portraits in gilded frames on the walls, carpet tracks on the stairs are immersed in the situation of the XVII century. Prices are rapidly, but he and procope.

Price examples: onion soup – € 9.50, frog paws with greens – € 18, bream with risotto and artichokes – € 28.

Address: 13 rue de l&# 8217; Ancienne Comédie

By the way, Other Cafe Paris, where you can try frogs, you will find in this article.

4. Maxim’s

Where without the famous "Maxim"?

This is the most famous restaurant in Paris, which is often visited by politicians, Hollywood stars and other eminent guests.

Year of its foundation – 1893. Interior – Luxury in the Art Nouveau style. Opened Restaurant Former waiter Maxim Gayar.

Initially it was a small establishment. But soon the restaurant became a favorite place of artistic bohemia. To the World Paris Trade 1900, the restaurant transformed. There are luxury and shine, gilding, mirrors in large quantities. The public has changed. She became more respectable.

The entire XX century "Maxim" was the most expensive restaurant in Paris. Cointers came here, prominent politicians, rich and public persons.

In July 1979. Restaurant "Maxim" is included in the list of historical monuments of Paris. And in 1981. He is buys Pierre Cardin. Under the Maxim’s brand, it opens restaurants worldwide. On the upper floors of the Paris "Maxim" arrange the Museum of Ara Nouveau.

Restaurant is very roads. It is worth going here to celebrate some solemn event.

Price examples: Truffle Oil – € 97, Parmesan – € 100, Sturgeon Icra – € 197 for 50 gr, ice cream – € 26.

Address: 3 Rue Royale

5. La Rotonde

Cafe "Rotonda" opened in 1903.

This place is connected with the Russian intelligentsia. Here Anna Akhmatova first met with Amadeo Modigliani, and they had a novel. Artists Mark Chagal, Kazemir Malevich and Haim Sutkin, writer and poet Ilya Erenburg. It is also said that the Russian abstract artist Vasily Kandinsky played here in Chess with Lvom Trotsky. However, Trotsky with chess marked in many cafes of Paris and Vienna.

At one time La Rotonde was a popular meeting place in Russian Social Democrats. In addition to Trotsky, many of our revolutionaries lit up here. Lenin visited this cafe 12 times.

Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky also visited "Rotunda" and even dedicated a cafe a couple of poetic lines. But most of all this place glorified Amadeo Modigliani, who spent the days and evenings here. Meets with Akhmatova, who was married to Nikolai Gumilev at that time. Became acquainted with his last beloved Zhanna Ebutern.

Golden Nine »Hyde for the famous Cafe Paris

Price examples: Oysters – from € 29.50, onion soup – € 11.50, egg with mayonnaise – € 7,5, Beefstex – € 38, Wine glass – € 16. Complex lunch (snack + hot + dessert) – € 48.

Address: 105 Boulevard du Montparnasse

6. Le Dome

Another famous literary cafe Paris on Montparnasse Boulevard.

Here Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Sinclair Lewis, Jean-Paul Sartre and other great writers who were the golden era of the literature of the XX century. One of the favorite places of Ernest Hemingway.

Cafe was open in 1898 and is included in the top tourist destinations "Russian Montparnasse".

In the restaurant, excellent fish menu, fresh seafood, delicious sea scallops.

About prices in Paris cafe you will learn from the article where you can eat in Paris.

Price examples: Assorted seafood – € 70, a glass of white wine – € 20.

Address: 108 Boulevard du Montparnasse

7. Cafe de la PAIX

From Paris literary going to Paris musical.

Cafe de la PAIX – Legendary historical cafe on Opera Square. It opened in the summer of 1862. The cafe project developed the same architect that the building of the Paris Opera was designed – Charles Garnier. From the famous regulars – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Jules Massne, Sergey Diagolev, Emil Zol, Gi de Maupassan, William Falkner.

Another Cafe de la Paix is ​​known that during the German occupation, the Gestapovians arrested here the Soviet intelligence officer Leo Grossfogel.

Price examples: Oysters – from € 25, Plate with seafood – from € 72, Complex breakfast – € 45, Glass of wine – from € 11, champagne – from € 20.

Address: Place de L&# 8217; Opéra

eight. Auberge Nicolas Flamel

The only restaurant in our selection with a star Michelin.

Here you can enjoy the dishes of exquisite French cuisine and touch the history of France.

This is the oldest restaurant in Paris. Named in honor of Nicolas Flamel – Alchemist and the Creator of the Philosophical Stone.

More precisely, the old one is not a restaurant itself, but the building in which he is –1407 in the construction. The theme of alchemy and ancient magic is beaten and in the interior of the restaurant. The kitchen is gorgeous here. For young guests there is a children’s menu.

Price examples: Egg with a hazelnut – € 14, spaghetti with beef – € 28, comprehensive menu – from € 23 to € 70, tasting menu – € 100.

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