Temple with Gold Stone

Sightseeing at the next to Phuket Island Sire: Sea Gypsy Village, Monkey Surveillance Playground and the Temple Uniform – Wat Sirey. Get here very easy on your transport, taxi or city bus, two islands are connected by a small bridge.

About local monkeys among mangrove thickets and the village of Nautical Gypsy will tell you the next time, and today it will be about the Sire Temple with a Giant Gold Stone and the Statue of the Lying Buddha.

Temple with Gold Stone

In the temple of Sire, as on the island itself, you will not see a crowd of foreign tourists. There is still a corner of peace of calm and peace, which Phuket was 20-30 years ago. I suggest you visit the Temple of Sire to feel the non-Russian atmosphere, see the statue of the lying Buddha, almost like in the temple of Sissunthon, enjoy the views from the observation deck and touch the copy of the famous Golden Stone – Pagoda Chaittios in Myanmar.

Building with the statue of the lying Buddha

How to get to the temple

From the main road immediately visited the entrance to the Temple Complex through the Buddhist Gate. There are several buildings on the territory, but they are usually closed to visit the laity. You need to turn to the right, to drive a house of monks and on the asphalt road to climb the very top of the hill, where there is a convenient parking. Immediately meet you several statues of Buddha in an open gazebo. If you go around the hill around, see family sanctors where the dust of the dead relatives is kept.

Stairs leading up, decorated with the body of the King Nag. Rise on them to the main building. Do not forget to remove shoes in front of the entrance, cover your shoulders, knees, belly and neckline. In the building on the top of the hill, the Golden Statue of the Lying Buddha is more than 18 meters long. All walls are painted by scenes from the life of the Great Teacher.

Lying Buddha in the Sire Temple

History of the temple

The temple on the island of Sire was built in 1961 on donations of local residents under the control of the famous monk named Luang PU Soup. For her 119-year-old life, he saw the board of the five kings of Thailand and under his patronage were built 39 temples across the country, 3 of which on Phuket: Wat Sirey, Wat Khao Rang and Wat Mai Luang Pu Supha.

Golden and Emerald Buddha

Golden Stone on Phuket - Temple on Sire Island, Route, Photos, Video Travel Guide

Observation deck

Around the building on the hill is an observation deck with the statues of Buddha, bells and the main highlight – gold stone. It was built together with the Myanmar Government recently. The stone is located with the statues of the Golden and Emerald Buddha, and around a lot of inscriptions in Burmese.

Sea Gypsy Village on Sire Island

Copy of Pagoda in Myanmar

Golden Stone in the Sire Temple – Reduced Copy of Pagoda Chaittios (Kyaiktiyo Pagoda) in Myanmar. The shrine is standing on the cliff, where two Burmese spirit placed on the legend more than 2500 years ago. When I was going on a journey through Myanmar, I really wanted to visit Pagoda. But the difficult path of one and a half days from Yangon was combined with religious sexism, when women could not approach the main shrines, and dissuaded me from the trip. Now, one of the main attractions of Myanmar can be viewed on Phuket. And not just see, and come close to close and even touch the gold stone.

The hill offers a picturesque view of Cape Tukka, the village of marine gypsy, the deep-water port, the hotel The Westin Siray Bay Resort, the eastern part of Phuket and the small islands of the Andaman Sea. Watch my video from the temple on the island of Sire and come to see everything with your own eyes.

Wat Sirey
Opening hours: 8 am to 7 pm, the building with the statue of the lying Buddha closes at 5 pm.
Coordinates: 7.880098, 98.425920
Price: is free

Golden Stone on Phuket - Temple on Sire Island, Route, Photos, Video Travel Guide

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