Golden Temple Sikhov

In the north-west of India, not far from the Pakistani border, there is a small town, overpopulated, untidy, noisy, like all provincial Indian cities. But at the same time, he does not look like. This is Amritsar, where the main temple of Sikhov is a golden temple. In this Sikh "Mecca" Pillarites come out from all over the country and because of its limits.

For those who have not heard anything about Sikhism, you should talk a little about him. This religion is a cross between Hinduism and Islam. Sikhi believe in one God and reject the worship of idols. They believe in karma and in the possibility of rebirth after death. They reject alcohol and drugs. Sikhism for almost 500 years. His founder of Guru Nanak, who lived from 1469 to 1539, the forty years traveled in Asia, having visited in many places – from Nepal to Saudi Arabia.

They say that one day, when the Guru Nanak was in Mecca, he rested, lying down in the direction of the sacred stone of Kaaba. Muslim approached him and strictly said that it was necessary to turn around in the opposite direction. "Why?" — asked Guru Nanak. "Because there is God!" — IMPORTANT answered Muslim. "And tell me, brother, where God is not?" — Krotko brought a guru, and the disgraced Muslim silently left away.

The current Amritsar Commerce loves to associate their business with the name of Guru Nanak. Here I "Hairdresser Guru Nanaka", and "Spare parts Guru Nanaka", and even "Women’s Dresses Guru Nanak". Sometimes looks pretty funny.

Ten Guru took part in the creation of Sikhism, and their teachings are set out in the Holy Book of Guru Grant Sahib. In it – the rules and principles that people should follow in general, and Sikhi, first of all. Iconostasis with images of ten Guru can often be found not only in Sikh houses, but even in them in cars.

All sixes attach the word to their name "Singh" — "a lion". Sikhi is very militant and proud of their courage. Sikhs are good soldiers, firefighters, rescuers, bodyguards. For their ideals, they can easily donate their lives, their own or someone else’s. One of the legends says – during a terrible fight, the warrior Sikh continued to fight even after he was cut off his head, and only when the last enemy was defeated, the brave warrior himself fell dead. The figure of the battle decapitated warrior can be seen on one of the frescoes adorning the Golden Temple.

Despite all the external militancy, Sikhism is extremely democratic and even, can be said, good religion. Any visitor, regardless of his religion, will be glad to the Sikh temple. It will be found for free in the local dining room and will be offered to stay for the night. Guru Nanak proclaimed: There are no Hindus, nor Muslims. All – just people equal to God. Therefore, Sikh temples are open to people of all religions.

Poor attributes of Sikhov – bracelet on hand, comb in hair, short leather pants, dagger on the side. Orthodox Sikhi generally adore weapons and carry spears, clubs, swords and other deadly toys. Hindu in Chalme is a pretty familiar image. Meanwhile, the Hindus Chalms themselves are not worn, Chalma is the attribute of the Sikhs, which they need to hide the comb and hair grower under it. Sikham does not need to cut and shave. For convenience, Sikhi is tied up especially long hair with a special mesh. Chalmie worn adult men, young men – only her simplified similarity, and children – generally small handkerchiefs on the head, clamping comb. The color of the chalms also matters. Sikhi in chhanmas blue are considered the most warlike. Some of them wear a metal flat ring with an acutely sharpened outer edge, intended for throwing in the enemy. Sikh women cover the head with ordinary scarf. And they often hang traditional Sik curved dagger on his side.

"Golden" Temple is called because it is covered with the most real gold. Precious metal sacrifice pilgrims. Since the erection of the temple, he has repeatedly robbed and even tried to destroy, but each time Sikhi completely restored their shrine. In the time of Indira Gandhi, in 1984, there were extremely unpleasant events. Sikhi demanded additional privileges, autonomy and even independence. Indira Gandhi could not allow the obsolence of the integrity of the state. For their separatist performances Sikham had to pay a huge price. Government troops broke Sikh resistance. Recent rebels sat down in the Golden Temple and held defense. June 5, Gandhi gave an order to take the temple storm, during which not only separatists died, but also hundreds of pilgrims. For this sacredness on October 31, two Sikha from her personal security shot the president.

At the entrance to the Golden Temple, guests are asked to leave their belongings and take. There are special storage chambers for this. The head of the visitor must be covered with a chummy or scarf, and the legs are washed in a special niche with running water.

Each included huge space of internal temple territory. In the center – a rectangular sacred pond, in the middle of which glitters the Golden Temple itself. Pleasant meditative music plays, believers stepwise bypassed the pond clockwise – so it should be. It’s just amazing what contrast is a quiet and majestic temple atmosphere with a fuss and chaos Amritsar.

Carps live in the temple pond. They swim to the edge of the shore and greedily open their mouths, hoping for an offer. In the pond you can perform ablution, and it is even believed that it brings good luck and health. Therefore, grief desire to gain happiness and heal from all diseases, dozens of pilgrims swim here. For those who do not know how to swim, there are special chains attached to the shore. Holding for them, you will not thin and you can easily get out of the water.

Golden Temple Sikhov

Each of the four corners of the yard are drinking spaces. Volunteers working there without tired of pouring to everyone with clean drinking water, and then wash the dishes thoroughly before using it again. In India, not distinguished clean and sanitary safety, such care is very justified. The stone floor of the temple territory is also regularly washed to pilgrims can walk barefoot, without fear.

In the temple stretches a long queue. Those who want to make a donation pay money to the cashier and get a portion of porridge on a large green leaf. Sweet porridge can eat or send fish. The leaf of the part in the temple in any case will select a special minister. In the center of the temple on the first floor there are musicians who perform religious hymns. There are money and flowers sacrificed by believers around them. One of the ministers crushes money mop in a wooden box so that too much accumulated too much.

You can climb on the stairs to the second floor, take yourself a prayerbook on Hindi and sit on the carpet, reading prayers and meditating. There is also a huge copy of the book of Guru Grant Safib, which is read 24 hours a day. Reader sits silently, occasionally overflowing giant pages. If it is dark – the light turns on, if the electricity is turned off – the reader will get a pocket flashlight and continue to read. If he gets tired, another reader will change it. The sacred book is read without a break in several places of the temple complex. In some shrines, it is read aloud and rapidly.

If you rise even higher, you can get to the roof of the temple and inspect the territory from the height. The spectacle that appears before the eyes of the observer, majestically and unforgettable. And melodic music continues and continues to play, giving birth to a special feeling of involvement in the soul to something elevated.

No prosaic needs should darken pilgrims. Therefore, for them there are various benefits, for example, already mentioned free dining. Thousands of people pass through it every day. Eating simple but satisfying. White rice, gourding from lentils, pellet-chapati and a tower with water. The trapes are cleared right on the floor on long stripes of dense fabric. Volunteers from the Sikh commune share food in baskets and saucepan. You can take as much as you want. If not enough, bring more. When you distribute bread, you need to put your palms in front of yourself, as if you ask for a challenge. By this you demonstrate humility and tighten your own pride. In gratefulness, you can slightly bow, folding the palm together vertically. Long to mess around with food should not be given the opportunity to eat and others.

Hotel for pilgrims is also free. Honorary Sikh delegations are allocated separate rooms, and everyone else can accommodate on mats in the yard. For foreigners, a separate room is allocated, which protects the vigilant guards with spears. Protection is not useless at all. Near the entrance hangs a shield with photos of thieves caught in a hotel. Neither one of the thieves has no chalms and beard, they were all random people here. Sikhi do not steal.

In the evening, the temple is decorated with numerous lights. They sparkle and overflow, reflected in the water stroit and creating a magic atmosphere of the holiday, with whom I do not want to part.

Golden Temple Sikhov

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