Golden Triangle Sri Lanka

If you want to meet traditions and culture of Sri Lanka, your path is first in Kandy and then north to the golden triangle of Sri Lanka, the boundaries of which outline three incredible historical places ; Rock Fortress Sigiriya, Anoradhapura Ancient City and former Capital Sri Lanka ; The ancient city is Polonnaruva.

At the top of Sigihiya. Photo Credit: Stella Trooster, Flickr

Cities and Places of Golden Triangle Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Polonaruva ; the main places of interest in the region of the Golden Triangle. Dambulla Caves and the sacred peak of Mihintale also often included in the travel routes of Sri Lanka.


Sigiriya ; the most outstanding geological formation in Sri Lanka. It is a place with a dramatic story that is worthy of the classic drama, the archaeological site residence of the king – patricide Kassapa I (5 century AD.NS.). Ruins residences located on steep slopes so-called vertices ; Lions Rock ;, towering above the surrounding jungle for 370 meters.

Sigiriya is undoubtedly one of the ; most ; Self ; Sri Lanka Places. The ascent to the top of scenic trails and steep stairs and takes several hours. With many areas of the route, and from the upper plateau Sigiriya incredible views of the surrounding jungle.

Admission: $ 30

A view of the Sigiriya rock. Photo credit: paolo cinque, Flickr

View from the top of Sigiriya rock. Photo credit: ta92310, Flickr


Of all the pre-existing capital of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura was the best-known and most influential city. While European culture was in its infancy, there was already a developed city, which flourished arts, humanities, hydraulic technology, and, of course, Buddhism. On the glorious history of the city eloquently tell the ruins of ancient palaces, Buddhist temples and stupas, monasteries and sacred places for Buddhists.

Admission: $ 25

Dagobah Thuparamaya, the most ancient of Sri Lanka dagoba, Anuradhapura. Photo credit: Sekitar, Flickr

Monkeys near the stupa Ruwanwelisaya, Anuradhapura. Photo credit: Sekitar, Flickr


Polonnaruwa – ancient capital of Sri Lanka. The ruins of the ancient city, in the outlines of which can be recognized grandeur of the royal palaces and temples, is attractively located near the tiny lake and surrounded by lush greenery in Sri Lanka. Galichar – Cave of the Spirit of Knowledge and a huge statue of the lying Buddha also belong to the main attractions of Polonnarvava and the place of pilgrimage of Buddhists.

The cost of entrance tickets: $ 25

Olion of monks in Polonaruva. Photo Credit: Glenn Sundeen, Flickr

Polonaruva. Photo Credit: SEKITAR, FLICKR


Dambulla – the sacred place for each Buddhist, there is a unique ancient complex of cave temples, the history of which is rooted by the first century of our era. In the five cave churches, Dambullah, the path to which lies up steep slopes and stairs, you can see unique Buddhist frescoes and statues of Buddha.

Hotels and Goes: Dambulla
Route: By bus from Candy, Colombo, Sigiriy

Cave temples Dambulla. Photo Credit: Luco *, Flickr

Inside the cave Dambulla. Photo Credit: Svetlana (Svetnickol), Flickr


Located 12 kilometers from Anuradhapura Peak Mikhintale is one of Sri Lanka’s sacred places, it is here, according to legends, the first Buddhist monk Mahinda heard the word Buddha. At the top of the hill are the ancient ruins of the first on the island of the Buddhist monastery and a large white statue of the Buddha. To get to the monastery, you will have to overcome 1850 steps. Opening from the hill species ; Just beautiful.

Guest-Howes and Lodge: Mikhintale, Anuradhapura
How to get there: on Tuk Tuka or by bike from Anuradhapura

Peak Mikhintale at sunset. Photo Credit: Liz & Mark Young, Flickr

White Buddha at Peak Mikhintale. Photo Credit: VSL Travels, Flickr

National Parks Minnery and Kaudulla

Golden Triangle Sri Lanka

Minnerya and Kaudulla (Kaudulla) ; Two national parks, where with a very high probability you can find elephants. July to October ; Elephant migration season and, appropriate, better time for jeep safaris that can organize any guest house or hotel on the territory of the golden triangle.

In Kaudulla National Park. Photo Credit: Dharshana, Flickr


The tiny town of Khabaran, conveniently located next to the Nazioanal Park of Minneuria near Sigiria, became peculiar ; hotel center ; Golden Triangle. There are quite a few hotels, including luxury spa hotels, most of which are focused on batch tourism. Nevertheless, in Khabaran you can find very good inexpensive loggies and guest hassies.

Hotels and Lodge: Khabaran
Route: By bus from Anuraphar, Polonnarva and Dambulla, by train from Colombo

Outdoor in Khabaran. Photo Credit: One More Shot Rog, Flickr

In the garden of one of the boa lodges. Photo Credit: Venushka Nuwan Perera, Flickr

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How to travel around the golden triangle

Although the distance on the island is small, the specifics of the roads and traffic on the roads do not contribute to rapid ride, so even on the car path 100 kilometers can take 2-3 hours and become a very tedious occupation. Inspection of most attractions of a triangle takes time and quiet tempo. Dambulla, Sigiriya and Minnery Caves ; These are lifts (select the minimum afternoon for each). Halflons and anuradhapura ; These are places with plenty of attractions, it is interesting to rent a bicycle, take a map and spend a minimum day, examining the ancient ruins and temples. Safari in the National Park ; Also at least half a day. Therefore, planning a trip, take into account the specifics of movement and selected places.

The easiest way ; It is to rent a car with a driver for 3-4 days and go around the main attractions, stopping every time in a new place. Car rental cost with a guide driver on Sri Lanka in the area of ​​50-60 $ / day, about the same amount will cost a taxi. You can start from Colombo, Negombo or Kandy. Find transport with work guide will not be ; Like everywhere in Asia, on Sri Lanka, all the questions can be solved through the Heszov staff.

Second option ; Movement between cities by public transport. Almost all triangle tourist cities are related to the bus service, buses on routes only local, which is already an adventure) to Anuradyhapura and Polonnarvae from Colombo can be reached by train. Tuk-Tuki on Sri Lanka is also a convenient way of movement (on Tuk Tuki you can move at a distance of up to 70-80 km).

Third option ; It is a stop in one place and leaving the sights (on the rented Tuk Tuka or Auto). If you like this option, do not attempt to perform daytime departures on the sights from the west coast of the island. Best as a base, either Khabaran or the resort town of Trinkomalle (Trincomalee), located on the north-east coast. From Kandy for one day you can go to the maximum in Dambulla ; Sigiria.

Golden Triangle Sri Lanka

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