Golden triangle Thailand

Golden triangle Thailand ; Poetic location name in northern Thailand. In fact, this name is used in three values.

Golden triangle Thailand. Photo Credit: estebahn de peschruse, Flickr

First, this, in fact, the name of a pretty extensive region, which is part of the province of Chiang Paradise. Here are the boundaries of three countries ; Thailand, Laos and Burma, creating a conditional triangle in Thailand. This region is known for its ; opium ; Past ; Once the extensive fields on the slopes of the mountains were planted with a opium poppy, which was processed here and smuggled through Bangkok and Burma around the world. At the end of the last century, these opium wars were conducted here, only museums and souvenirs remained from the opium past region.

The second value of the name is the Golden Triangle refers, in fact, to the geographic point of crossing boundaries. Local area name ; Sop Ruak (Sop Ruak) ; There are not only borders of three countries, but also two rivers ; Mekong and Rupuc. From local viewing platforms you can see the shores of Laos and Burma.

And third meaning ; This is the name of the tourist route laid in the region.

Places of golden triangle

Tourist routes on the Golden Triangle usually start from Chiang Paradise and include three places (again the principle of a triangle).

May Sai

May Sai (MAE SAI) ; The most northern city of Thailand, located on the border with Burma. Here is a huge market, where, among other things, you can buy cheap Burmese jewels from rubies, emeralds and jade. The city is connected by the bridge with the Burmese city of Tacchilek (Tachilek), right on the border you can make a visa (see. Read more here) and stroll through the bridge in Burma or just admire the already completely different architecture with panoramic sites Mae Sai.

Market in May Sai. Photo Credit: OL&# 8217; PETE, FLICKR

May Sai. Photo Credit: Endie1, Flickr

Sops Rup

Sops Rup (Sop Ruak) or Golden Triangle (Golden Triangle) ; As mentioned above, the place where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos converge. Nowadays ; This is a small tourist village on the banks of the Rouquer. Here is a huge golden statue of Buddha, boat berth, opium museum, cafes and souvenir shops. On the berth you can rent a boat and go through the river. Typically, during such tours there is a stop in the tiny Lao village.

Golden triangle Thailand. Photo Credit: Adventurocity, Flickr

Buddha statue, Sop Rouqu. Photo Credit: Butch Osborne, Flickr

Golden triangle Thailand

Chiang Sen

Chiang Sen CHIANG SAEN) ; This little sleepy town was once one of the main cities of the ancient Kingdom of Lanna. About those times today are reminded although small, but very atmospheric ruins of the ancient city, the ancient temples and the local museum. Two main temples of the city Wat Phra That Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Chao Lan Thong stand in the old town of Chiang Sen. Also near the city there is an ancient temple of Wat Pa Sak and teak forest. From the temple on Mount Wat Phra That Pha NGAO 4 km from the city offers beautiful views.

Restaurant on the river. Photo Credit: Lode Engelen, Flickr

Wat PA Sak ; Ruins of an ancient city. Photo Credit: Owen Elias, Flickr

How to travel around the golden triangle

In essence, the route along the Golden Triangle ; This is a daytime route, t.E. All places on the route can be visited the day without stopping at night. Main base for exploring a triangle ; City Chiang Paradise. You can start the route either from May Sai, or from Chiang Sen, Sop Rouqu ; Always in the middle.

Tours on the Golden Triangle are offered everywhere in Chiang Rae and Chiang Mae. From Chiang Paradise to get acquainted with local attractions, naturally, easier, because everything is at a distance of hours – Poltar riding from the city.

For independent travel, you need a transport and map. In Chiang, you can rent a car, a motorbike or a car with a driver. Move between cities can also be public transport. From Chiang Paradise to the Golden Triangle and May Sae. And also between the cities of the triangle regularly run bus. See for details on how to organize a journey through the Golden Triangle in the Chiang Paradise Guide.

Golden triangle Thailand

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