Good country Bulgaria

Our newspaper has already written about the Bulgarian company "R.TO.", Providing services for buying real estate in Bulgaria: both on the Black Sea coast in popular resortfractions and in other places of the country (see. "I" B 27 (186), c. fourteen). Today we are talking about what cases a foreigner can own real estate in Bulgaria, as he can get a residence permit there, as well as on taxes and various expenses related to the purchase and ownership of property in this country.

To have real estate in Bulgaria, a foreigner can only with one of two conditions. First – Marriage Union with a local resident (marriage or marriage). At the same time, individual houses, apartments, the land can be acquired both on the physical and legal entity. Another alternative condition – the creation of a company of various shape of ownership (including the sole) on which the purchased property will be recorded.

A foreigner who decided to become the owner of real estate in Bulgaria, so to speak, through the creation of a family, immediately issued an identity card (passport) confirming the right to permanent residence, with the assignment of a single civil number (it is required for all Bulgarian citizens and is made to registering computers).

In the second case, the identity card is also issued, but with the right to temporary residence. After five years, you can contact the local authorities asking for Bulgarian citizenship. At the same time, the citizenship of Russia can be preserved.

The scheme of registration of the company and buying real estate is simple. After opening a company and registration in the tax service, the owner of the company chooses the property of real estate and pays the deposit. 20 days before receiving an identity card, he gives documents to the police, during these days finally redeems real estate and draws it on the company. And when receiving a passport proves to the police, that he has a property. As for the monetary turnover of the company itself, the Bulgarian laws are enough $ 100 for half a year. At the same time, the aggregate income tax does not exceed 40%.

All transactions on individual houses, apartments and land plots are carried out only in court. After that, the right of the new owner to property never and can be challenged (the purity of the transaction itself is checked).

If an individual has real estate, then for a two-storey house (200 square meters plus a plot of land) Cumulative property tax is from $ 3 to $ 5 per year.

If the property is recorded on the company, the tax is $$ 20-40 per year.

Municipal services are also inexpensive. For example, electricity: 1 kilowatt costs 70 les, the night tariff – 45 Levs ($ 1 is 1.800 left). 1 cubic meter water costs 250 levs. 1 liter of gasoline – an average of $ 0.55. For heating of individual houses, it is used or a current, or diesel fuel (1 liter – 600 Levs).

Foodstuffs are much cheaper than in Russia: 1 Baton bread in terms of Russian money – 700 rubles, 1 kilogram of paired meat – 17.000-18.000 rubles, 1 liter of milk – 1.300 rubles, fruits and vegetables are just a penny. And a tight dinner for two in a good restaurant with marine delicacies and wine will cost $ 20.

Good country Bulgaria

Recall that the real estate itself with high quality construction and finishing is one of the cheapest in Europe. One-bedroom apartment, the area of ​​which is at least 40 square meters, cost $$ 10.000-

15.000. At the same time, almost all apartments have spacious kitchens, not less than 10 square meters. A two-room apartment with a total area of ​​100 square meters (with a large hall, living room, two toilets) can be bred for $$ 25.000-

thirty.000. And they are located not somewhere, but in the ecologically clean places of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

In the resort area you can become a small amount of money and homeowner. Two-storey house with a total area of ​​200 square meters with a plot of 4-5 acres cost only $ 40.000 (in Moscow for such money you can buy except for a good one-room apartment).

Firm "R.TO." also offers various land plots for building or commercial use. For example, a plot of land area 3.080 square meters (31 weaving), located 200 meters from the sea (all communications are lounged) costs $ 43.000, T.E. less than $ 14 per square meter. There is a company’s portfolio and business real estate.

All interested persons "R.TO." Organizes a familiarization trip to Bulgaria and helps new real estate owners in all matters of adaptation in the country.

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