Good morning, Vietnam!

My first independent holiday was in Thailand, then I fell in love with Asia. The second time go to Thailand no longer wanted. And so, I accidentally stumbled upon someone’s travel report on Vietnam. It was so exciting, so everything is painted in detail and the main thread of the blog was – on Vietnam you can travel on your own! After reading it to the end, I understood – I want to in Vietnam! It is there that I will spend my vacation! After carefully studying the information on the Internet, I thought about 2 months in my head, I want to go to the beach, and in the Dalat Mountain, and Halong. Because between two beaches I could not choose Nurse or Muin, it was decided to call in both cities. All, route is ready! Ho Chi Minhina – Phantheet (Muin) – Dalat – Nha Trang-Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi

Taking a week of vacation to the new year, a week after + New Year holidays – Total we get three weeks. The route was just fit, but here is one "but" can be in Vietnam to citizens of the Russian Federation, you can have 15 days without a visa, I had to cut the route on Vietnam and drove in Cambodia, which I did not regret. Okay, Cambodia is already another story.

In Sihanville (Cambodia), we bought a transfer to Ho Chi Minh, the ticket was worth about $ 20-23. Immediately I want to give advice, suddenly, who to go through the same route. From Sianville to Ho Chi Minhine there are ways:

  • 1. Return to the capital, patonne, and from there to Ho Chi Minhine
  • 2. Go to the south

Looking at the map, we understood the second way clearly shorter, nada! As it turned out, it was a mistake, in the south the road is worse, so we drove a slower, and the border crossing itself with a small usually passability, perhaps why we were waiting for our stamps for a long time, I think on the first passability above, and faster, the metropolitan direction is still.

So, we left somewhere at 8 am, on the way in other towns (Campot, Kep) gathered the same as we, travelers. On the border we were in the area of ​​12 days (Hatch city). Before it was accompanied by one aunt. There are legends on the Internet on the Internet, name, in my opinion, her Marie Rose, personally she struck me that he says free and in English and in French. And in your years it looks very impressive, such a Vietnamese business Lady: business suit, makeup.
The whole group of aunt immediately takes passports, and accompanies on the border, herself gives them to.
In general, on the border of Vietnamese we sat for more than an hour while the officer checked the entire pile of passports and put stamps. And in the meantime, the control of single tourists very quickly passed. So take a transfer or go to the border to solve you yourself, in everything, as it turns out there are also pros and cons.
Finally we were given passports. We are in Vietnam! We were brought to the bus on the car, and then we went to Ho Chi Minh City on the bus. Our bus was sleeping, they are called Sleeping Bus, if you have a way on the bus for more than 3 hours, feel free to take it, it stands for a couple of dollars more expensive, but you are all the way to have all the way.

Sleeping Bus / Sleeping Bus

Which at first surprised – in the bus you need to make shoes, you walk barefoot from the bus, but then you are already accustomed. And in Asia, punctuality is not popular, – they will come to eight, then at 10 it will be exactly on the spot 🙂 and what should be considered, they are very slowly ride, if in Russia on the path of 200 km on average, there will be 2-3 hours, there All 4 or then 5. On the way we made a pair of sanitary stops and even drove on the ferry on the river in this bus, such a small bonus. When we arrived in Ho Chi Minh, it was already dark hours of 9-10 pm. At the bus station, we immediately attacked taxi drivers, one of them and brought us to the hotel. Throwing things in the room, we went to eat, surprisingly found an open eatery, where they had dined local food. There was no limit to happiness, finally we are on the spot, fed, drink SAIGON beer (the old name of the HoshiMine), which is still needed 🙂

The next day, we went to the post office, to change the postcards, nearby the Cathedral of the Parisian Our Lady, looked at it, went shopping.

Glavporates in Ho Chi Minh City

Good morning, Vietnam!

Cathedral of the Parisian Our Lady in Ho Chi Minh City

Agreed on plans for the evening, with a couple of travelers who met on the site search for travers. Yes, the evening was supposed to be special! After all, it was December 31. In the evening met with this company. Have dinner and went to the central square, where there were already massive walking. In the center of the square on the screen, there was a countdown before the new year, the scene, artists, well, in general – everything is as always.

New Year’s decoration of Ho Chi Minh

Folk festivities on the central square of Ho Chi Minh

We waited for NG in the Asian crowd, looked salute, the crowd gradually begins to diverge, more precisely, not to disperse, but I didn’t see so many bikes in my life, it was a solid stream through which we needed to break through the road, we bred their hands, through one, the other stepped out, the main thing was not to hurt the silencer, so as not to burn, Mal-I got promoted, and finally crossed the street. Fucking Vietnamese-pedestrians, imprinted our feat to the camera, and on the finish of our transition applaud we were applauded, why the mood was even better.

Baikoe madness after NG in Ho Chi Minh City

Baikoe madness after NG in Ho Chi Minh City

Then we wandered around the streets, trying to find a nightclub in the GPS, which was unsuccessful, went on foot, as all taxi drivers refused to carry us through this sea of ​​bikes. In general, wandered, wandered, passed more hours, the bikes were driving, people diverged, around the garbage mountain after a holiday. began to appear and the taxi, which now be treated, brought us to the club, have fun in the club – you can and home) NG met without impressions.

1 number – in the graph immediately was the rest and restoration. We walked around the city and at the same time I bought a ticket to the city of Phateta, there is a resort village Muin.

Second January at 8 in the morning we went to Phantheet. In 12 were on the spot, in this city, when I booked a hotel, he was the only one of those affordable and for an adequate price, there was nothing for the period ng holidays. The plus of this hotel was that he was in Phanthet, and not in Muin, who became the second Pattay, there are a lot of Russians, and all the signs around the Russian, and even in the clinic, the doctor and he says badly, but in Russian. In the clinic, by the way, it was necessary to my fellow traveler, he walked down on his way, called his insurance, sent it there. Having lost time in the clinic, the only thing that had time on this day is to have dinner and enjoy the sunset on the sea.

Kiteserphere on the evening beach in Muin

The day after breakfast, we went to watch the sights that were not small in the district. These are white sand dunes, and red dunes, and canyon, and a fishing village, and a French lighthouse, and the temple of the lying buddha, he is on the mountain, to the top of which leads the cable car. We took a taxi, a poster was pasted with places with places, sometimes when we did not know how to explain, or he did not understand, we just poked my fingers – we want here. We listed him that we want to see, he said Ok, he travels us everywhere, he led the route himself, based on the remoteness of the objects, for the expectation, he did not take money from us, but he did it – he did – stopped the counter until we admired beauties and turned on when we started to go again. We can see for him good luck, because by returning after watching the first place, we were a little surprised, watching how our chauffeur was lit by fragile sticks, stuck them in the car and prayed by the Buddha. He spent dreams all day, at the counter at the end of the day it was more than 200 km, and for all this we gave about $ 100

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