Goose as a victim of French gourmets

French cuisine is art. The poems are devoted to her. Enough to remember Sirano de Bergerac – the poet who chased many dishes. Local chefs even salads give poetic names – "Aida", "Julie", "Carmen". Especially strange that such a reverent attitude to food is combined in France. Truly with barbaric methods of cooking some dishes.

The French say that in order to become a cook in their "Exogon" ("Hexagon" – So they call their country, you need to learn how to make an omelet with greens "O Fin Erb". From above, this omelet should be slightly twisted, and inside – light and air. It is possible only to those who virtuoso drawn with a frying pan. It can be said that the scrambled eggs – the national dish of France, because it is prepared everywhere and apply equally.

However, in each region of France there is a corporate dish. For example, in Alsace and Lorraine, the provinces bordering Germany, adore shukrut – acid cabbage with sneakers, sausages, sinphs or ham. Special chic is considered to serve acid cabbage to the partridge. Schukrut is powered, of course, beer, but in no case is not wine. Here in Alsace Bekut Kish Loren – Cheese Pie, Eggs and Spick. Serve it almost in any Harchevna province.

In Burgundy, Burguignon is considered a favorite dish – beef in wine, reminiscent of the sight and taste Hungarian goulash with spices. Burgundians are especially proud of the famous onion soup. They claim to prepare it better than all. However, the Parisians disagree with them. They believe that the best onion soup in the world is prepared in the area of ​​Shatle, not far from the center of George Pompidou. Anyway, in Paris and in Burgundy, the main ingredient of the dish – the usual onion. It is roasted to yellow-brown, then put in meat broth. Slit bread slices fried on both sides.

In general, in France a lot of soup varieties. What we call soup (by the way, the word is borrowed from the French), there may be a conxoma (meat broth), a voltage (soup in which yolk is usually added), the sweat (soup in a pot), cream (soup with the addition of cream) Or simply by the MARMID (broth, to which side dish).

In the provinces that have access to the sea, prefer fish dishes and seafood. For example, in Marseille and its surroundings, tourists will be offered Baybes – Fish Soup. Peculiar translation of the name of the dish from the old-wing language – Courty and Keje! Prepare Baybes from fresh fish of different varieties with the addition of onions, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, laurel sheet, dry peel of orange and white wine.

In Normandy to fish soup add nuts, and drink it by Calvados.

In Brittany in French ear pour vinegar. In these areas, Aioli is served to fish (South Francesu garlic sauce). After all, sauce, according to French cuisine, is the most important thing in any dish. Prepare good sauce – real art, which is studying for years. Preparing Aioli from Yolk Eggs, Lemon, Vegetable Oil and, Of course, garlic. It is curious that locals are eating five times a day. Meal has great importance for them. They even came up with a special term denoting the downtown: "Tru Norman" – What is translated as emptiness or hole. Apparently, it means an empty stomach.

Goose as a victim of French gourmets

Fish dishes are also common on Corsica. However, the Corsicans themselves believe that the most tasty on the island – sausage. Prepare it from almost any meat: beef, lamb, pork, boobs and even donsenas. It is difficult to understand how you can make a delicious dish from the donkey meat. But the French succeed. And of course, in all the seaside regions of France, mussels are preparing. Alexey Milrud, Commercial Director of the Metropolitan Travel "France Curtain", Count, Choht Mussels – the most delicious French dish. And they need to drink, in his opinion, only beer. And best do it in the network restaurants "Leon". One of them is near the famous French Opera. V "Leone" A whole pan of mussels with sauces and beer can be obtained for only $ 10.

French cooks believe that the most healthy food – in Toulouse. This fully refers to "Cassul" – Bobah in a pot prepared with the addition of vegetables and spices. It is here that residents use a lot of red wine, so they do not suffer from heart disease. Most dishes are also prepared with the addition of wine. For example, hare extinguished in red wine – typically Toulouse delicacy.

In Aquitaine, they care about health. Fat food love here. For example, roasted duck or goose. By the way, it is this poor bird most of all lucky. The French with their interest to all unusual, (which is worth, for example, frogs) overlap other European peoples. Favorite delicacy and special is considered in France "foie gras" (goose liver). Poor bird before removing the liver from it, long and forcibly (through the funnel) refill only with corn grains, while not giving moving.

When the liver grows up to the desired sizes, which is determined to the touch, the bird is killed, and the liver is immediately sent to the kitchen. Cooking "foie gras" Just like its tasting, – a whole ritual. Finished liver is served in a tiny vessel almost under the sounds of fanfar. True, it does not mean that it is possible to try this sister of cooking only in an expensive restaurant. Director General of the French travel agencies Pierre Premier Alexis Selezneff claims the most delicious "foie gras" He tried in a modest restaurant Le Chien Fume ("Smoking dog"), located near the well-known Russian Russian "Samritan" in Paris. Here for $ 50, you can get a full dinner consisting of goose liver, onion soup, seafood dishes and wine glasses. Mr. Selezneff, according to the reviews of domestic and employees of the company, it is quite good for the goose liver. And as an example, you can get acquainted with his recipe "foie gras" (Recipe see. below).

Goose as a victim of French gourmets

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