GOOTS PARK – Islet of the Soviet era in modern Lithuania

There is one place in Lithuania, the analogue that is not found on the former post-Soviet space. it GOOTS PARK, in which monuments of the Soviet era are assembled from all over Lithuania. I will tell you more detail about the history of the parking lot and what you can do, in addition to contemplating the statues of Soviet leaders.

Small prehistory

In the early 1990s, large-scale decamsmunization began in the Baltic States. Monuments of leaders have massively demolished from the central squares of Lithuanian cities. It happened not only in Lithuania, but also in all former Soviet republics, and in Russia, including. Recall, for example, how the monument to Dzerzhinsky was exploded on Lubyanka. Almost also dismantled Monument to Lenin in the center of Vilnius.

Demolished monuments of the Soviet period across all Lithuania got a lot. Among them were not only the leaders of the world proletariat, but also the sculptures of local Lithuanian communists, few people known outside Lithuania.

And they would be waiting for them all the unenviable fate – either be completely destroyed, or wallow in the semi-dyed state on the backyards of abandoned wasteland. But there was one enterprising person who decided to collect all this wealth in one place and organize there Park of Soviet period.

Park Gottas opened on April 1, 2001.

A few words about the creator

Founder and author of the idea of ​​Gotas Park – Lithuanian entrepreneur Vilyumas Malinaauskas. Man extraordinary. Former athlete, silver medalist of the USSR Championship in the fight, one of the first in Lithuania of businessmen. For the base of the park, the Schnobel Prize received. Who does not know, it is such a parody of the famous Nobel Prize.

His Son, Richardas Malina, the mayor of the resort town of Druskininkai. Family of Malinaauskas – rather respectfully and is known in Lithuania.

No matter how paradoxically, the creator of the Gotas Park is criticized by those who are diligently fighting the Soviet past – for attempts to reanimate the Soviet Union, and those who are nostalgic to the USSR for mockery and mockery over the left era.

In general, this ambiguous object still causes resonance in Lithuanian society.

I often go to Druskininka.

Once, we have decided to go to the Park and see a place with the whole family with a daughter for 3 years old and see the place, so the loafing minds. I will share my impressions.

Walk through the Growth Park

There is a park 5 km from the resort town of Druskininkai and 120 km from Vilnius. It occupies a large territory in the forest massif. Here you can walk at least all day, enjoying the smell of pines, singing birds and forest coolness.

Begins the park at all with Soviet sculptures, but from a large playground with different wooden swings, slides, loopholes.

Here is a very cute zoo. He is not very big but interesting. It has ostrises, goats, different birds, kangaroo, camel and even bears. In this part of the Park Park, our child will freeze for a long time.

Playground in the park Goots / Photo by

Next we were waiting for a long walk through the forest, according to which numerous sculptures of Lithuanian communists were scattered. As well as monuments and busts Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, collected from all over Lithuania.

In the park Gottas on the square of 20 hectares collected 86 works of 46 sculptors of the Soviet era. Ever the monument there are explanatory signs. Important information is duplicated in Russian.

One of the monuments to Stalin (Lithuanian – Stalinas) / Photo by

Something in the trees come across dismantled pointers with street names.

Lenin Street, House 73 / Photo by

In the photo below the improvised club – with a small scene and wooden benches. From the reproducer there are long forgotten sms of the days of our grandmothers: "Lilies" and "Old Maple".

"Art – People" in. AND. Lenin – says inscription on a poster / Photo by

GOOTS PARK - Islet of the Soviet era in modern Lithuania

Even in the Glow Park, there are wooden museums with different campaign posters, sometimes ridiculous and funny, numerous busts of Ilyich, dolls in the national costumes of the former Soviet republics and paintings in the best traditions of developed social identity.

Inside the museum / photo of the author

This huge sculpture of Lenin looks a little awkward. Consider her closer and you will see that the proportions and the torso are somewhat longer than necessary. Once this monument decorated the main square Druskininsky.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Monument to Lenin, who used to stand in the center Druskinsky / Photo by

A more couple photo from the park GOODAS:

Cute couple – Lenin in a pair with someone similar to Felix Edmundovich / Photo of the author This object is well known to everyone who comes from the USSR / author

Could not pass by this masterpiece – a monument to Stalin with an explanatory sign that his real name is not at all Stalin, and not even Jugashvili, as I thought before, a – Jugashvilis.

Joseph Stalin – Real Surname Jugashvilles / Photo by

Cafe Gottas Park

On the territory of the park there is a cafe – very good, with a highlight.

Thematic dishes in the park style, boys waiters in red pioneer ties. All delicious dishes. If you want to remember the Soviet era, you can choose something from "hits" of that period. For example, the cutlets "Goodbye, youth!", Kilku" Russian "or Salad" Olivier ".

There are traditional Lithuanian dishes – Mushroom soup in breadwaste, zeppelin, shaftballs. Prices are very democratic, food delicious, service is polite. I highly recommend this place.

GOOTS PARK - Islet of the Soviet era in modern Lithuania

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