Gorge, meat cookies and freak exhibitions: Going to rest in Serbia

Serbs are very welcome and hospitable. From October 15, Russia and Serbia resumed flights, and the Serbian side does not ask for references from Russian tourists and does not lock on quarantine. Well, not a gift? Must go! And we will tell how to spend time in the country as cool.

From the airport to the city

From the airport named after Nikola Tesla to the center of Belgrade, buses and trains drive, ride all of all – 12 km.

Express A1 takes Slavia to Square almost without stopping, then he and express. Also stops at the railway station, there is also near the bus station. It costs 300 dinar, cash payment by the driver, in the way 30 minutes.

Bus number 72 – An ordinary city bus, running between the airport and the Zelennian market (Zeleni Venac), on the way, 40-50 minutes, costs 150 Dinar at the driver (on the BusPlus map – 89 dinar).

Taxi and transfer are also at your disposal.

In Serbia, its own currency – Serbian dinar. On October 19, 2020, 100 dinar = 77.7 rubles. Change in advance, at the airport there may be a commission.

Transport Card

Belgrade is not so big, so the center and main attractions can be destroyed and walking. But if you are not tuned to strain and walk a lot, you can also. To not steam about the cost of travel, get the card. There are two options:

Busplus – It costs 250 dinar, acts as a triple in Moscow or plantain in St. Petersburg. On the map you can throw any amount and ride almost with a discount on travel. That is for one trip you pay the driver 150 dinar, and on the 89 card. You can buy in any newspaper kiosk.

Normal travel 1.3 or 5 days. It costs 250, 700 and 1000 dinar, respectively (+40 Dinar for the map itself) and gives the right of unlimited trips within the period of the passage.

But no passage is valid for night trips, at night you pay in cash directly to the driver at the entrance.

In some transport, you can pay the passage of a bank card, but it will cost 89, and 98 dinar, and you can only pay for MasterCard cards.

What to see in Belgrade

At least the city and subjected to the bombing and the places were not restored so far, still he retained his charm. 2-3 days for inspection is enough in your head. And where exactly will be interesting.

Belgrade Fortress and Kalemnel Park

Imagine this fortress built in the first century, more than 100 battles were fought for it, it was destroyed and restored more than 40 times, in general, the poor fortress suffered! Now in the territory of the landscape park – a real oasis in the middle of the city, and the fortress itself looks good! Be sure to come to visit these guys.

Serbian "Montmartre"

In Belgrade there is an old quarter, which is no worse than the famous Paris – Scandarlia. It was here at one time lived and worked our masterpieces of local famous writers and journalists, even our native Bunin lived here for a while! Now the place attracts its atmosphere of creativity and limitless freedom.

Street Prince Mikhaila

It is not for sure that you definitely do not pass, because it is the main street of the city – all Tusi here. Artists, street musicians, cozy cafes, shops, souvenir and antique shops – everything you need for a measured walk.

Museum of Nikola Tesla

Come to the Motherland Tesla and do not go to his museum – minus karma. I will like it here, who has an allergy to the word "museum" – everything is different. In the museum, two parts: in the first – his personal belongings, records, drawings, in the second – invention, and this is an interactive part! Especially like the fans of Star Wars – a surprise awaits you.

Museum of aeronautics

Love aircraft? Then look into the building similar to a glass flying plate. All sorts of rockets, aircraft, engines and equipment are collected here.

Church of Ruzhitsa

Church that is not similar to the classic church. In the green time of the year she is looked by ivy, which looks very beautiful. The temple stands right at the walls of the Belgrade Fortress, so we will not pass by.

Tower Gardosh

In appearance, the tower is more like an extension, it hurts it unusual and it seems as if she lacks something. However, it was built to detect fires. Now on the top floor is a free observation deck. Fires, hope you will not see.


And this place will be interested in those who want to look at the modern and a little freak Belgrade. The space U10 created modern young artists and musicians, they arrange conceptual exhibitions, concerts of unusual groups. And in general, you can come there at any time, it will be interesting to always.

What to see outside Belgrade

Gorge, meat cookies and freak exhibitions Going to rest in Serbia

Serbia is not only a colorful capital, but also a wonderful nature, to which sin not see if you are in the country. There are some interesting destinations.

Ovcharian-Cablarsk Gorge

Gorge – it is always beautiful, and if there is still a winding river, so inexpressive.

In addition to national parks in Serbia, there are Mountains Shepherd and the Caboral Mountains, which form the gorge, and the Morava River is located at the bottom. In this gorge there is a church right in a rock, but it’s hard to get there. The place is not very tourist, so there is practically no amenities. But here there are many ancient monasteries, from which it is difficult to take a look.

There is a gorge 150 km from Belgrade, you must first get to the city of Chachak, you can drive by bus from the bus station or train. But on the train will have to make a transplant, the bus goes in a straight line. In the way a little more than two hours. And already from Caccus to keep the path to the point shepherd bath. In the same place, by the way, there are thermal resorts and spa hotels, be sure to take advantage of their hospitality!

National Park Tara

The place is so beautiful that you want to cry from what. Seriously! However, we recommend taking a car at the box office, so getting it easier. Railway communication in Serbia is not very developed, moreover, it is often not coming on time, can lag from schedule.

You can get to the park by train or bus, but you will have to drive with transfers, sometimes even by taxi. On the way to the park, take a look into the village of Kusturica Dwwell, focus on the wet.

Novi Sad

City almost a hundred kilometers from the capital, you can get by bus or train. But we recommend the bus, because with trains more difficult. Go a little more than two hours, but we recommend lingering for a couple of days so as not to rush to see all corners.

What to try in Serbia

Who will definitely be hard in Serbia, these are those who do not eat meat, because Serbian cuisine almost completely consists of meat in different forms. For example, Chevapchichi – Pork sausages or pork minced meat, wrapped in a bun and sprinkled with greens and paprika. Often a dish can be bought right on the street that we recommend doing.

Or here, Karajordjev Schnitzl – also sausage from pork, but much thicker and inside there is a filling of a baked milk saline foam, and the outside roasted in breading. It sounds delicious, but it’s hard to imagine? Agree, such it is necessary only to try. Usually the schitzel serves Potatoes. Consider also the portion is quite large and rather suitable for lunch than for snack.

Plescavitsa also from pork, but already in the form of a cake. So if you really want a burger, it is better to order a popwitz. So that it does not make it too much and leave the place for anything else, the cutlet can be powered by tasteless yoghurt, instead of bread.

And there is more biscuits , But it is not the cookie about which you thought. It is a piece of pork, roasted on a spit. And if you want something easier – pay attention to Pross – It’s like Spanish Hamon, only Serbian.

But there is still a few dishes for tourists who do not want or do not eat meat. Shopsky salad – Large outdoor cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, grated cheese and lemon. Try also Avar, smeared on a toast – this is something like a lecture, but in the form of pasta.

It is time dessert? Then try pit – Puff pastry with different stuffing, from meat to sweet. If you love pies, try Burek . As for classic sweet desserts, it is almost like in Turkey – honey, nuts, dried fruits, and other impurities. Try Potitsa – This is a layer cake with Tarhun. And there is a dish that can challenge the Sadikovskaya Pshai Kashe – Palachinka – Pancakes with walnut and pson. We highly recommend to give a chance to this dish!

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