Gorki City (Gorki Gorod)

«Gorki city» – The name of the All-season resort complex located in the mountains next to the village of Krasnaya Polyana, in Krasnodar Territory, 70 km from Sochi.

Center for attraction «Gorki city» – ski resort «Mountain Carousel», The level of development of which may well withstand competition with high-quality European resorts.

In addition to skiing or snowboarding «Gorki city» It offers its guests numerous options for resettlement (everything can be accommodated at the same time up to 50,000 people here, which has demonstrated the Winter Olympiad-2014), outdoor activities, relaxation and entertainment programs.

The owner of the resort complex is «Sberbank of Russia».

«Mountain Carousel» – Home, but not the only component of the resort.

Let’s try to figure out what is the same «Gorki city»:

Nizhny city, The stretched strip near the main highway is located opposite the village of Esto-Sadok, at an altitude of 540 meters above sea level.

A group of freshly produced multi-storey buildings built according to a single plan, stylized under neoclassicism: the style that is called in the people «Stalinsky».

Freshness and variety of buildings undoubtedly pleases the eye. It grips only the fact that in the inner space almost always reigns twilight due to the thorough height of houses and the narrowness of the streets.

V «Lower city» There is a congress center, a huge hotel Marriott (as well as a mass of other hotels and residential apartments), a five-level shopping and entertainment center, a number of restaurants, foodcorts and nightclubs, as well as pedestrian exchanges, shopping shops with Krasnopolyany souvenirs and a landing station to the gondolay lift K1.

Sitting to the Gondola’s Cabin, you will raise a height of 960 meters and find yourself in Upper city, which starts the zone of skiing. In other words, you can go on skis or snowboard directly to the doors of your hotel in «Upper city».

You can get here at the bottom and by car. If you are without your own transport, then get out of the evening from «Upper city», where at a weak full of hotels is boring, maybe problematic.

The official website of the resort complex, regularly updated and providing topical information: Gorkygorod.Ru

What to do in winter and summer

As already written, a ski complex is served by the main magnet for guests of the resort in the winter season «Mountain Carousel». Read about it in more detail here.

But even if you do not ski, nor on a snowboard – You will get a lot of fun, just climbing the gondola lift to the sightseeing site at an altitude of 2,200 meters and loved by panoramic views of the Caucasian Mountains.

Many restaurants and kiosks with mulled wine scattered by «Mountain Carousel» here and there, will not allow the guests of the resort to die from hunger and thirst.

V «Upper city» Merry outdoor activities are held regularly: from the performance of animators and KVN teams to DJ Settings and Fireworks.

Gorki City (Gorki Gorod)

It should be noted that the entertainment program «Gorki city» Always selected quite witty, for example, a swimming pool in the pool of one of the resort hotels for everyone, and an altitude of 2200 was organized, and at an altitude of 2200, the New Year holidays were equipped with apartments «The highest Santa Claus» For the joy of children.

In the summer, guests who feel the need for active vacation can rent bicycles, ordinary or mountain, or stroll along one of the equipped eco-trail on site «Mountain Carousel». Of course, the rise to the top of the ridge on the gondola and admirement of the surrounding beauty and in the summer no one has canceled: natural paints will be even brighter.

To unique summer sentences «Gorki city» refers to visit the complex «Rollercoaster», Where during the 2014 Winter Olympics passed competitions in a skiing diet and ski jumps from a springboard. The complex is used as the National Training Center and even in the summer receives international competition competitions.

Not so unique, but no less pleasant activities are yoga on highlands, airsoft and rope adventure park.

If the above classes seem to you too extreme, enjoy a quiet shopping, visiting restaurants and leisurely walks. Do not forget also that the Black Sea coast with all its many pleasures literally in an hour.

How to get to town town

You can fly to Sochi Airport (from many cities in Russia, including Moscow, there are decent offers on tempting prices), located 45 kilometers. For guests of the resort «Gorki city» Organized free shuttle running between the airport and complex. Its schedule can be viewed here .

From Sochi and Adler to the Red Polyana walks high-speed electric train «Martin», Time in the way will be a little more than an hour. Of the two arrival options, you can easily go to the station «Rosa Khutor» (former «Krasnaya Polyana») and get to the hotel by taxi.

Also from Adler and Sochi in the Red Polyana with good regularity go round buses No. 105 and 135. Time in the way will be about one and a half hours. Route buses run between the Red Polyana, Railway Stations and ski resorts.

If you want to save on a taxi, then this is an acceptable option. Taxi drivers in the Red Polyana area come across different degrees of decency, so immediately agree on the cost and, if possible, try to bargain.

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