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Gothenburg is considered the second city of Sweden after Stockholm. Second in everything: in terms of population, according to the number of museums and galleries, for rent for an apartment. Only in one point, Gothenburg is definitely ahead of Stockholm: in the quality of food, especially seafood, it is undoubtedly the first. It is in Gothenburg that serves the best fish in Sweden. It is here that the best fish restaurants are located, five of which are marked by the star Michelin. Get acquainted with their list and get detailed information about gastronomy in Gothenburg on the website of the Swedish office on Visitsweden tourism, and learn about the 10 most popular places in Gothenburg on the WWW website.Goteborg4u.Ru

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Gothenburg is located on the North Sea, colder and salty than the Baltic. The location of the city is a big luck for fishermen and gourmets, but not for Russian tourists. Get into the heteborg on the ferry, as in Stockholm will not work. This spring has improved significantly: Yamal’s airline launched Moscow – Gothenburg direct flight. Now the road to the Western capital of Sweden will require much less time and effort. It immediately accepted and tour operators: for example, the main Russian "specialist" On the Scandinavian direction – Tourist company Jazz Tour has already organized several options for the weekend tour of the West Coast of Sweden.

Go to Gothenburg per fish you can at any time of the year. Local fishermen in any season every season overlook the sea and return to the city to the morning fish auction. In the process of catching, by the way, tourists can take part. True, not in the heteborge itself, but in neighboring fishing villages – for example, CLALESHOLMER (about an hour on land or 30 minutes by sea from the city). During suitable specially for tourists "Safari on Lobster" You can ourselves "hunt" on seafood. "Prey", Naturally, immediately eats.

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Try only caught fish and seafood can not leaving the city. Fishermen bring their night catch daily for sale. Large parties go to the fish auction where the usual person is not to get: seafood sells seafood in restaurants and fish stores. Housewives (or housewife – in Sweden are relevant both options) buy fish in the so-called "Fish Church". So the locals call the fish market: similar to the church building from a massive stone with a duplex roof. "Fish Church" In the literal sense of the word, the cult place of Gothenburg. Locals even spend here weddings.

You can eat on the fish market not only if you are a guest on marriage. On the domestic balcony of the market there is a small restaurant, where you can taste traditional dishes like fish soup and fried fish, fresh seafood and oysters. In the restaurant menu – all the fish, which is in the range of the market. By the way, the owner of the restaurant – the world champion in opening the oysters of 2010, Johan Malm, can even hold a master class for visitors about how to properly (and quickly) open oyster. V "Fish Church" traded the best oysters in Sweden.

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Oysters in Sweden are not bred artificially, as in France. Local large and pretty fleshy oysters grow themselves, 5-7 years old, and only then fishermen are caught. According to local residents, extremely saline and clean water and free life and gives Swedish oysters their special fresh taste. Indeed, oysters have a distinct taste of cool sea air of the North Sea. Oysters Here it is customary to serve with lemon slices and champagne or porter. However, the owner of the restaurant advises to eat oysters as they are. According to him, pure taste is better.

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According to local cooks, fresh fish do not need a lot of tricks. If possible, nothing needs to do with it. The perfect version of the Swedish cuisine is the specialties of seafood of the Michelin restaurant dish Fiskekrogen: a little salted salmon, cooked in sea water shrimp, boiled lobsters and langustins, mussels and mandatory fresh oysters. To each type of seafood traditionally laid its sauce: to salmon – Dijon mustard with honey (amazingly delicious combination), to shrimps – several types of mayonnaise or cocktail sauce.

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Swedish chefs put focus on the freshness of the product and on the quality of food. As Ulf Wagner says, the chef of the Michelin restaurant Sjomagasinet in Gothenburg, Swedish cuisine is still fifty years ago was one of the most undervalued in Europe. Too simple and poor – she lossed in comparison with French, Italian and even German. Today, the position in the root changed: now Swedish cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. For example, over the past ten years, seven Swedish chefs received the title of World "chef". There is nothing surprising. Swedish cuisine meets all the most modern gastronomic trends: it is fresh, useful and beautifully filed.

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In addition, the success of the Swedes towards a meal is also played in the success of Swedish cuisine. For example, Ulf Wagner is the owner of two major restaurants, a professor of the University of Gothenburg, the organizer of many international culinary events, in the lunchtime personally fries fish for a buffet of his restaurant. In a different way, he can’t, because Swedish is a synonym for good, which means to do Swedish cuisine only well.

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