Gourmet eaten reefs

A tiny island called a ditch that approximately an hour of move on the boat from the coast of the Indonesian Flores Island, right to the sea costs "a hut on chicken legs". However, there lives there is not a local woman Yaga, but entrepreneurs from the former Hong Kong – the current Siangan. And their business is the workpiece of the most valuable and rarest species of fish inhabiting coral reefs.

Piles, on which the hut is standing on the 20-meter depth. These pillars are attached cages, where and "ware" caught in the huge Rybin district "Napoleon", ninked so supposedly for "Characteristic shape of the head", as well as small reef sharks with black and white marks on the dorsal fins, guban, still known as fish "Buffalo", Sea Leopard Trout, Spotted Skatov.

However, what only fish fish will not see in the cages under the hut. All this, without exaggeration to say, raritets of fauna are destined to become decorations of the Dear restaurants in Indonesia, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. To the underwater warehouse regularly mooring the ship with tanks for the transport of live fish, which is then divided into local resorts, and also – but by air – abroad.

Gourmet, of course, beetting from pleasure. But the World Foundation for the Protection of Nature Beats Anxiety. After all, only in the restaurants of Singapore, according to the Fund, the nonsense is absorbed at least 500 kilograms of rare species of coral fish, octopus, Caracatians, Turtles. And if the destruction of the biological diversity of the region will go similar pace, then not to avoid the most real environmental catastrophe.

Empty underwater "Pasture" Around the Indonesian Islands. And not only indonesian. Score coastal waters and Philippines, and Malaysia. Simultaneously degrade and coral reefs. After all, sometimes the fishery is conducted by the most barbaric methods – dynamite and even poisoning chemicals. And coral reefs, it is known, not dead stone growths, and living beings. In addition, very whimsical.

Barbaric destruction of live exotices put literally on stream. After all "huts on chicken legs", such that the island of a ditch, a great set. According to available data (no more fresh), only five years since 1900, the catches of rare fish breeds increased more than ten times and reached five thousand tons.

It’s time for a long time, an experts of the World Fund for Nature Protection, introduce tight quotas for coral fish cavities in Southeast Asia. Otherwise, the fantastic underwater world, which still appears coral reefs, cannas in the fly. And together with the attractive violent beauty of the reefs, foreign tourists will disappear, whom the unique exotic is mane. People go here from all over the world to streak with scuba and play with fishing fish. And at the same time and wander through the reserved surroundings.

Gourmet eaten reefs

Well, tell me, you can not go to the extinct volcano Kelimut that in the central part of Flores? Three of his crater millions of years ago turned into lakes, which some wonderfully constantly change their color. Not by chance, volcanic lake "complex", Drawing at an altitude of 1.6 kilometers above sea level, experts rank to non-proper miracles of light.

Fabulous lakes accompanies no less amazing legend. Residents of the surroundings mysterious whisper assured me that "warmth" Turquoise Lake Crater find the innocent souls of the deceased babies, and in "Cold" The pond of olive color rests the souls of tired in the life of old people. well and "Black" Souls of thieves and murderers are prepared place in the same black and equally repulsive black lake.

But tourists admire both first and second, and even the third. Let it be in appearance and terrible, but in such a wonderful place, even something terrible acquires some romantic color. Moreover, if yesterday you talked from the noise and bustle of civilization, and now you can enjoy the silence of mysterious lakes.

You can, until the gourmets have not approached all the marine reefs, and the entrepreneurs who remained without Navar did not master the lakes, where the soul of babies. Or Starikov.

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