What to look at the island of Gozo?

Gozo Island (or as it is also called, Gozo) – the second on the area (67 square kilometers against 246km 2.Malta) Island of the Maltese Archipelago and on it constantly lives just over 30 thousand people. The island is not so that the attractions are striking, but here it is definitely there is something to see. It is here that the Megalithic Temple of Jagia is located, about which we have already written, and today we will briefly tell me what else look at the island of Gozo in Malta.

How to get to Gozo? Ferry Malta-Gozo.

We, like most tourists, traveled to Gozo from Malta Island, so we will tell you about our experience. Maybe he is not the most rational, but at that time we recognized him the best. &# 128578; From the main island of Gozo’s archipelago, he is separated by a six-kilometer strait, so we had to sail. Of course, it was possible to try the flood, but our physical abilities are not yet capable of such records, so we used the ferry of Gozo Malta. And not only we sailed, but also take a rental car (we rarely travel without a car :). The monopolist in the field of similar shipments in Malta is Gozo Channel, in the photo you can see their "respectable" office.

Time in the way – about half an hour. On the island of Malta, ferry crossing is located in Chirkevva (ċirkewwa), and you sail you in MJARR (Mġarr). Both places as always designated on the map at the end of the article. In order to avoid the queue on the ferry, we planned to wake up early, but too lazy to take her, so we moved away from the hotel only afternoon. As a result, I had to stand a little in line, but if you were driving without a car, there was no one there. Ticket price and timetable Ferries can be found on the Gozo Channel website, as they change from the season for the season. During our trip, all the pleasure cost us about 20 euros for two passengers and a car.

Ferries walk very convenient, so the probability of hanging without a roof above the head on the Gozo is practically excluded. But, if you really want, there is a huge number of hotels and apartments on the island, which can be booking in a few minutes on the site.

Sights of Gozo Island

As we said, the road from Malta to Gozo will take about half an hour, but where to go later – to decide. We will not advise any specific routes, everyone decides for himself that it is interesting for him, and we only give a list and a brief reference about what sights of Gozo island worthy of attention.

Looking ahead Let’s say that in one day we could not see and half of what was planned – time here flies imperceptibly, and the strongest heat of the end of the summer healthy exhausts and makes you make unplanned stops in a cafe with air conditioning.

Fort Shambrey (Fort Shambrey)

Fort Chambray is one of the first attractions of the Gozo Island, which is seen by tourists. It is perfectly seen from the ferry, when entering the port, here are the "hotel" buildings and old walls on the mountain and there is a famous Fort Shabr.

Fort Chambray (Chambrey) was built at the end of the XVIII century Knights of the Maltese Order. Construction of a fortress that would protect the inhabitants of the island from the attacks from the sea was planned for a long time – from 1551. But then the Knights of the Maltese Order did not have money for it, so the construction of Fort was all the time transferred indefinitely. But there was a person who wanted to sacrifice the necessary funds, and in 1761 construction was completed. And Admiral Jacques de Chambray received the title of Governor Goszo for his good acts. Fort began to be used in direct appointment and called name in honor of his main investor. Until our days, only external walls have been preserved, and everything else was destroyed. Now on the site of the former Fort Shambray you can buy luxury real estate or stay at the hotel Maisonette Fort Chambray or apartment Fort Chambray Apartment. So, if you are looking for a good luxury hotel in Malta, then you should look at this option. Judging by the photos, rest will be held in good modern conditions. &# 128578;

And you still expect beautiful views from the window, because Fort Shambli is considered one of the best viewing sites of the Gozo Island. Fort Chambrey is not the only attraction located next to the Harbor Mgar, besides him, in the town of Ainslem there is a pair of churches who will like to lovers of gothic architecture.

Church of the Virgin Mary Lourdes (OUR Lady Of Lourdes)

The Temple of the Virgin Mary from Lourda is pretty young, in 1879 there was no church here. In a natural niche under the cliff, the statue of the Virgin Mary from Lourda, created by the hands of the talented sculptor Antonio Basuttil, people stretched to the sculpture, and ten years later, the bishop was blessed and the construction of the chapel began. In 1893, the temple opened its doors for believers. Getting to the Lourda Church easily – a stone staircase leads directly from the pier to the temple, overcoming which you will find yourself on one of the viewing sites of Gozo.

Church of Virgin from Loreto

If you look at the church of Maria Lourdskaya from the sea, then a little right is seen another temple – the Church of the Virgin from Loreto. It is noteworthy that its construction lasted for almost 50 years under the guidance of four architects. The appearance of the temple all the time interfered, then the First World War, the main bricklayer fell and broke his leg, then the first architect resigned, then the second died, then again the bricklayer could not resist and crushed. In general, construction began in 1924, and she found the final appearance only in 1979.

Fort and two temples are those attractions that tourists see even when entering the port. As a rule, many are limited only to a look at them, and immediately go straight to the capital of the city of Victoria, to the famous Jagant or azure window. But if you have time and desire, then there are some more interesting places in Ainsilem.

Attractions Ainslema

DGħAJSA TAL-LATINI boat – Traditional gositan boat. Such boats were used to cross the island of Malta to Gozo, when there were no ferry. It is believed that the latter from the preserved boat exhibited in Ainsilee, now it is renovated and anyone can see it.

Church of St. Anthony of Paduan – Beautiful temple of the beginning of the 20th century, if from the port you will go to the town of Fold, then the church will be just on the way.

Old rural church of Ainsilee – This temple is built at the very beginning of the XIX century and is considered the oldest in the city. There is no amazing architecture here, but a long story may be interested in curious tourists.

Megalites Tal-Qiegħan and L-ImrejżbiIt – These ancient monuments of the Neolithic era are still in the study stage, and, in our opinion, is hard to pull on the landmark. If we did not know that "somewhere there should be ancient stones here," we would never pay attention to them.

Red Beach (IX-Xatt L-Aħmar) – A small and small beach with red sand, tourists here are a bit, mostly divers who attract the fraction of the ferry, which sank nearby.

Grozo Island Square – only about 67 square kilometers, in length it is about 14 kilometers, and in the width of about 6.5 km. Small sizes allow you to quickly get from one attraction to the other, and that is why we decided to visit more or less serious settlements on the island and the next item of our route was the town of Ala (QALA).

Attractions of Ala

Il-Ala is considered the easternmost village of the island, because of a small number of tourists here is quite cozy and quiet. The lack of tourist buses is explained by the fact that there are not many attractions here.

Church of St. Joseph, Built at the end of the XIX century one of the main attractions of the village, there is an observation deck with which the best view of the island of Comino opens. According to the legend, the church was specifically built by the facade to the neighboring island so that its inhabitants see the temple and could take part in the service.

Standing stone about 3 meters high also proudly referred to as the landmark, the story of his rather foggy, most likely he was part of the temple, but what kind of unknown.

Chapel of immaculate conception – One of the first temples dedicated to the Virgin Mary on the island, he appeared in 1575, then in the middle of the XVII century it was expanded and partially rebuilt.

Battery of St. Anthony or Cape Il-Ala battery (St. Anthony’s Battery / Il-Qala Point Battery) was built in 1731-1732 for the protection of the strait between the Islands Gozo and Comino.

Next to the village of Ala is another place that deserves attention – the village of In-Fold.

Attractions IN-Fold

In-fruit – an excellent sample of the traditional Maltese village, it is very provincial and calm and only the main temple attracts attention to still from afar.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul – Real decoration of the city. The history of this majestic building began in 1760. The modern structure was completed in 1867, and in 1967 the temple received the honorary title of Basilica.

Maritime Museum – Another pride of in-frost. A private museum, his collection was going to one single person for 65 years. Here you can see original slices of wood from the ship Lord Nelson "HMS Victory", a large number of items of clothing, models of ships, photos and other exhibits that are directly related to the sea.

Kenuna Tower (Ta ‘Kenuna Tower) – Satisfied an unusual tower built by the British in 1848, but not for defense, as it usually happens, but for organizing a telegraph connection with the island of Malta. The tower was restored only 10 years ago (in 2005), and now it rises at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level. It is said that if you agree with the caretaker, it will be allowed to admire the species that open it.

From the village of In-Fold to the world famous Jagania, it is literally handed to hand (about 5 km or a couple of bus stops), you can directly go to the ancient megalithic temple straight, and you can look along the way in two more interesting places. We naturally went secondly. &# 128578;

San Blas Tower (San Blas Tower)

In 1667, the observation tower of San Blas was built as coastal strengthening in the northeast of the Gozo Island. But this is not the only name – in various sources, it appears under the name of IT Torri Ta ‘Isopu (IT-Torri Ta’ Isopu) or Ta ‘SOPU (Ta’ Sopu) or even Torre Nuova (Torre Nuova). From the moment of construction in the tower, the garrison of artilleryrs was constantly located, but according to research, by 1785 the tower ceased to use for permanent residence. In 2006, the tower was restored and now she is one of the sights of Goszo Island.

Calepso Cave (Calypso’s Cave)

The second attraction, which certainly deserves attention – Calypso Cave. According to the legend, it was this cave of the island of the Gozo was described in the famous "Odyssey" of Homer. In it, Nimifa Polickso held Odyssey for 7 years to prove his love. I must say that some serious impression of the cave does not produce, but we, as lovers of literature, it was interesting to visit the places described by Homer. To the same, the cave opens a magnificent view of the best Gozo Beach – Ramla (Ramla).

Megalithic temple of Jagia

Jagacy Temples – the most famous sight of Gozo. First, it is one of the oldest megalithic structures on Earth, older even the famous Stoneheja in the UK, and secondly, these temples were entered by UNESCO in a special list of World Heritage. We will not be in the framework of this article to tell in detail about this place, since already dedicated to this separate 4500 letters. If you almost do not meet the rest of the Gozo of tourists, then here they are a huge amount even despite the scorching sun.

It is worth noting that Jagantia is surrounded by other, less significant sights of Gozo, and there are also many tourists. They, perhaps, also worth paying attention, since you came to learn this Maltese island.

North Cave (The North Cave)

Northern Cave is very close to megaliths, we would say, on the same territory, but nevertheless, all guidebooks in Malta consider her a separate landmark of Gozo. The cave was found quite recently, in 1949, during the excavations. All sorts of ceramic shards were found in it, which are supposed to 3000 years before our era, as well as fragments of human skull and animal bones.

Stone Circle Ish Balls (The IX-Xagħra Stonecircle)

Another megalithic monument next to the Jagantia, which is worth paying attention – Stone circle of ISH balls. Although fairness it is worth saying that this is not a completely circle. The fact is that there was a prehistoric underground burial at this place. According to the study, the very first burials were made in 4000 BC.NS. In addition to the fragments of human skeletons during the excavations, sculptures from clay and stone were found here, which can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum, which we also tell me if you are patient. Stone Circle is just 400 meters from Jagantia.

In the surrounding area there is still a pair of megaliths, about which guidebooks are told, but despite the loud names, they seemed simply to us with breast stones, and the historians and archaeologists forgive us. Among the megaliths of the ISH Bowl (IX-Xagħra), the Santa Verna Temple and the Sansuna cliff (ġebla Ta ‘Sansuna).

Mill Ta ‘Kola Windmill)

If you are buying a ticket to Jagatia, you can visit the museum located in Takola Mill, which is located nearby. This is one of the few airlighted mills, which has been preserved in the Maltese archipelago. It is believed that she was erected in the era of knights, and the start date of construction is called 1725. Inside the mill, tourists can visit the dining room, bedroom and kitchen, see traditional kitchen utensils of the time and other items that made the life of Melnik XVIII century easier.

To be frank, the mill did not make a special impression on us, as it is not strange, but Steam mill in Zaslavl It looks much more interesting, at least for us. &# 128578;

Megaliths and Mill Ta’Kola are certainly a pearl of Ish balls, which are just a must-see at Gozo, but we would advise you to pay attention to three places nearby. First of all, this grotto is Sherry.

Grotto Sherri (Xerri’s Grotto)

This small cave-grotto is located right under the usual residential building. Inside, you can see stalagmites and stalactites high from 25 cm to meter, petrified roots of trees. Of course, the guide will turn your attention to the stone formations of an unusual form, for example, in the form of a turtle and giraffe. In general, nothing unusual, but we really liked it, maybe because there was cool. To get into the grotto you need to overcome a ten meter screw staircase.

Ninu Cave Cave

Another underground tourist facilities – Nina Cave. Like the Grotto Sherry, it is located next to the usual residential building. In principle, here is the same as in the previous cave: stalactites, stalagmites and stone formations of various shapes. So you can safely choose something one and not to spend time on visiting both underground caves.

Toy Museum (Pomskizillious Museum Of Toys)

In addition to the ancient temples and caves in the ISH Bowl there are relatively new attractions – a small private toy museum, founded by the British Susan and Edwin Lowe. How easy it is to guess from the name, the museum is dedicated to toys. The guide proudly demonstrates the oldest exhibit of the collection – the Maltese doll of the late XVIII century, the head of which is carved from the tree, as well as small Italian figures, which are allegedly refer to 1790. Museum is quite unusual and interesting, especially for those who travel around Malta with children.

From Ish balls, we headed to the capital of Gozo – the city of Victoria, although initially in our plans it was to visit the north of the island and see a number of interesting places. We did not get to them, but still say a few words – suddenly you will find yourself more thistle, and everyone will have time, or you will have an inspection of the Gozo for several days.

Tas-Salvatur Hill Hill (Tas-Salvatur Hill)

The Hill of Tas-Sale can be seen almost from all viewing sites of Gozo. This small hill is shrouded in secrets and legends, and according to one of them, once God was angry with the inhabitants of Goszo and immersed the island in full darkness for three days, but at the end of the third day of the top of the hill of Tas-Savatura seemed a beam of light, which scattered darkness. According to another legend, the hill is an ancient underground volcano, since one day it was black smoke once from his top, but geologists refute this version.

Gozo Island - Attractions

At the top of the hill of Tas-Sale, the sculpture of Christ is riders, she appeared here in 1970. But this is a new one, and the first statue appeared at this place another 100 years ago – in 1904. Before that hill wigged a wooden cross.

If we were able to see the most famous hill of the island, then with the rest of the sights I had to get acquainted only by pictures.

Qolla L-Bajda Battery (Qolla L-Bajda Battery)

One of the places where we could not get to get due to lack of time, the Qolla L – Bajda battery was built at the beginning of the XVIII century. According to the documents, in 1770 it was a small well fortified fort, in service with which there were four six-foot guns, which allowed to lead defensive fire along the coast.

Salted lakes

Next to the batteries, one of the most unusual sights of Gozo island – Salty Lakes, stretching along the coast of 3 km. In these lakes, another 350 years ago, the gosic residents collected salt crystals, if lucky, and now in the summer months you can participate in this unusual lesson.

Salt Lakes and Qolla L-Bajda battery The most significant and famous sights of the North of the island, but are far from the only one – the inquisitive tourist will also be interesting to take a look at the lighthouse Ta ‘ġurdan, built in 1851, as well as visit the private art gallery of the town from Zebbuja, and Even a huge number of chapels and churches.

Attractions Victoria

The capital of Gozo is Victoria, and no tourist route passes by this city. The capital of the state of the second largest island of Malta received its name relatively recently – in 1897, when the city was renamed in honor of Queen Victoria, the capital of the island was called Rabat. The main attraction of Victoria is the Citadel.

Citadel on Gozo Island

It is believed that the citadel was built to protect against Turkish pirates in the XVII century, but many archaeologists tend to assume that the first fortifications appeared before our era. Citadel has always been the center of the religious, military and administrative life of the island. During Turkish raids, there was even such a law, according to which all residents of the GOZO were supposed to remain inside the fortress at night. Unfortunately, such security measures did not give the desired effect, and in 1551 after a short blockade the Citadel Pala. At that time, the population of the island was about 5,000 people, all of them were captured and stolen into slavery, the exception was only 40 weak people who could not work. In order to rebuild the citadel and re-establish the Gozo required more than 50 years.

Citadel Sample XVII century and preserved to this day, representing a real city, in whose territory the most interesting museums are located, a beautiful cathedral and a number of other decent places that many tourists will surprise. But no museums and temples are compared with the species that opens from the walls of the Citadel, so before we cross to the examination of the fortress, we offer to enjoy the views of the island of Gozo.

One of the main jewelry of the Gozovskaya Citadel is the Cathedral built on the site of the ancient temple of the goddess Junon. The modern building of the temple was built in 1697-1711 and is a real architectural monument. The special pride of the cathedral is the ceiling painting made in 1739. Visitors have the impression that the church is crowning a big dome, but it is only a visual deception, since the roof of the temple is flat. Here it is, the present 3D, sample of the XVIII century! &# 128578;

In addition to the most beautiful cathedral in the citadel, it is worth paying attention to a number of small, but very interesting museums: Museum of Archeology, Museum of Nature Gozo, Museum of Folk Art, Cobrass Museum, Old Prison and others.

Despite the fact that the Citadel is quite small in the area, you can walk for a long time. But all the interesting ever ends, and we were in front of the natural beauty of the western part of Gozo.

Azure window

UPD March 8, 2017 Azure window in Malta collapsed and ceased to exist.

Azure window is one of the most famous "card" species of Gozo. The window to call this natural limestone formation is quite difficult, rather, an arch or door. &# 128578; The height of the rock is 28 meters, but due to natural impacts, the form of the azure window is constantly changing.

So in the spring of 2012, the collapse of a large piece of limestone, who changed the rock shape, because of which it became even more unstable. Our photos are made a little earlier, so the current window may not be so photogenic. Azure window, as, however, and Citadel Victoria enters the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This place is very loved by divers and … romance – the number of couples in love, which come here to accompany the sunset, amazes. &# 128578;

Inland Sea Gozo

The azure window is located very close to the other attraction, which amazes no less – this is the so-called, inner sea or a camp. This is a small lagoon with salted water, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea with a small opening of a rock.

The place is very beautiful and unusual, so it is quite not surprising that there are full of tourists and local. Many decide to swim, and especially bold even try to slip on inflatable mattresses through the opening in the rock. It looks pretty terribly.

Dwejra Tower and Chapel of St. Anne

In addition to natural beauty in the West, the Gozo can also meet architectural monuments, for example, a dveir tower, built in 1652 to protect this coastline.

Chapel of St. Anne is difficult to call a landmark, it was built quite recently and is considered the last temple built in the countryside of Gozo. Modern ascetic style does not attract attention at all and, if it were not for the Tip Lonely Planet, we would not pay attention to it.

Hotels on Gozo Island

Instead of imprisonment

Gozo – a beautiful and interesting island as part of the Maltese archipelago. Despite their small sizes, he trays a lot of amazing attractions to see with their own eyes. We spent on a Gozo unforgettable day and, of course, we saw only a small part of his treasures.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Now, after time, it’s a bit sad that we have allocated so little time on his inspection, so our advice, if you find yourself in Malta and make sure to examine the Gozo, then select it a couple of days. Then you can not only see all the monuments of architecture and nature, but also to soak on the unique beaches of the island, which generally deserve a separate article. We say goodbye to Gozo, but we hope that someday return here again. For example, send Max to learn English, and will continue to inspect numerous attractions. &# 128578;

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