Gozo Island

Gozo – One of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of the Maltese archipelago. He takes the second place in the area among others. Is a gozo in northern Malta part, close to Comino Island.

Lovers of an active lifestyle will be delighted with Gozo, because more than 10 schools are built here, where Divengu is engaged. Such a number of such institutions is associated primarily with blue, transparent sea water and a variety of inhabitants living in it. At the bottom – a large number of corals, as well as sunken ship, caves and grotts. One of the noteworthy places is called a blue hole. On numerous beaches of the island worth trying himself in fishing, rowing, boat riding, in the sailboat management.

Business Card Island – Temples built in a baroque style and national small houses. Gozo has a large number of historical monuments, so there are many opportunities for cognitive tourism. Noteworthy is the fact that most antiquities are buried under residential buildings. For example, the Gantia Temple, dated 3 thousand years ago, was discovered during excavations. Today the attraction is fully extracted from under the ground.

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What is interesting to see gozo?

Top sights Gozo

Azure window

Citadel Gozo

Rocks Ta Cheng

Bay Duira Bay

Temples Jagia

Nina cave

Church of the Virgin Mary Lourdes

Mill Nicholas

Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady ..

Calepso cave

Gozo Island: Excursions and Events

A very large variety of attractions: historical, natural, cultural heritage sites. Be sure to visit the excursion tour to the azure window that has formed a naturally scaling «Ring». Local shore is the brightest representative of the unique nature of Gozo. It is dreaded with funnels, in one of which the inner sea is educated today. The coast is littered with boats on which tourists will be able to go on a fascinating journey through the tunnel leading in the open waters of the Mediterranean.

Amazing color sand can be found on the ramla beach. Vacationers will have to explore the oldest dunes. Also famous Calypso cave, in which today, unfortunately, the path is closed. If you do not like heat, hurry to plunge into the coldest waters of the Gozo shores that are in a small bay.

On one of the hills, randomly during the excavations were found the remains of the ancient village dating from the bronze age. Luxurious entrance crown entrance to one of the fertile edge valleys. The structure was built during the knights. The Luntziat Valley itself never dries and glances the view of tourists with picturesque nature.

Gozo Island, Malta Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Gozo Travel Guide

History of Gozo

Climate in Gozo

Gozo Island, Located in the immediate vicinity of Malta and in the center of Mediterranean. The island is unique in the fact that its own small sea formed on its territory. On the island prevails soft, typical of the Mediterranean climate, mixed with tropical.

You can come here all year round, because here at the Gozo there is no cold. Summer differs in heat, with temperature marks, on average reaching up to 30 and higher degrees. On the climatic conditions of the island, a strong influence has a sea that carries with it cool and moisture. In the winter months, the temperature drops sharply up to 16 degrees.

Gozo Island: Entertainment and Active Rest

Gozo – The perfect place for lovers of the active type of tourism. In addition to numerous sights of a historical nature, the island offers guests to explore its numerous beaches that occupy leading positions in the Mediterranean.

Special pride of the islanders – The inner lake in which you can go on a small boat trip. Courts are carrying tourists in narrow items straight to the seashore. Here is an amazing beauty. Natural education – Azure doors. Water in this place is absolutely transparent, and in the sun, it seems that she is turquoise. Here you can often find divers. It is not surprising, because there are several schools on the territory of Gozo, which are able to train any diving skill in water. Water purity provides absolute visibility. On the seabed, multicolored fish, other inhabitants and corals.

Numerous nature reserves and parks allow resting to be explored to explore the local flora and fauna. Especially a lot on Gozo Valley, where there are almost never dried streams. And from the highest hills, excellent views of the surroundings are opening.

Transport features of Gozo

Today there are three ferry messages on the island. Water transport can be transported both passengers and vehicles. The island runs several bus messages. They are not so much, because the total number of residents of the Gozo does not exceed 31,000 people. During a trip to the ferry tourists will be enjoyed to admire beautiful, drowning in the serenities of the island. At night, the ship’s ticket is somewhat cheaper than the day. On average, the cost of the ticket is kept at 4 euros.

The nearest airport with international post is located in Malta. Flights are regular from Moscow.

Gozo Island, Malta Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Gozo Travel Guide

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