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What do we know about Greece? Athens – Acropolis, Thessaloniki – Shub, Crete Island – Beaches and Sea. Here, perhaps, all our knowledge of this country. But the fact of the matter is that you are unlikely to know something really interesting and unusual, lying on the beach. Go to Path. Greece is not only the sun and the sea, and also much more.

Where to go to feel the colors of the country, its customs and national traditions? Want for one day, surrounded by attractions and museums, live a few eras? See the ancient cities and castles, magical nature and gentle sea? And try the best wine in Greece? Then go to the north, in Macedonia.

Central Macedonia – the largest area of ​​Greece. In its territory in deep antiquity existed a strong state with the same title. Many times she was a victim of conquerors: Slavs, Romans, Turk. This land knew many great people – Aristotle, Philip Second, Alexander Macedonian.

Holy Earth Imafia

This is the center of the ancient civilization of Macedonia. Settlements of neolithic times, rivers, high mountains, spacious plains and abundance of greenery, royal tombs, decorated with frescoes, gold diamers and crowns – all this can not leave indifferent. You will make an amazing discovery that olives are not only small and green in the iron banks, which is sold in the store, but also blooming plantations of trees with fruits, amazing beauty and sizes.

And peaches are found in nature not only canned, but also cheeky can grow along the road. In Imaria, one of the best wines in Greece. Grapes are processed right here in place, which explains the extraordinary taste and unique fragrance of the divine drink.

Greeks are very hospitable, all their activities are aimed at making your stay full. At the entrance to the smallest shop where souvenirs and every nonsense for tourists are sold, you will be offered to try a glass of local anise vodka UZO, and completely free (they know how to position the Russians to themselves). And only then you can inject to eat in a huge number of baubles and charming products from ceramics, which can be better suited for gifts close and familiar.

In the grocery stores, in addition to the standard set of products, you can not only buy, but also taste homemade jam, jams: sugar cherry, jam from figs, walnuts in honey, peach confiture – as well as try unknown you accommodate nuts and fruits. So you will certainly be what to surprise colleagues and acquaintances.

Here, at the foot of Peterian Mountains, Macedonians laid their first capital of Egies, on the site of which, as they suggest, and the modern city of Vorgin. Thanks to the excavations, we can now see the remains of the palace, the ancient theater, the temple of the Mother of Gods, Acropolis and other places of the destroyed city.

Russian folk dances and songs are offered in Russia as entertainment. In the province of IMAPIA tourists, too, put the local folklore. The most famous ensemble is from the city of Nausa, it has existed since 1705. Initially, his dances symbolized the fight bold Greek warriors with the Turks. Today, this ensemble is a business card of the city.

Pella region is the birthplace of Macedonian kings, Philip and Alexander. Natural beauty is combined with the beauty of archaeological monuments, among which the ancient city of Edessa and the capital of the Macedonian state of Pella.

Edessa, the capital of the region, is called the city "Love and lovers". This is a city where everything is imbued with a sense of love and even the police are relaxed and imposed, and look exotic, standing at the post with a cigarette and a glass frapp (the national drink is cold coffee with milk and ice: it quenches it perfectly, but the taste of soluble Nescafe still remains ). The touching attitude of the Greeks to the colors cannot leave indifferent.

Everywhere the abundance of lawns and flower beds with funny signs: "Flowers make life beautiful", "Don’t go to me, don’t you feel sorry for me?", "Love flowers, do not hurry greens". This city, whose history begins in the VII century BC, is famous for its waterfalls. They are so fascinating with their greatness that here you can take it from problems and enjoy the amazing harmony and peace.

Pella’s city was the capital of the Macedonian state in the IV century BC, the largest city and cultural center of the country. Archaeological excavations in the ancient city began in 1914. Today there is a fairly complete picture of the architecture of the ancient capital, its technical equipment, traditions and rites.

Gpeech Macedonia

In those distant times, the city was divided into blocks widely cobbled streets. Well-thought-out water supply and sewage system indicates a high standard of living of citizens. The floors in the houses were lined with mosaic. Interesting Plots and Music Mosaic Execution Technique suggest that there were special workshops in the capital of Macedonia. Disceived during the excavation fragments of mosaic floor are restored and stored now in the Museum of Ancient Pella.

If you are still in doubt whether it is worth going to Macedonia, do not forget that it is here, in the field of Peteria, there is a Motherland of Gods – Foggy Olympus, Mysterious Byzantine Fortresses, Warm Aegean Sea and Unique Nature.

Eat here abundantly and satisfying. Always on the table vegetables and fruits. Popular fish and seafood – mussels, oysters, squid. All very appetifier. It is necessarily served by young wine (white or red, and sometimes both at the same time). But all the attractiveness of Greek sweets – buns and cookies, candy and pastries, small and large, with powder and icing, with nuts and berries. It is impossible to abandon this abundance, so the dreams about the perfect figure Leave at home.

Russians on vacation

Russian tourists Greeks love. They like our openness and mental latitudes. Do not be afraid of ignorance language. Many Greeks consider it necessary to know several phrases in Russian. In extreme cases, you will always help the international gesture language.

And if you get tired of a series of impressions, you can always return to Moscow for a minute. Updated in thessaloniki, on the boulevard not far from the coast, you will hear the Russian speech, you will pleasantly surprise the huge collapse of books in Russian and so familiar to us colorful oriental women selling uncomplicated Turkish clothing.

Russian tourist can be seen from afar. If you have a painted blonde on the hairpins in the afternoon, with an evening make-up, wearing a synthetic velvet, with a satellite in a luxurious sports suit, know: it is your compatriots. In a bright, motley Greece, you can get lost among the multicolor crowd, but on the way back all the same painted blondes and their harsh cavallers will be with you in one plane. And, probably, they will cause an indulgent smile with conversations and a demonstration of profitable acquisitions: from boxes with Metaxa brandy, bought in Duty Free on the cheap, their contents will be enough to water the microdistrict, to Mains and handkerchiefs from the local bazaar.

Locals are very emotional and temperament. These people who consider a bad tone to drink beer before lunch (!) and in the twenty-perduss heat go in the down jackets (after all, it is still cold), very welcoming and friendly. It creates the feeling that everything you are offered, is made only for you and for your holiday. The Greeks themselves say that although Greece is not a very rich country, but the inhabitants of it are extremely hospitable and accept everyone with an open soul. And it is pure truth.

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