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The name Saigon housed until 1976, when they renamed Ho Chi Minh City in honor of the victory of Vietkong’s victory in the Civil War of the 60-70s of the twentieth century. By the way, Comrade Ho Chi Mina, who is more often called "Uncle Ho", were counted among Bodhisatat, so he read and Buddhists, and the Communists – that is, the entire population of Vietnam.
However, the new name is not popular. And most of the Vietnamese, and almost all visitors prefer the old historical name – Saigon.

Why I call this city "4 to 15"? Due to the basic urban development: overpopulation led to the fact that private houses can not have over four meters of width on the facade, but in the depths take 15-16 meters, presenting, in fact, sort of stone casements, and there may be no cracks between buildings and alleys, the side walls are common, and the design, color and decoration of every four front meters depend only on the finance and fantasy of the builder. At the same time, the number of floors is not limited, so urban structures stretching sometimes for hundreds of meters, the spectacle is completely surrealistic and carnival. The first floors are small family-owned enterprises, and the upper floors are open terraces with the statues of Buddha, that is – small home temples.
To the present, it is customary to call Vietnam Bicycle Bikes. Once it was, but now the overwhelming majority of Vietnamese moved to scooters and mopeds, which looks especially funny in an hour-peak or during a rainfall, when drivers are covered with multi-colored motley cloaks and it seems that the crowds drove on the motor collections.

At the excursion plan, Saigon is not a city of world importance – if we consider excursions from the point of view of purely historical. There are no such monuments such as, say, Cambodian Angkor or Egyptian carnac, so that all decent attention can be viewed literally in one day. First of all, the famous Pagoda Wine-Ngy, which can be considered a "calling card" of the city, the Cathedral of Notre Dam de Saigon, Post Office, Opera House, Presidential Palace and Colonial Mansions of the XIX-XX centuries.

Mandatory to go to the Kodayan temple. This religion is completely unknown with us, but in Vietnam has millions of adherents. Temples are symbiosis of Gothic, Buddhist and Hindu religious structures, and the main idea of ​​religion consists of a certain highest creature, referred to as the famous gods of the past, as it were to the apostles. The role of the prophets play Sun Yatsen, Confucius and Viktor Hugo, who carry the basic values ​​of existence: "God is humanity, love and law".

Grad 4 for 15 -, Vietnam Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

And even very curious excursions for the city, for example – in the Mekong Delt. Delta of this greatest river Indochita is huge in the area, all of her inspect, alas, it is unrealistic, so tourists take the largest islands, named after four characters of Vietnamese-Chinese mythology: dragon, turtles, phoenix and mythical cylind. On the islands you can taste juice, sweets and vodka made from coconut, listen to folk music performed by amateur orchestras playing on antique folk instruments, swim on a diving boat along the overgrown cane and bamboo canals with yellow water, go into a coastal restaurant and taste a local specific Fish and other aquaproducts. And the journey of a visit to the snaken-crocodile nursery ends.
For what else can fall in love with Saygon, and in general, in the country, – for local cuisine. At the same time, it is not referring to a banal buffet in the hotel – we are talking about all kinds of eaters, cafes and restaurants available here in abundance, and the easier the establishment, the more tastier and cheaper there is fed there.

Next – shopping, the dream of our ladies … stores set, they meet at every turn – both specialized, and souvenir, and multidisciplinary, and ordinary markets. And even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is impossible to resist, and no one pulls into the store for hands and does not force, quite on the contrary, – also the seller to search will have to pay for the goods! And prices are so low that it is even somehow uncomfortable to bargain ..
Only two days I happened to be in this city, and those in the affairs and care – but still sang a saigon in the soul ..

And I believe and very much I hope that I will come here – and I will definitely drink infused on Cobre and Scorpions of a strong tincture for the "Uncle Ho", and I cut off the lobster, on which I am at home and look terribly because of the price tag, and buy your beloved wife Something embroidered hand-friendly silk, and come to the Buddha and Caudai to breathe full of smoking fragrance – and feel full peace, which we are all looking for all your life, and I was lucky to feel it here.

Grad 4 for 15 -, Vietnam Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

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