Grad Novotor # 3. School of folk art

Talk about the school of folk art for adults and children passing for many years in Vasileo , You can for a long time, but it’s better to see everything once and touch with your hands. My acquaintance with the school began last year and, already then I knew that I would come back here again.

School appeared a few years ago at the pure enthusiasm of folklinists and ethnographers, for which the tradition of their people occupies in life almost most important place. The first school passed quite in another place, but after the experiment of the summer camp was carried out in Museum of wooden architecture on the picturesque bank of the river Tver, under Torch, Tradition fixed.

The uniqueness of the school is just that in addition to strong and experienced teachers, students are spent two weeks in such a place that fully recreates the atmosphere Northern Russian villages. Here you can not only learn Russian crafts, but also to fully immerse yourself in the tradition and life of the people.
I’ll tell you quite a bit about my trip, and everything else will tell the photos that I managed to do between classes.

Invited me to school one of the researchers of Folklore – Ilya Vladimirovich Aharameev. I had a chance to get acquainted with one of the dance sun, which are held every summer Thursday in the Ekaterininsky Park. Acquaintance this resulted in new interesting routes in Mother’s Mother. Thanks to him, I visited the Kursk magnetic anomaly and Zheleznogorsk school crafts "Artel", Cashina’s holiday, Torch, Ryukhov Festival in Ostashkov, The epic coast, Atmanovsky Kulachik And, of course, Vasile school itself.

From the first day of stay here I realized that I got there where it is necessary. For a long time I was looking for events, festivals, schools that could immerse a person completely into the culture of Russia and finally found. Two weeks B Vasileo flew like one moment. The impressions that I got, digest until now and is waiting for the start of the new school all year, which is no longer outside the corner.

It is here that any participant in the school can fully get good skills on such sciences as: Traditional tools game, Traditional singing, dances, Sewing traditional costumes, Gaitans from bead, Wood carving, clay crafting, Mezensky painting and even blacksmith craft. The school passes in the open air, ranging from classes, ending with meals, and before bedtime, after a busy day, wishes go to the bath, which is located on the river bank.

Grad Novotor # 3. School of folk art

In order not to be unfounded, I want to give an example a few reviews from the last year’s participants (I will leave the original without editing), securing all the colorful photos. And of course, invite everyone to visit the school with me this year.

I live in the city, I study, I get my diplomas, resting with friends. Days are replaced by days who rarely differed from each other.
I was satisfied for an interesting job, I delve into it, sought success, but I saw that ahead was a career, pension and old age. Like everyone around.
I’m trying to escape from this feeling of hopelessness, changing work. Sometimes worry at once on two.
And in the summer of the week, I’m leaving for Vasilevo. I live happily these days, I’ll wait the rest of the time: "Here the summer will come, I will go to nature in Vasilevo". Since childhood, a familiar program: "Here you will go to school, then …", "Here you will finish school, then …" We will become an adult, you will get a job, you will retire, then you will heal. In the meantime, do you tell you.
I come to the city apartment with a feeling of longing: close, noisy, stuffy, there is no place for creativity.
Somehow the husband asked:
– What are you rushing into your vasilevo.
That on it the light of the wedge fell?
– Yes, – I replied, – there I feel happy!
When you come to Vasilevo, the urban feeling of fatigue is replaced by a sharp feeling of the completeness of life! Open the sutra tent, and there river, grass and a huge sky. Around silence and delicious air! And in ahead of the whole day of fascinating busy, filled with music, movement, creativity, communication and feel that the days are superproduce. And I do not want to leave.

About the summer school in Vasilevo, I found out by chance. God went knows where, not knowing anyone, but I think – you will not eat. Did not eat. Even when it turned out that a bowl and a spoon, the basic tools of labor, I forgot at home ! I do not remember how much I slept – as it is not enough, for it was a pity to sleep. In a limited period of time, so many interesting and notes of the necessary things were tamped, which was not clear – and how it all in 24 hours to put? But I wanted even more. People are reasonable and more sustained, probably, can refuse something and dispense the load, but it is not about me. How can you abandon singing from Berriesh? From weaving? From pottery art? And from the wood thread? Generally impossible. And from the night gatherings by the fire with a cup of fragrant herbal tea and mental conversations, it becomes good and warm in the soul. Rear later in the city. And as it turned out, already a little later, in comparison with others, our teachers were from those loins, the largest caliber. So the dose of concentrated knowledge turned out to be such a magic drug that helped to live the entire subsequent year with the benefit, having disengaged through the debtry of the geskor chords, confusing threads of belts and features of dance fractions. And now summer, and with I wait for a meeting with you, my dear friends. How I lived without you before?

I got to the school Vasilevo in a relative, the younger sister sprout. Always loved hiking, tents, forest, and here it turned out that the topic of beloved-crafts Our Slavic . For the first time at school, I found myself in 2015. The place is simply charm. Museum of Russian Architecture, River, Polyany, Holidays with churches stand-as in a fairy tale. Merry people kindergarten. Well, I started to master the craft. And the first thing I liked it, it’s not strange, wood carving. Cuts selflessly and with pleasure, cut the first spoon in life. In the evening dance under Russian harmonica, balalaiki, yes hussley. Day and sewing, and weaving, and weaving, and embroidery, and painting on wood, and clay whistles and a lot, a lot of air fun. And we have a fire on our fire, and everything is delicious. So, my friends, come to us, stay, relax and live happily.

Grad Novotor # 3. School of folk art

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