Grad Novotori # 1. Torzhok and its surroundings

Acquaintance with Torcho happened at me during my trip to School of folk art., which took place in the manor Vasileo In the summer of 2016. Until that moment, I did not assume that this small town located on the side from the highway and not very popular with tourists, I collected such a huge number of history and attractions in myself. As a result, I can not fit all the collected information in one report and decided to divide all the information into several publications. This city fell in love with himself and I want to return to it.

This former merchant city can truly be called "Russian Italy". It is located on the River Terzka, aside from the main route. In the past times, it was through the city an old Ekaterininsky tract from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The remains of this path can be seen in the village of Panic, where the large stone bridge is located and Beautiful waterfall.

Until the XV century, this city was one of the largest trading points on the way from Moscow to Novgorod. The city is one of the oldest in Russia. When it was accurately founded, it is unknown, but historians believe that he was laid by Novgorod merchants in the X-XI centuries, which confirm the archaeological excavations. The very first mention of Torzhok can be found in the Novgorod chronicle. It is mentioned in it 1139, when the city was captured by Yuri Dolgoruk.

The name of the city is, of course, from the word "bargaining". It was at this place that large fairs and trade that Russian merchants arranged. Rooms and overseas guests came here. In the chronicles of the XII century, the name "new bargaining" meets and it was it that it gave the modern self-adhesion of residents of the city – "Novotors". In the city, even a silver coin was minted – "Money Novotorzhskaya". The urban coat of arms retained the drawing of six pigeons, symbolizing the fact that one and a half years ago there was a pigeon in every second house. Six pigeons symbolize six urban gates from which it went on the road.

Noteworthy the city also in the fact that in the past times on the river TERPER took place the famous path from the Varyag in the Greeks. Because of the location of the city at the intersection of water and land trade routes, the city often took the blows of enemies. There were internecine battles not only by Russian princes, but also foreigners. At the time of the campaign of Batya, the city held back the siege for two weeks and was eventually taken, but his resistance strongly prevented the campaign of Mongols to Novgorod. And repeatedly in ancient times the city was attacked from different sides.

In one of the museums of the city, I had a chance to see about twenty berertiyans, to which the showcase is attached to the decoding. It was very interesting to read about the life of people on these finds. By the number of these relics, the city ranks third after Novgorod and Staray Russa. Very rich in the city monuments of history and architecture, which there are about 400. For lovers of Russian classics here, too, there are important places. In the village of Prutnya, not far from the city, there is the symbolic grave of the beloved Pushkin Anna Kern, which he dedicated his famous lines "I remember a wonderful moment …".

Grad Novotori # 1. Torzhok and its surroundings

There is in the city and his Torzoksky "Brand" – golden. This unique craft began to develop in a tier from the XII century. Master of the finest threads with the inclusion of silver and gold embroider stunning complexity patterns, portraits and icons.

The work of the Town Goldes decorated the wardrobes of the Empress and the clothes of the Patriarchs. Skull’s skill gold skins are known worldwide! It is the presence of products of Toroksky craftsmen in the Bar homes was an indicator of wealth. Today, gold and silver embroidery are an integral part on the banners of the state symbolism of Russia. You can see one of the grandiose works of masters in "House belt". It is here that the world’s longest needweld belt, embroidered with gold. I heard that the belt is marked in the Guinness Book of Records.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Borisoglebsky Monastery. In each of my arrival, I am with admiration I look at this work of art and architecture. It is based on about a thousand years ago. Age is striking. The monastery is ancient in the Tver region. Alas, the monastery needs a serious restoration, but I believe that this will happen very soon, since all the construction of the monastery is unique and beautiful.

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