Granada He is the center of the province located in the southern part of the country in the Andalusia region. This is the city of historic and architectural monuments of the era of Mavrov, Flamenco, bright holidays, the city of Gothic and Renaissance. Granada for many centuries grew into an amazing city on three hills, which descend the Hanil River, in the Valley.

How does the history of Granada, the former in ancient times by the Iberian settlement, these hills are somehow reminded the revealed grenade, which gave the city of his beautiful name. Now it is a very beautiful city, the concentration of magnificent landscapes, ancient architecture and snow-white quarters of new buildings. Granada is among the most beautiful cities of the country and the European Community, thousands of tourists come here every year.

In Granada, many workshops producing guitars (perhaps the best in Europe), kastagnets and cakes for passionate dance Flamenco. The uniqueness and uniqueness of the city is expressed in the magnificent monuments of various temporary epochs, the Radules of the locals, their own original customs and traditions.

Here is the beautiful Sierra Nevada ski resort, which is located near Granada, at the very beginning of the majestic mountains – the highest in the country. The same city itself is at an altitude of almost eight hundred meters above sea level.

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What is interesting to see in Granada?

Top sights Granada


Royal tomb


Palace Karl V

Cathedral of Granada

Monastery of St. Jerome

Royal Capella

Moorish bath El Bunuelo

The observation deck of Mirador de San Nicholas

Cave of Cueva de la Rosio

Granada: excursions and events

From Granada there are many diverse and exciting excursions. The city is rich in the sights and to explore them yourself, you will have to spend a lot of time. It is much more convenient to take a tour of the objects of interest to you and enjoy the interesting species of the city, moving on a comfortable bus.

For example, a trip to the Alhambra Palace Complex – This excursion will last about four to five hours. The beginning of his excursion takes from the palaces constructed by Arabs, and will end with the inspection of the residence of Sultan Henellife, the gardens near which were the place of rest and shifts of the ruler. During the same trip, the palaces of the Nazari dynasty and the Alcasab fortress will see – Royal castle 13 centuries. You will definitely get to the viewing area – It is from here that opens an unforgettable view of the city and the majestic Mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Such Tour of Granada will cost about 20-25 euros.

A great opportunity to inspect several beautiful places in Granada – Go to a sightseeing tour of the city, which will take about 7-8 hours. As a rule, all travel begins from the Cathedral and Chapel of Kapilla-Real, in which the remains of Ferdinand Aragon and Isabella Castilsk – rulers of the country. Sometime they were supported by Christopher Columbus in his historical expedition on the opening of America.

For lovers of gastronomic tourism there is such «Delicious» and cognitive excursion like tapas walk in Granada. For three to four hours you will find an inspection of interesting places of the city and visiting famous tapas bars. Tapas – This is a national pride, which is various snacks, which in Granada traditionally serve guests to guilt or beer.

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History Granada

Climate in Granada

In the province Granada Climate very diverse, despite the fact that its basis is the Mediterranean. This is mainly due to the fact that the terrain in the region is very uneven in different parts. But still, the continental climate dominates in Granada, in which you can make sure, looking at the weather in Granada by month.

The average temperatures in the year are about +14.9ºC (the coldest weather is +6.2ºC, and the warmer and comfortable + 24,7 + 35.9sº – in July-August). These months are the most pleasant weather and warm, which is possible due to the beautiful Granada climate.

During this period, the sun is almost always shining in the city, the heat intensity intensifies. Solar weather keeps from June to September and rain almost never happens. From November to April, cold and warm sweaters, especially in the evening, do not interfere.

Granada: entertainment and active rest

Granada – This is an eternal holiday, the sea of ​​entertainment and all the possibilities for active and diverse holidays. Main entertainment Granada unchanged –This is wine, Corrida and of course, flamenco. Beach holidays here and need to be combined with walks in the city and participation in national festivals. For example, the International Festival of Music and Dance – It is held in the summer in June-July. He used to go to Alhambra and Henellife.

The nightlife of Granada is very active, rich in events and places. Major Majority and Gastronomic Entertainment Night Granada are located on Pedro Street Antonio de Alarcon. Basically, nightlife boils on the streets and terraces of bars and restaurants, also here are a great many disco and nightclubs.

In May Granada hosts the international festival of theaters, in November, the most interesting jazz festival is held here. For golf lovers on a small distance from Granada, Sierra Nevada ski resort is located. Those attending it in March or April can ski in the morning, and after lunch to go to the warm sea coast behind the tan.

Transport features Granada

What are the transport features of Granada? On the city more pleasant to move on foot, viewing streets, houses, castles, fountains on urban areas. Popular also public transport – Bus walk on schedule, route system in Granada is very convenient and intuitive passengers. In addition, you can always order a taxi.

You can rent a car, although in Granada car rental – Pleasure is expensive. A week rental cars will cost in the amount of 220EVRO with insurance. Railway Station Granada is located on La Constituci ProspectóN. Daily travel costs about 5evro. The day there is a train back and back to Seville and other cities in the region, daily trains to Valencia and Barcelona.

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