Grand Canyon: Mini Park Travel Guide Part 3

With common councils and recommendations for all parks here. In addition, there are advice touching exclusively this fleet.

What time is it necessary to inspect: It all depends on what you want to see. If you just have several panoramic frames from above, you can cope with half a day, looking at the main viewing platforms in Grand Canyon Village. During the day you can have time to inspect the points located along the southern edge of the canyon and ride in Desert View Road. If you want to visit, in the northern part there will have to add a day. On a visit to K Skywalk The time will also need.


When best to visit the Grand Canyon? Perhaps in the summer months, though, you can capture May and September. Judge for yourself:

Winter. Winter – far from the best time to visit the park. On South Rome, you can encounter snowfall, root icing and tourist trail. Winter usually comes into force on November and it is possible to lower the temperature below zero. The river will be significantly warmer, but no more than +15 degrees at best. North Rome in winter does not take tourists in general.

Spring. Spring comes into their rights from mid-April, when the temperature reaches + 10-20 degrees and continues to grow. Usually, in the spring, it is still cool and there is very windy. There is even a likelihood of snowfalls up to june month.

Summer. In the summer, the temperature on South Rome on average is + 27-32 degrees, while in the Valley of the Colorado River it can reach +40 degrees. On North Rome is colder, because the local area is higher (average temperatures + 21-26 degrees, at night there may be to zero degrees). In July, August and early September, thunderstorms with pouring rains are possible. Not unusual – zipper, hail and even tornado.

Autumn. In September, it becomes cooler and the temperature is lowered on average to + 16-21 degrees in September and to + 10-15 – In November. The river in these months is significantly warmer, degrees for ten. Precipitation becomes less.

Important! For the winter, due to snowfall, some roads close, for example, 67 roads leading to North Rim. By Hermit Road for the winter cessation to run shttle bass, but you can ride a car.

Useful Applied Information

Housing in the Grand Canyon: There are campgrounds in the park (tent camps), hotels, houses (Lodge), as well as full housing in the vicinity. More information about this and where we stayed, you can find out in the article about housing.

Where to eat: If you stop in campsites, you can cook yourself by purchasing at the same time provisions in some major supermarket, prices in which will be different in a favorable side compared to small shops, and even more shops in the park. If you don’t want to spend time on cooking, you can find food in Grand Canyon Village (restaurants, cafes, shops) or the nearest city of Tasayan. It concerns the southern part of the park. In the northern part you can eat in Grand Canyon Lodge.

Refueling: The nearest refueling to South Rome is located in Tusan and not far from Desert View Point.

Where to look for the Internet (Wi-Fi):

Grand Canyon Mini Park Travel Guide Part 3
  • Grand Canyon National Park Headquarters – Free Wi-Fi daily from 8 am to 5 pm, also from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 16:30 Computers are available.
  • Library (Community Library) – Free Wi-Fi and computers (with Mon. in SBB. from 10:30 to 17:00).
  • Lobby Hotels – Wi-Fi is available around the clock, but it may be necessary to pay.
  • Canyon Village Market – Access to Wi-Fi (from 7:00 to 21:00).

Rent a Car: It is most convenient to get to the parks, and indeed to move on the states, of course, by car. Many tourists rent a car in the middle of arrival at the airport, but the majority solves this question before arriving. Rent a car at a good price for a trip to Grand Canyon and other places can be found at Pricesline. If you do not like the proposed options, try searching here.


7 from ten. For us, the Grand Canyon was somewhat boring against the background of the already seen before this parks (Yosemite, the valley of death, the valley of fire). Walking along the southern edge and adopted by the same type of scenery, decided not to travel to the northern part. I heard that the landscapes of the landscapes like more, but I don’t think they are strikingly different from the southern. In the trails deep into the canyon, we also did not go, because there was no desire to spend the night at the bottom and drag all the necessary things for this. It turns out that we saw, in fact, what sees most of the tourists, not tuned to too active park study. I can say that it was interesting only for the first hour or two, then the landscapes were given.

Great walks for the Grand Canyon, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Grand Canyon Mini Park Travel Guide Part 3

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