Great Balatonian Triumvirat

What to do in Hungary? Of course drinking wine or mineral water and having fun on Lake Balaton. At any time of the year, Balaton is ready to give us any of the three components of its fame, especially since they are all connected with the purest local water.

If it were not for one curious plower (according to another version, it was a shepherd), then maybe we never learned and did not see the landmark of Hungary as Lake Balaton. What did this man do? He just pushed the stone in the direction of the stone, which prevented him to swallow the earth. And from under the stone scored a source. Gradually, his water filled the entire valley, turning it into a lake, later called Balaton.

This is certainly a legend, since Lake Balaton appeared much earlier than people came to mind the idea to plow the earth. In fact, Balaton (now its area is 600 square kilometers, length 77, and the width in some places reaches fourteen kilometers) that’s all that left the sea once left over Hungary, retreated from here thanks to the volcanoes more millions of years ago. But what kind of lake without legend? Just reservoir. Balaton can not be called a reservoir. This is the sea, the Hungarian Sea. And at the same time one of the most interesting places in Hungary.

What is famous to Hungary? The fact that there are excellent wines, the fact that local healing waters are being treated absolutely from all diseases, and even on a positive impact even on a healthy body in Western and Eastern Europe, there is no equal. So, all these things agreed at Lake Balaton, which, from herself, as it were, also added the opportunity to swim or walk along the water on Seref.

Sport or entertainment

True, it is better to do this in the summer, because in the winter Balaton offers sports entertainment somewhat different kind. When the surface of the lake is quite freezing, it gets at the disposal of the fans of brewed sports. And although he invented him in Holland, for the winter and early-spring Hungary, he turned out to be an ideal find. On a smooth, well-purged ice surface of the Balaton Bouter (the same surf, only the sail is put on the shear, and it is necessary to control the sitting position) develops crazy speeds.

Wine on the table, here and the table of the throne

Do not be upset because you can ride on the booster only in winter. All other parts of the great Balaton triumvirate, that is, food-drink and healing water, available on the lake all year round. For example, in the northern part there is a place called Badachon, the inhabitants of which came up with a general meaning of her lies in words the best wine only whose Lose saw the smooth of Balaton. Controversial statement, but at the same time, a good reason to check it, especially since Badachona vine is sitting on the sunny side of an ancient volcano. But other Balaton towns have something to be proud. So, for example, the city called Refülp is proud that its grapes feed on mineral water. This is like the truth, because in the vicinity of the revvupupa to the surface there are many mineral springs. The fact is that in the valley of Kali (this next door) from under the ground beats a carbon dioxide Kekkuti source. And this fact is also worth a personal check, that is, is also an excellent reason to visit.

Great Balatonian Triumvirat

Mineral water, my love

As for mineral waters, you can go to Kesthely town, located in the western tip of Balaton. Kesthely not only one of the oldest Hungarian cities, founded by the Romans (the surroundings of the lake were a well-known hospital for Roman soldiers), it has a bath, built on the foundation of the Roman period. It would seem that nothing special, but the touch of world history is this way it is in question.

You can visit the other ancient therapeutic resort called Balatonfüred, especially since at all times the people did not have a lake at all, but mineral water. Sources of Balatonfüred carbon dioxide, so this water, in contrast, say, from water of radon sources, in which you can only swim, can be used for drinking and taking baths.

Of course, this is only one facet of those three things that make up the pride of the Balaton. And the Balaton himself, like a challist of a sophisticated cut, lies them in itself very and very much. So everyone can find their.

Great Balatonian Triumvirat

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