Great Egyptian pyramids –
Copies of aliens ships

This article describes the theory of alternatives of contemporary science. We do not share them, but we consider them a debt about them to tell.

In the Egyptian pyramids a lot of mysteries. Scientists are still arguing how the ancient Egyptians 4.5 thousand years ago could build such gigantic structures, and why it was necessary. Let’s try to figure out this problem from a new unexpected point of view.

Hypothesis about copies of alien ships – how it originated

The basic version states that the pyramids are the tomb of the pharaohs of the ancient kingdom. And we will not argue with some seconds, but why such huge sizes were chosen?

The answer is simple. Pyramids were built as external casing over alien ships. It was an imitation attempt. Ancient inhabitants of Egypt tried to sustain the enlarged copies of ships that landed at this place.

This version has much more evidence than it may seem at first glance. On some of them we will dwell detail.

Place of landing of ships – sacred place

Build the tombs on the landing places of aliens – it is quite logical for the ancient pharaohs. Alien aliens securely acquired the status of the gods. And it is the burial at the place of their landing guaranteed Pharaoh the opportunity to reunite with the gods. This logic of the ancient Egyptians can be called "iron", although the iron at that time did not yet know.

And now it does not matter whether the remains of alien vehicles are preserved under the Egyptian pyramids, this place in any case acquired the status of the sacred.

The main proof is the lower chamber of the Hoeop Pyramid

It was the study of internal corridors of the Pyramid of Heops became a basic point for hypothesis about the imitation of alien ships.

On the picture on the left cut of the biggest pyramid. With the upper chamber, everything is clear to us – this is the burial place of Pharaoh. The arrangement of the sarcophagus of the ruler is very logical – in the very center of the pyramid. Second "Camera Tsaritsa" contained cauldons, and here also do not arise special issues.

But the lowest underground chamber (on the picture is highlighted in red) so far the minds of the Egyptology. Why was she needed?

This camera is under the surface of the earth. That is, she needed to start. This room was scheduled for the construction of the pyramid and the question arises: maybe she was the main goal of construction?

Cancellation of scientists about the underground chamber inside the pyramid

Most representatives of the scientist call this chamber "unfinished". It sounds very strange, considering that digging the underground halls was required in advance. That is, they began to create the first, but did not have time to finish?

In all scientific descriptions, this room do not pay almost no attention, although she simply had to cause huge disputes about their destination. Egyptologists prefer not to remember about it. And we remember.

Insolvent hypothesis

Of course, this camera had a destination. No one will dig so deeply for no reason, and the ancient Egyptians were not prone to useless work.

Underground chamber could not intend to storing someone sarcophaga – this is a fact. The passage to it is so narrow that no sarcophagus will simply break there. Many moves in the pyramids barely suit for the movement of one person, and have clearly not a transport purpose.

The branch in the underground chamber is exactly in the place where the main passage to the place of the burial of Pharaoh is branched, which indicates its key value.

Moreover, the branching of the passage is approximately at the ground level. That is, the pyramid is divided into two levels – overhead for people and underground for ……… question open.

Single wealthy hypothesis

Great Egyptian pyramids - copies of aliens ships

This room could be intended for two purposes. The first is the storage of important sacred objects. Second – access to sacral location. The most logical assumption is both versions at the same time.

That is, this is the place of landing of the ship, where there are some traces of staying alien guests. This is a place where all the artifacts were collected and carefully guarded, covered with a huge mass of the stone, from which the pyramid was collected.

How else to explain the wrong form of this camera and what it seems unfinished? Only the desire of priests leave the sacred place "as is". Agree, changing something in objects belonging to the gods was not reasonable in terms of priests. Probably, before the construction of the pyramid, there was a temple or some other cult factor.

Pyramids – an attempt to imitate the ship of the aliens

The Egyptians not only built the pyramids on the site of planting ships, but also tried to repeat them. Now we are already easier to understand what form for an alien ship is suitable more. And we understand that the shape of the pyramid suits great.

The creators of the film "Star Gate" may have made similar conclusions. Left frame from this film in which the ship is made precisely in this form.

We now argue about that ship, which should not only move in outer space, but also to land on the surface of the planet.

There is no doubt that the engines of the future will need a large surface for the radiation of particles, which will lead it into motion. The pyramid has such a surface – this is its basis.

After landing, the ship will require energy supply, and the most reasonable source is sunlight. Pyramid – these are four faces, each of which is well suited as a solar battery. No wonder the ancient Egyptians made a shining facing of a pyramid, which was preserved to this day only on the top of one of them – the pyramids of Hefre. Facing – imitation of solar panels.

On takeoff, the ship must have good aerodynamic properties. Of course, it is difficult to achieve, but the pyramid in this case is the optimal option.

Now we will not talk in detail about it in detail, but we recommend reading the article "Enople’s ships – shape of the pyramid".

And the main thing. Pyramids are found in all ends of the world, and everywhere they are very similar. And in all cultures there are information about the gods that are inextricably linked with them. Read about all this in our articles (Links below).

Great Egyptian pyramids - copies of aliens ships

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