Great geographical discoveries

REFERENCE Famous Russian traveler and Flotodets Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev for his life made three round-air swimming. During these swimming, they were open and deposited on the map of the sixth mainland of the Earth – Antarctica, hundreds of islands, bays, etc. Documents presented in this book, testimonies of Lazareva himself and its contemporaries, participants of expeditions, not just fix events and discoveries – they, like hundreds of illustrations (many of which were made directly during swimming), make it possible to read the reader to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past, in times of great geographical discoveries.

November 21, 1819 Early in the morning, our sautes were taken out of anchors and, using the weak coastal wind, reached the exit from the bay. The wind from the sea rose here, and we were forced to quit an anchor again. Another day, at 6 o’clock in the morning, again starred from the anchor and, leaving in the left side of the fortress of Santa Cruz, and the Relopean Sugar head, sent our way straight to the island of South George. From the very beginning of the arrival in Rio Janeiro, the fourth watch, which I managed to the end of our journey was tried, and was previously under the watch from Michman Kupriyanov, a young officer, who is his knowledge, extraordinary activities and, can be said, fiery love for marine art addressed the special attention of our captain.

At the invitation of the Head of the Expedition of Bellingshausen, the captain of our, priest, lieutenant Annenkov, Dr. Galkin and I went to the "East". After the mulabaling about the prosperous committing the upcoming southern poles of swimming, we spent several times on the "East" in the most pleasant conversation with officers. Meanwhile, our captain accepted for the ranks of the "peaceful" salary and portion money for 20 months. We received a very big content, and it is, the eight or double silver salary and besides that about 30 Chervonians of portion money per month.

Peters and stormy birds and albatrosters fly around the sluts, dolphins pass by whole herds, Bonites and sharks are shown, whales are sometimes allowed fountains

The head of the expedition now has now provided our captain with a special instruction that the main thing was as follows:

1. In bad and cloudy weather, the "peaceful" kilvater is kept "East", in 5 cable, and during the fog even closer.

2. In good weather, to be on the traverse "East", in 4, 6 and even 8 miles, so that the boat could overlook the larger sea space.

3. At night, when the lantern will be lit on the East, light and on the "peaceful" and raise on the place where it will be more visible to "East".

4. If for an unforeseen case, during a fog or storm, the gaters can separate, then look for each other 3 days near the place where there were detection, producing cannon.

5. If separation is happening before arriving to the island of George, this island is appointed by the connection site, and it is the height of the bay of mastering, where to wait for each other 4 days. If the separation happens near the Falkland Islands, stay under the wind and, finding the harbor, enter into it, where to wait 6 days, spreading at night in the neighboring mountains lights.

6. In the case of the final separation to enter the instructions of the Maritime Minister, then follow New Holland, to the port of Jackson.

At 7 o’clock in the afternoon on the "East" signal, the "Mirny" gate approached him under the stern so that they could talk. Having wished each other a happy swimming and success, we went fresh wind, taking the reefs from Marseilles, to the south of the present purpose of our swim.

Great geographical discoveries

On December 1st There was a fresh passing wind, the weather mostly stood cloudy. Peters and stormy birds and albatrosters fly around the sluts, dolphins pass by whole herds, Bonites and sharks are shown, whales are sometimes allowed fountains.

December 3 seen to the southwest many seabirds; We thought, if there was not close, but then 100 soot. The bottom did not deliver. Going closer, considered a dead whale floating on the surface of the sea, surrounded by marine birds.

December 6 Captain managed to shoot white Albatros, who flew over the gloa. Weight in it turned out to be 31 pounds, the length between the wings from one end to the other 10 foot. 7 D. Nose length, white, like ivory, 4 d.

At night, all the sea seemed to be whitish; It did not happen from the slugs that, maybe only to the tropics, in dark nights can glow like fire.

December 8 were on parallels 45O, on which La Roche would be discovered by the Grand Island. But, with clear weather and pure horizon, we have not seen this islands; However, many birds, fish and especially floating grass showed the proximity of the shore.

December 11th, In the latitude of 49O4 ‘Western for the first time they saw Penguins (Aptenodytes), the main inhabitants of the southern polar countries. They walked to the slope and shouted loudly hoarse, unpleasant voice ..

The book "Three World Travels" from the "Great Travels" series of Eksmo publishing house

Great geographical discoveries

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