Great Wall as "Miracle shyness"

Great Wall – Among the main contenders for the title of one of the new seven wonders of the world, the story of which we lead on the pages of our magazine. Over the centuries, she defended the enthusiastic from the invasion of nomads, and now herself needs to be protected.

The scale of the destruction of the Great Wall as a result of economic activities and the zeal of amateurs "historical" Souvenirs were so serious that the authorities had to create a special service for the protection of the world famous monument of antiquity. Brigades "Defenders of the Wall" Forms from among residents of nearby settlements, the salary will pay local administrations.

According to the Deputy Director of the Beijing Department of the Cultural Heritage of Yu Ping, only 20 percent of the Grand Construction within the Big Beijing are satisfactory. For tourists, about 10 kilometers of the wall are now open, and the main flow of visitors accounts for fully restored areas of Badalin and Mutyanyu. However, there are often tourists who are often trying to capture their names on antique watchdogs and teeth. "Almost every brick is covered with numerous names and other graffiti", – With indignation writes a newspaper "Chain Dale". Concerning "Wild" Plots, then there the wall usually represents miserable ruins, which are often difficult to notice on the background of the surrounding mountainside slopes.

. The Great Wall appeared in China it is no coincidence. "Shyness" Chinese, their love for big and small walls are striking at the first acquaintance with the Middle Kingdom. Any state institution, the company is striving to be the first thing to build an impressive fence around its territory and put protection. Traditional Chinese housing – "Syuyuan", What can be translated as "Courtyard about four corners", certainly applied to a deaf brick or globite wall, the sides of which are both the walls of the interior. Such a house as if facing inside, to the inner courtyard, where the life of the Chinese family passes. Login B "Syuyuan" For reliability, stone lions are guarded, scaring the evil spirits, and from indiscreet views of the inhabitants, protects a special wall again – immediately behind the doorway.

Chinese states began to bring themselves the walls with confusive times when individual kingdoms were rather born family-clan settlements. Those ancient walls allowed to burn "All our" from "Neighborhood", "Alien". Psychology, quite understandable to any dacket. But to the construction of the most graceful fortification structures on Earth, the Chinese began only with the advent of the empire. State "Superzar" began to build the first Chinese emperor Qinashovandy in the 3rd century BC.NS.

"Ideology" Walls began to protect against nomad raids from the north. At the initial stage, it turned out to be sufficient to connect the already existing separate protective shafts into a single extended fortification.

The construction of the wall in the conditions of a supercentralized state quickly acquired the nature of the national program. For the construction of new sites and the strengthening of the already erected north, hundreds of thousands ruthlessly torn off from the Earth and families of peasants, who erased almost as numerous troops. Affected business, attracted prisoners – prisoners of war, convicted criminals, debtors from all over the empire.

Construction of shock pace "First turn" The majestic constructions took about 7 years, about two million people died in construction. Their bodies were buried in the base of the earthen shaft, lined with gray burned brick. Since then, legends have been preserved about the souls of unfortunate builders who continue to wander somewhere nearby.

Already at Qinalshawned, the wall stretches for 5 with more than thousand kilometers and was named "Wanley Changcheng" – "Wall in 10 thousand lee" (whether – the traditional Chinese length of length equal to about 0.5 kilometers). Later, construction continued in different Chinese dynasties. The last major work on the update of the wall were carried out at the Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644), the rulers of which were obsessed with the idea of ​​state greatness and did not regret the forces and funds on its external manifestations.

According to experts, with mines, the approximate length of the wall with all fragments and branches was 6.5 thousand kilometers. Masters at that time laid out her brick and stone slabs. The average height of the preserved sections of the wall reaches 7-8 meters, width – up to 5 meters. Loafers, towers, towers, additional outposts and fortresses – all this made a great Chinese wall with a holistic strategic system, as they would say today, defense.

The main plot of the Great Wall repeats the silhouette of the mountains, emphasizing the expressiveness of the terrain of the landscape. Chinese with their "historical and poetic" The imagination of the wall resembles a flying majestic dragon, which contributed to the transformation of this structure into a national symbol. Now he decorates anything – from cosmic missiles and cars to hotels and pork stews with the same proud title – "Great Wall".

Great Wall as a miracle of shyness

For a long time it was believed that the wall is the only noticeable artificial faucet on the planet. It was a considerable degree contributed to the maintenance of the national pride of the Chinese. Deep disappointment came after the flight of Chinese astronauts. First "Taikavt" Jan Lievi, as well as two of his followers – Fay Junlong and not Haysheng – on returning to Earth said that it seems to be without special optical instruments wall with orbit "Not visible". The authorities hurried to clarify that this issue is very complex and finding out the truth requires flights of many astronauts.

"We have objective data to assert the opposite", – Said one of the officials, reminding that the American astronaut Eugene Sernan, the last of those who visited the mission during the mission "Apollo-17", insisted that I saw a great Chinese wall from the surface of our natural satellite. Astronaut of Chinese origin of Leroy Chao, who visited the ISS a few years ago, even introduced a picture of the wall of the wall, although other experts say it is a segment of a highway road.

Despite the disputes, the Chinese themselves and millions of foreign tourists continue to pilgrimages to this grand object. True, a wall that sustained raids of numerous nomads cannot resist the army of tourists and human economic activities. "The biggest threat to the wall is the lack of a feeling of concern about its preservation among others", – Says the Secretary General of the Society for the Protection of the Great Wall of the Dong Yahaway. The state, according to him, allocates not enough subsidies for the protection and maintenance of its former majority.

Perhaps soon excursions will be able to see only two or three plots-"Novodel", And the only place where it will be possible to imagine the wall on photographs and layouts, will be the museum of the Great Wall, created on the Badalin area.

Since December last year, special rules concerning the protection of the wall. So, it is strictly forbidden to carry bricks, stones and even the handful of earth. Under the threat of a large fine, it is raised to leave on ancient building any inscriptions and drawings. It is not allowed to build construction and install equipment that are not related to the preservation of the National Shrine. On the wall you can not ride on motorcycles and bicycles, arrange presentations, exhibitions and circus performances. Guilty of violation of these prohibitions can be fined in the amount of up to 50 thousand yuan (6.4 thousand dollars) for individuals and up to 500 thousand yuan – for organizations.

They say already there is the first "victim" These measures – construction company in the autonomous area of ​​Inner Mongolia. Loking the highway of local importance, builders, long thinking, destroyed the stater plot of the majestic structures, using ancient bricks on. Smelling of the roadway. The company is fined to the maximum 500 thousand yuan.

Great Wall as a miracle of shyness

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