Sights of Greece: Personal Experience

Where exactly needs to go if you will be in Greece in Delphi. And if you are offered there a tour. Do not refuse. Or go there yourself.

The ruins of the ancient Delph are located 9.5 km from the coast of the Corinth Gulf (city of Ita) on the southwest slope of the Parnass Mountain at an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

Museum in Delphi is a great museum, one of the four largest museums of Greece. Here are only monuments found in Delphs. Omfal is located here. Of particular value is the sculpture of different periods – archaic, classical, Hellenistic and Roman.

Visitors enter the territory of the archaeological reserve from the south-east, through the Roman Agor. Then the path goes through the ancient sacred road, on the sides of which the treasures and monuments – Vowes were located.

Entrance ticket to Melissan Cave

Monastraki and Claim: The most lively areas in Athens

Monastirakka and a cry, two areas who visit most tourists. They are the busiest.

There are many restaurants, cafes, shops. There is a flea market here and, where you can find anything! What is here just not for sale: old books, newspapers, wheels, antiquarian, musical instruments clothes, icons, weapons, means of hygiene, tools, kitchen utensils. You can find unique things. One word, here you will find everything, everything, without exception 🙂 Here are dozens of stores that are just everywhere on the left, right, in the premises of the basements, upstairs. All for tourists 🙂

On the background of this bazaar, you can meet lonely standing churches that seem not from the world of this.

Below, at the foot of the Acropolis, another noisy rash area is located. The cry is the oldest area where the rich Greeks used to live. Here you can slowly walk, wrestling in souvenir shops, try a delicious yoghurt ice cream or sit over a cup of coffee overlooking the Acropolis. By the way, about yogurt needs to be said separately! I never tried such a tasty yogurt! When in the heat I want something cold, and the water or ice cream is already tired, you never will never refuse the yogurt 🙂 They sell it here in stores, where you can prepare this taste for yourself and sprinkle with different differences that the choice of twenty pieces: nuts, chocolate crumbs, fruits, cookies, caramel, nougat.

Beaches on Zakynthos

The most important attraction is Navagio Beach, surrounded by cliffs. You can only get on it by sea. Top of cliffs there is a small observation deck. View of course from there – great! What color of water!

Porto Limnionas Beach – not the beach in the usual understanding. This is a narrow bay among the rocky shores, descent to water along the steps that did not cause special trust. You can sunbathe or on lounge chairs, which were higher, or on old abandoned buildings, in which boats once kept.

Santorini. Excursion to Volcano Island

Excursions to the volcano are three types:
– 2-hour review – only volcano
– 3-hour – volcano + hot springs
– And for the whole day with a long trekking on the volcano itself + sources + island Firacy.

Time excursion for the whole day – early morning, and the 2nd and 3-hour few times a day: 9-00, 11-00 and 14-00. We took a three-hour for 20 euros at 11 am with departure from the old port Fira.

Fir came without fifteen eleven. We needed to go down to the old port, from where ship went to the volcano. Descend (as well as and climb) either on foot or on donkey, or on a cable car. We decided to go down, it is not to rise, so the cable car disappears. The donies also disappeared, t.To. First, there was no desire, and secondly, they do not walk in pairs, only groups and it was necessary to wait until those wishing.

Therefore remained the third option – on foot. First everything was easy. But after a couple of spans, it became clear that not everything is so simple. From above the descent does not seem so long as it really is.

But when we started to descend – the staircase turned out to be infinite. Zigzag, one more, and also, and the port is still so far. We realized that we do not have time and ran. Head began to spin from turns. The legs began to hurt from the voltage, and the port was still somewhere below. Now it is clear why the girl when buying an excursion, warned us that I need to arrive early.

Husband flew to the ship first. I fled somewhere behind, overtaking the pieces of donkeys and jumping through the bugs left by donks. No, we will definitely go to Cable-Car, if the descent is so hard that you can talk about the rise.

Volcano is a reserve, so the entrance costs 5 euros per person. A tour of the volcano is held in English, but the excursion is not very verbose, therefore there will be no difficulty with the tongue. It can be said that it is not even a tour, but simply transfer to the volcano and back.

The volcano is a black stony breed from here and there scattered slices of lava, with some red-yellow spoils and everywhere with yellow spots of sulfur, testifying that the volcano breathes that the activity inside it is conducted.

Be sure to come to a small crater, where in 1956 there was an eruption. A wonderful view of Ja and Firu opens from the volcano.

Walking around the volcano is not long – no more than an hour, but interesting from the feeling that you are walking not somewhere on the ground, but by volcano, by lava. Next, we moved to another boat and went around the volcano, on his other side.

Fortesza – Venetian fortress in Rethymno

We went to Rethymnon – the old Venetian city in Crete. The car was left somewhere in the city on the free parking lot, and went first to watch Forteczz – Venetian, and then the Ottoman fortress of the 16th century.

The cost of the ticket to the fortress is 4 euros per person. In the fortress, economic buildings, warehouses, prison, administrative buildings were preserved – all this was closed, or even closed, or because of not the season. But B "Open" The access was a huge field of daisies and all the preserved walls of the fortress with braces, from where beautiful views of the city were opened, on the waterfront, on the sea.

Visits to the monastery Prevelie

Next through the Kurtali Gorge, we went to the prevels, the plans were visited by the monastery first, and then go down to the bay and palm forest. The gorge, which is also called the wind gorges due to the strong gusts of the wind, drove along the road from above, stopping only on the observation deck, did not go down, although the chapel of Nicholas Wonderworker was visible at the bottom, to which the tourists went down. The road through the gorge laid another monks of the monastery precedy three hundred ago.

Monastery prevented and the museum at the same time. For the entrance to us they took 2.5 euros, although as the inscription appeared at the entrance – for Orthodox entrance for free. But we did not argue. In the monastery at the entrance there is a museum, with church and not only utensils. The fact is that the monastery though it was assumed to be a hermit from the outside world, and built it in the mountains in the gorge, but it turned out that it was actively participating in the wars. Helped liberation movements against the invaders of the island, first against Turkish, then against the fascist, constantly hid with the soldiers and supplied them to the province and even weapons.

The territory of the monastery – economic and religious structures, buildings and buildings look very ancient. All doors are closed and go inside. We did not dare.

There is a mini-zoo on site.

But the most important thing is the view of the Libyan Sea and the Bay of Preveys, which opened here. Perhaps it was the main impression of visiting the monastery.

Crete, Village Awie

The next point of our route was the village of Spille, which was somewhere in the center of Crete. They are famous for its Venetian source in the form of twenty-five lion’s heads, as well as the traditional of the Cretan village, as the guide.

This fact spoiled everything, the village from the traditional turned into a tourist, where taverns and souvenir shops with traditional Cretan embroidery are fully focused on tourists. Where tourists are more than local residents.

Perhaps we arrived at that time and in the evening when the main stream is leaving, the village is transformed. But the day of the impression of the crowd of the people was not very much that even the Venetian source did not help, I just wanted to leave quickly.

However, despite the huge flow of tourists, it is in the sleeves that we bought olive oil at the best price. In addition, the survey department, we decided not to disturb the tradition, and send home postcards from Crete.

Crete, Melidoni Cave

Since yesterday we did not get into the cave of Zeus, we decided to catch up in Melidoni. In the Cave of Melidon, we came to the opening and were the first visitors. Ticket price for three euros per person. The cave is not big, it is not a new-affi cave in Abkhazia with nine halls. Here was just one hall. Down is pretty cool and places slippery staircase, and in general in the cave very raw.

Stalactites and stalagmites of Melidoni were highlighted by white and green light and reminded me of the pipes of the organ, such even rows they hung off the walls. The impression even increased urn with a cross. It seemed that we really were in some temple. Silence broke the constant sounds of drops and flying pigeons.

Cave for a long time was the place of worship and cult, they worshiped and Hephasta, and Zeus, and the mythical giant Talos, who lived in a cave and guarded Crete, observing him around three times a day. In the 19th century, the cave became a fraternal grave for almost 400 people who were hidden here from Turkish invaders. In memory of these tragic events in the cave there is urn with the relics of dead.

We learned this story after visiting the cave, so when we were interested in the stalactites, and we did not experience any unpleasant heavy sensations, although there are quite a few feedback on trouble and oddities of this place.

Zeus cave in Crete works until 16-00

Sights of Zakynthos

In the northern part of the island there is a small zoo. In Zakynthos (capital), the beautiful Museum of Byzantine Culture, there are collected frescoes and icons of Zakian temples destroyed during the earthquake. There is a Solomos Museum, there are also many household items, mostly 19th century.

In general, it is possible to fuse on the neighboring Kefalonia, that’s where an interesting archaeological museum, and the famous caves – drroganati M Melusani, and the monastery of Agia Gerasima, and the famous (in Greece, in any case) the miraculous icon in Agia Efimia, to which the snakes slide on August 15. Near ITAKA, Motherland Odyssey.

From Loutraki to Corinth on foot

Prseno Gorge in Crete: how to get

Beaches Mikonosa

Greece: A little about the beach in Kamari

Greece Attractions Personal Experience

Acropolis works only during the day!

Find it just – he is visible from everywhere. Top steep streets. Ticket for the whole complex of ancient Greek ruins costs 12 euros. What struck – last entrance at 14:45. Good Greeks settled!

Parfenon himself nearly did not struck. It is about 1/3 destroyed and for this occasion is in the forests. Inside, it is impossible to go inside, there is some kind of construction equipment.

I also went to Mount Likabet. Rose to its foundation on Plutarch Street, there is a funicular station there. At first there were concerns that he also works at two hours, but the fears were not confirmed, it was still open. Ticket cost 7 euros. There is a tunnel on the tunnel.

Upstairs Mountain Little churcher, and around her observation deck. Here the view is even more exciting than from the Acropolis. Even the sea is visible!

Beaches of the island of Kos in early June

Aegean Sea – Clean and Transparent. A little interfere with algae on the bottom and the fact that water in early June is still cool. The cool island breeze saves from the heat. How much here is the baken the sun, it becomes clear only when the day on the beach is white sand with grainy burning-hot teeth bites the soles of the legs (about it is much stronger than in Dubai or Goa).

On the beach in the most peak there are no more than 10 people, usually 5-7. And they do not really complain about the cool sea, and therefore the types of him here are amazing, not spoiled by the heads of many holidaymakers. Instead of heads on the horizon sticks the mountains of the neighboring islands. In the evening, the horizon will also cut the masts of boats, wind sirph and leather kayak. But swim or splashing in water here is almost not accepted.

Another local entertainment is to look at the aircraft that fly here is low enough, going to land at the airport nearby. You can still walk along the edge of the water and look at the excellent beaches, neighboring hotels and greens with flowers. A little further on the shore of the rocky mountains, white sand changes to the Smolyansky-black. I have never seen this.

Museums in Athens: what is required to visit

Museum Benaki. Ready to become a mandatory point of each trip. First, at once everything is not inspecting, and secondly – on the top floor of the museum, a great cafe with access to the roof and tables right on the terrace. Guaranteed sunny baths surrounded by colors and companies excellent coffee. Judging by the diamonds and hairstyles of old women and manners of old men – the favorite place of the Athenian wealthy intelligentsia.

In the design of the cafe used motifs from the works of the collection, the same stylish accessories and souvenirs are sold on the first floor along with books and works on art.

And yet the main city museum – and however, and the whole Eldla is the new Acropolis Museum remains. It is probably in his walls most of the visitors make sure that the ancient statues were not planned to be snow-white – they were cleaned. The sculptures have preserved traces of paint: the reddish hair of the goddess, the folds of the tunics stored once bright purple and azure. Probably, there is no point in talking about the value of the exposition – there is everything here, as I wrote about the textbooks on the history of ancient Greece and poems on the ancient plots, – except for the exhibits taken by British.

Spacious halls, full air and light, carefully stored exhibits for future generations. Of the spectacular features – the glass floor under the first floor of the museum covering the driving excavations, over which you can walk freely.

Excursions to Olympus and Meteors

As I have already written above, one of the desires, which I really wanted to exercise on vacation, were excursions to Olympus and Meteora. Ordered excursions from the tour operator, because there are no excursions in Russian in the local turbo. I think that the Muzenidis monopoly applies to this, since prices differ at times (Muzenidis has an excursion to meteoras costs 55 euros, and in local turbuo – 15-20 euros – for comparison).

The tour of Maryan’s Guide, told not bad. But I immediately somehow alerted that she made the emphasis on the fact that the excursion we had a short time and to dinner we already free.

The first place visited was the ancient Macedonian city of Dion, where the sacrificial altar of Zeus was. The Archaeological Center of Dion shows the remains of the destroyed temples of Demetra and Isis, baths, parts of streets and residential buildings. But, honestly, I was not very impressed by all, because the remains of the temples are in a very destroyed state on a wetlands. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was in Pompes and Carthage, which made a stronger impression on me, but in any case, this is my opinion my opinion. Next was the stop in the monastery of St. Dionysius. The monastery is small, it was time to walk around the territory, go to the temple, put candles, drink water from the holy source and buy products in the monastery shop. We wanted to try feta cheese made by monks. But the difference with what we bought in the usual store did not notice. Maybe only a particle of something saint settled in us.

And at the end of the excursion took us on a serpentine bus on the Olympus Mountain viewing platform, which is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. View from the mountain is a beautiful, visible at the bottom of the villages and the coast. We stood there about 15 minutes and all! Further we planted on the bus and taken back.

It was very disappointing that we did not lead to a waterfall, which is on Olympus. According to reviews of other tourists there is very beautiful.

On the website of Musenidis in the description of excursions, it is said that it is still being brought to Vergina – the first capital of the ancient Macedonia. Majan’s guide about her also mentioned, he said that there was a very interesting museum there, but the Vorgin is not included in our excursion. Very sorry, I think it would be much more interesting to complement the trip. Again, I did not leave the feeling that the local representatives of the tour operator Muzenidis decided to save this time by reducing the volume of the excursion.

Excursion to meteors is very interesting, here I have no complaints!

Dmitry Guide, about which many tourists speak very well, told him really great and with humor. He gave a lot of information about the modern life of the Greeks, and about the crisis. At first, we were brought to the store with the iconographic workshop, where in general terms they were told about how icons are written, about some icons and t.D. Well, then offered to buy, whom you like. There are all tourists there, so prices are naturally too high. Well, who wanted, anyway bought something. This is a generally accepted practice on many excursions, but what to do, because it is also a kind of business.

Meteoras are monasteries on the rocks who received their name as soaring in heaven. They were built by monks with many centuries, and how they did it very difficult to realize, such a titanic work was done by a small group of people. Manually on the sheer cliffs climbed construction materials, food and other necessary things.

It used to have 24 monastery, but over time, some of them were destroyed, and now only six – 2 women and 4 male. We visited the male monastery of St. Varlaam and Women’s Monastery. Varvara.

Meteor themselves fascinate with their beauty and uniqueness. I did not leave the indescribable feelings of unreality, admiration and something sublime. It was a feeling that you really are "In a guest" God and bathe in heaven. Describe it is simply impossible words, you just need to see.

Greece Attractions Personal Experience

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