Greece – country of gods and tourists

Greece – This is a country in which many historical monuments are preserved and affecting their beautiful architecture of ancient buildings. Greece It is famous for its beautiful stone and sandy beaches, a transparent and warm sea, tourism, its amazing nature. In this country, cypresses, coniferous trees, palm trees, lemons, oranges and tangerines grow in this country. Greece Seventy percent consists of mountainous terrain covered with coniferous forests. Climate subtropical, winter warm, and summer is hot, so in this country tourist season lasts five &# 8211; six months. Locals are welcome to the influx of tourists, the number of which per season can reach several million people. The country is washed by four seas: Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian and Adriatic. Those people who visited Greece, You can immediately feel all the advantages Aegean Sea in comparison Mediterranean. Here you can look at this country with a more interesting side. Only in Aegean Sea Located the best and picturesque islands in the whole Greece. One of the most beautiful tourist islands in the Aegean Sea is Kos Island. Although this island is not in the first place among tourist agencies, but that is why it becomes very attractive. It is truly one of the paradise corners on the whole globe. On this island, the oldest tree grows on the whole globe.

In its geographical location, Kos Island Located only only five kilometers from the border with Turkey. For all the time of its existence, this island has been made in the myths and legends of ancient Greece. In some of these legends, the adventures of an antique hero say &# 8211; Herakla, whose vessel, hitting a terrible storm, arranged goddess hero, was forced to moor to the shores of the island. The local population was very hostile met Hercules, throwing his ship by cobblestones. Hercules was hurt by this, he captured the city and killed the leader of this city. Denote, this case was the first and last showing incorrect attitude to strangers. No longer repeated in the history of such cases, and tourists who were fortunate enough to spend a vacation on this island, respond to him the most beautiful words.

Everything is clear here, this myth near two and a half thousand years, Together with all the oldest facilities that are on this island in large quantities. The main historical landmark of this island is Temple Askletpion. Previously, he played the role of an educational institution, which was erected in the form of three tiers on the mountain. At a distance of five thousand meters from him there was a city Cos. On the lower floor was located Anatomical Museum and School for Medicine Training, On the middle floor were Mineral sources that were treated from various diseases, And on the last floor was located Temple of the son of Apollo, God Asclepia. Thanks to its capabilities, he did so that people did not die. Despite his fame, he learned to heal so that people lived forever and never hurt. Everyone who lived on Olymp It did not like it, so Zeus turned Apolloon In God, having deprived him of the opportunity to go to that light.

In the past, until the last tier, only the Favorites could climb, and at the moment it is possible for every person. On the ruins of the temple you can define its forces outlines, even its columns are preserved. Temple of Apollo located in one of the most beautiful places.

Greece - country of gods and tourists

And to this day City of Kos is the city of great healers. One of the most interesting excursions is to visit the Museum of the Great Antiquity, Hippocrates. In this museum, the sculptures and busts of famous eskulapov, who made their huge contribution to medicine of this country. In the exposition of the museum, old coins and books are presented, but they cannot be touched by hands. The plot around the museum is surrounded by a garden in which exotic trees and flowers are planted.

Outside the city Spit located winery, which is engaged in the production of wine. There are many grape varieties. Affectionate sun, blue sky, beautiful nature, without winexicates a man, but you do not think that you will not be given to try beautiful Greek fault. During the excursion, you find out the whole process of creating wine and even try different wines.

In addition, you will visit many interesting places, Botanical Garden, Visit local Restaurants and cafes, Ride on yachts, see the beautiful nature of this island and be sure to visit In Zi. Here you will meet a lot of craft shops. Visit B Greek tavern And do not forget to go to Old church, which is located in the vicinity of the village and was built in the forests so that they did not notice the Muslim invaders who ruled Greece about a hundred and fifty years ago.

Greece - country of gods and tourists

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