Greece: Divine Island kitchen, what you do not know

Greek cuisine perfectly determines the nature of the Greeks. She is great For family or friendly meetings. Due to its lightness, diversity and Mediterranean tastes, this gastronomy has become one of the most popular in the world.

If rest in Greece attracts its beautiful beaches, a clean sea and a long history, then local dishes will be another reason for returning to the island. Many have heard about musk, gyroscopes, excellent tsatsika or meat rims. This article will discuss what traditional dishes and drinks to try on every island, in case your vacation will be held in Crete, Rhodes, Lefkade, Kefalonia or Santorini.

Crete: The most healthy gastronomy of the Mediterranean

Lovers of a healthy lifestyle worth visiting Crete. It is the critical who are preparing the most Healthy gastronomy not only in the Greek Islands, but also throughout the Mediterranean. Italian, Turkish and Arab fragrances are affected on it, and often they are so specific that here you can try only some dishes.

Main Council – Visit Taverns and Restaurants, where local residents eat. Only in this case, you can find out what makes Cretan cuisine special. Most menus consists of vegetables, fruits, olives, feta cheese, seafood and lamb. Do not lose sight of "Dolmady" &# 8211; Grape leaves stuffed with meat minced meat and "Dakos", pieces of critical bread, similar to cookies, which are loose in olive oil, sprinkle tomatoes, cheese and oregano.

In addition to food it is worth trying a drink having Millennial tradition on the island. Wine. On the island perfect humidity, clean air and 300 sunny days a year. For red wine Traditional varieties of Kotsifali and Mandilari, and for white wine Vilana variety.

Santorini: Island, who’s ashamed to visit

Due to the fact that Santorin Island is very Popular tourist destination, It should be well prepared for the fact that local prices in restaurants will be somewhat higher than in other parts of Greece. However, it will get acquainted with Santorini from the point of view of taste – excellent experience.

Probably, The most famous dish On Santorini can be considered "FAVA" &# 8211; This creamy yellow pea puree is poured with olive oil, lemon and sprinkled with capers or onions. If there are vegetables on the Greek Islands really stand out by their taste and variety, then these are tomatoes. And in the roasted version, and in combination with herbs, onions, mint and pepper, they create an errorless delicacy of Santorini.

Kefalonia: full of mysteries and gourmet

Kefalonia &# 8211; the largest of the ionic islands surrounded by many rare phenomena, such as red sand on the beach, Rock Kunopetra, Rhythmicly moving along with the sea, or deep rocks, in which marine water disappears. The island is famous for its traditional dishes. Not only secrets hunters, but experienced gourmets will receive unforgettable impressions here.

Popular local dishes include simple but excellent potatoes ; Aliad ;, stuffed with cod and garlic, as well as famous soup ; Burburnie ;, cooked from lentils, chickpeas and red beans. And all this in combination with Greek trio – olive oil, lemon, salt. In one of the taverns overlooking the sea, it is worth ordering a sweet almond candy called "Mandolato" or "CommFeto", which consists of white nougat and almonds.

Greece Divine island kitchen, what you do not know

Rhodes. Yagnenka Island

Rhodesian cuisine is similar to Classic kitchen Greece. Nevertheless, there are several traditional local dishes. Fried lamb, rhizogalo, sweet rice pudding with cinnamon and lemon, and, not less important, seafood. It should be borne in mind that fishing on Rhodes is worse than on other islands, so fish prices are high here.

If you want to feel the taste of a refreshing white gland with a warm summer evening, stands Try wine Lindos. And if the journey is directed to the study of wine regions and tasting less well-known, but high-quality wines, it is necessary to visit the samos islands.

Lefkas: Paradise for fish and non-traditional jams

Lefkas Island recommended All fans of fish and seafood. Especially valuable to visit the southern part of the island and to the village of Sivota, where, thanks to the functioning port, you can try fresh delicacies caught right from the sea. An iconic local delicacy is fish soup. Visitors will also like the fish cooked plates, black perch, cooked in its own juice, or roasted eel with Oregano.

Dish, which is also worth trying – it BakaliaRos Skordalia &# 8211; Small grilled cod pieces in acute dough with garlic sauce. As for the sweet, then on the island the popularity of the jams clearly prevails. Here you can find citrus fragrances, as well as jams of apples, grapes and figs. In Jam from Melon, Lepkans see this delicacy, which can hardly be found even in a conventional Greek store, not to mention the menu in one of the hotels.

In hotels of this island of the program "all inclusive" often offer international cuisine, which will be far from local taverns, the Greek atmosphere and tastes.

Greece Divine island kitchen, what you do not know

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