Greece: Alonisos Island

The long and narrow island of Alonissos (Alonissos, Alonnisos) lies in the eastern of the northern sporads, forming together with the islets of Perister, Adefi, Adefopowo, Lechus, Kira-Panaya, Piperion, Yura, and Psatol, secluded archipelago.

Thanks to its remoteness, the lack of good airports and rare flights of Feroms Alonisos (in antiquity of IKOS and Iliadromya) attracts noticeably less foreign guests than the scope or skiathos, but it has its own constant "clientele" from lovers of a secluded rest from all over Europe. The reasons for such popularity are visible to the naked eye – a rapid and wild landscape, an abundance of greenery and key water; Extensive pine forests, olive groves and gardens, covering the entire southern half, and at the same time thick thickets of the strawberry tree, heather, stone oak and mastic in the north. And – minimum tourists and signs of modern civilization. The healing dry climate of the island has once served one of the reasons for the fame of local wines, however, the earthquake and the fillers of the middle of the XX century almost completely destroyed the famous vineyards, which are now just beginning to revive. The island is famous for both the most pure seaquatoria in Greece, although its shores are rather functional than picturesque.

The main port and the actual capital of the island – Patitirion lies in a good protected bay on the southeast. The city is strongly damaged by earthquakes, the city has a good recognizable appearance – the narrow coastline is laid out above the slope in the nearee and fairly modern center, followed by the old quarters of the settlement scattered around the south, which is considered directly to the capital of the island of Alonisos (choir), then the suburbs Wednesday. Choir (Palea-Alonisos) was badly damaged by the earthquake of March 1965, after which many of its inhabitants moved to Patitirion.

From here you can also go on a walking tour of any of the 14 routes officially laid through the southern part of the island, relax on good sandy-pebble beaches Marpunda, Vitisma, Megalos-Murtasy and Micros-Murtasy, Rusum-Yalos and Wednesday, Wrisitsa and Yialia, not capable, however, boast an abundance of service facilities. Little Wall-shaft bay (Tasse) chosen yachtsmen and divers who are spent between nearby islets, and a long pebble beach Glife and lying a little north Ayos Petros half empty even at the height of the season.

But the main decoration of the island is considered founded in 1992 National Marine Park, protecting a large water system east of the island. Here, under guard are the original habitats of seal-monks, dolphins, wild goats (part of the park covers the islands themselves) and rare seabirds. Therefore, numerous islands east of the aloneism, practically no permanent population, are regularly visited by special tourist vessels with the organization of diving and animal monitoring.

Greece Island Alonisos

Nearest Islands

Islet PiPerion (Piperion) forms the main zone of the park – more than 60 varieties of seabirds nest here, and there are frying seals, so access here is allowed only by scientists authorized by the relevant government ministry. But lying literally 1.5 km in East Alonisos Island Peristera (Peristera) can be attended without restrictions, the truth is the fires here, as well as on other islands of the group, it is categorically forbidden to breed.

Fertile Kira-Panaya Island (Kyra Panayia) is entirely owned by the Athos Great Lavra, whose monastery lies on the eastern slope of Mount Nisitik (299 m). Heat consumption is allowed to throw anchor in two bays – South Ayos Petros and Northern Planition, from where the passengers can rise to the monastery. Lying just north of Yura (Yioura) has a beautiful cave, inhabited by people from the times of Neolithic, which is considered to be the legendary housing of the Gomeov Polyfem (although more traditionally, its place of residence is called Sicily). Interestingly, many excursion vessels and in our days are in no hurry to move to the shore of this wild island, preferring to keep on a decent distance from the shore – their captains explain this fear in front of the Spirit of Cyclop. Although in fact everything is much trivial – one of the latest populations of wild goats in the region lives on the island, and bother them forbidden. Lying at the very north group of a tiny island, psathoura (PSATHOUURA) is widely known for its lighthouse – the highest and most powerful in the Aegean Sea, although a good and local beach, which is offered to swim to everyone. And the green archipelago of Skandzura (Skantzoura), lying on the southeast, halfway between Alonisos and Skyros, is almost not visited by tourists, although it has an interesting monastery (now empty) and the extensive colony of falcons and chaps.

Greece Island Alonisos

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