Greece: Andros Island

The second largest and northernmost in the Kiklada archipelago An Andros Island (Andros, Andros) is also one of the most green in the region.

Lying south eveli, geologically it is its continuation, and therefore has very similar natural conditions. Like many other islands of the region, it strongly depends on the proximity of Athens, turning in the summer in one large resort, which is almost impossible to find a place in the hotel, but it calms down and becomes a picturesque Greek island with a characteristic local charm. Many travelers celebrate the pronounced hospitality of local residents. Together with some of the traces of the Venetian period of history, it seems "peristernones" (towers-pigeon) and "Frekhtes" (Characteristic wall decoration with dry plaster, erected on Andros in the rank of artistic form), this friendliness is considered a visiting card of the island. In addition, there are many excellent beaches, twelve carefully placed routes for hiking excursions and about a hundred different churches and monasteries. Therefore, it is unlikely to be surprised at its popularity from local and foreign tourists.

If you move on the road east of the main port of the island Gavrion (Gavrion), in which all the ferries and boats from Piraea are approaching, the old village of Ayios Petros (Ayios Petros) falls on the way (Ayios Petros) with a wonderful cylindrical stone tower of 20 meters in height, built in V-IV centuries BC. NS. And probably associated with ancient iron mines, still distinguishable below the slope. Unfortunately, access to the tower itself is difficult. But the panorama around it is very picturesque.

Most of the visitors of the island, however, immediately turns to the south, where only 8 km from the port is the main resort of Andros – Body (Batsion, Batsi) with its many hotels and bars around the beautiful natural harbor. Beautiful, although often crowded beaches around the bay have sandy shores and pretty clean (except zone near the pier), and at the height of the season you can join fishermen and go on fishing in the sea. Southeast coastal road leads through the area Kato-Stavari (Kato Stivari) around the town Stevarion To the small picturesque village of Aiaiya-Marina and then brings the island to the old capital, town Paleopolis (Paleopoli, Paleopolis, 8 km from the Ban), with a small historical museum (open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 15.00; The entrance is free), famous for a good collection of marble sculptures, coins and household products found on excavations. Ancient city flourished from the VI century to. NS. By the 6th century. NS. and covered the large region to the north-west of the modern settlement. Below, practically at the foot of the Church of Kato-Paleopoli, is a good pebble beach fragmented by fragments of ancient walls and graves.

Greece Island Andros

Then the road turns to the east, crosses the low mountain range and displays past several ancient monasteries to the opposite bank of the island, to the bay Castron. In one of her bays on the rocky Cape lies the modern administrative center of the island – the town of Andros, or Choir (35 km from Gavrion).

The west of the city stretches the most popular area of ​​hiking on the island, replete with small green river valleys. Here is the most beautiful monastery on the island – Panayia-Panahranda, founded approximately in 961. NS. Famous for its massive walls, atmospheric old church and magnificent frescoes, these days it is pretty quiet – only one monk constantly lives here. South of the mountain slopes scattered a few more semi-closed monasteries, and on the other side of the Valley of the dipotamate lies a strongly destroyed Venetian castle Paleokastro (Castro Phanomenis, Kihle-Eupano Castro), once crowded mountain top of 586 meters high.

A little further south lies a relaxed resort Ormopes (ORMOS KORTHIUU) – a small town with modern coastal esphlanada, enveling a large bay, isolated from the rest of the island of the mountain range and therefore relatively unspoiled and clean. A good beach Griás-Pidima lies at the North End of Esplanada, while the beach of Canduni is popular in Windsurfingists almost entirely covers the southern half of the bay.

Greece Island Andros

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