Greece: Kerkira Island (Corfu)

Lying just 2 km from the mainland opposite the Greek Alban Border Green and Highland Kerkyra (Kerkyra), or as they are often called Italian manner – Corfu, was one of the first Greek islands that attracted the attention of mass tourism.

One of the favorite islands of many European writers, he was repeatedly portrayed in numerous works, and the writers themselves love to live and work in his picturesque settlements, so the island has long been a reputation for a long time "Bohemny", Although in practice tight "Occupied" Mass tourism. The reason is simple – its shores are considered one of the best among the ionic islands, and the abundance of hotels creates quite high competition in the market. Even prices in restaurants and shops here are usually lower than on the middle of the archipelago.

Corfu Beaches are very picturesque, there are both extended sandy beaches and secluded rocky bays. In popular resorts, beaches are equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, there are features of equipment for water sports, cafes and bars, shops and other entertainment. There are also many hard beaches to which it is difficult to get without a car, but where you can enjoy solitude and rest.

The capital of the island – the city of Kerkira – Isxtari is considered one of the most elegant provincial centers of all Greece.

South of the capital lies the old town of Benice – once "The most infidel place on the island", Now actively trying to get rid of this image.

  • City of Kerkira
  • Kerkira streets
  • Ionian Sea, Corfu
  • In the north korfa

Beach Along the main street of the coastal village Moraitics (Moraitika, 2 km south of Benica) is considered the best between the capital and Kavos, although from the shore he is too tightly built up with a rather sad stripe of bars, restaurants and shops. But the steep alleys and old houses of the village Ano Moraitics (literally 10 minutes walk from the beach is vglub Islands) almost intact mass tourism and very picturesque. Avenient village begins in a hundred meters from the southern end of the beach – Mesong (Mesongi) lying on the other side of the river of the same name. She just like the northern neighbor, is focused on the beach holiday, but its shores are noticeably more quiet, although there is also no lack of hotels and taverns. 3 km south is Cape Vukari from the village Calyus, Whose beach 1 km north of the tiny harbor is famous for the best tavern sea cuisine in the area.

Several beautiful resorts are located on the east coast north of the capital. At the resort Dassion (DASSIA) Along the coast there are large hotels, so the apartments can usually be rented only at some distance from the beach; There is camping. In the depths of a minor stretched beach. On the embankment there are many taverns and bars. It is a pretty big and lively resort.

Not far is located place Comenoe (Kommeno) – with the most expensive hotels on the island and luxury villas. Resorts also enjoy popular Kondokalion (Kontokalion) with sandy beach and Guwai (Gouvia) with a small beach – 5 star hotels are located here, and small family hotels.

Central and South Kerkira

The center of the island is formed by the plain Ropa, which goes to some of the best shores on the west coast. Bay Hermonion (15 km south of Paleokastrians) is one of the most popular resorts on Kerkira, her magnificent green shore is framed by a whole series of first-class hotels with all necessary rest infrastructure. And a little deep in the island is located Corfu Golf and Country Club – the only club of golf lovers in the archipelago and one of the best in the Mediterranean. The beaches of the resort itself for the most part of small, but south, about Myrtiotisa (Myrtiotissa) and Gliphada (Glyfadha), begin notching sandy shores. English writer and poet Lawrence Darrell described myrtiotis as "Perhaps the most beautiful beach in the world", And a tiny monastery over the northern end of the beach is a business card of all the coast. Glipad’s sandy bay surrounded by the wall of the cliffs, almost a third busy the territory of a huge hotel, but many tourists prefer to stop in more modest, but inexpensive hotels in the northern part of the coast. On the waterfront there are taverns, cafes and bars, it is possible to rent apartments. In Glyfade, equipped with a sandy beach, there are rental points of boats and water sports station.

From here you can go down 2 km south, to the town Palecas (Pelekas), known to his tower, which local residents call "Throne Kaiser", Since she was a favorite place of Wilhelm II on the island. There are some good hotels here, and many taverns, but since the town is over the edge of the coastal cliff, go down to the beaches somewhat inconvenient.

7 km south of Paleca lies one of the best shores on the island – Ayia-Gordis, largely known because of its amazing Pink Palace complex, which dominates the resort. In addition to the hotel itself, several pools, playgrounds, Internet cafes, restaurants, shops and discos are concentrated here. From here, regular excursions to the south are held, on the second largest mountain of the island – Ayi Deca (576 m) with its tiny monastery and gardens, as well as to the village Ano-Garuna (ANO GAROUNA) with colorful church and beautiful panoramas.

10 km on the road to South lies the Chief Agricultural Center of the region – City Ayos Matteos, Citrus and friendly locals famous for its olives, citrus and friendly locals. On the other hand, Prasudi Mountain (the Pandocrator is often also called, 463 m) are ruins Castle Gardique-Pyros (XIII B.). Then the road displays the most northern tip of the luxurious and deserted beach Halikuna and seashore lagoon Corneter (engagement). Extensive (taking into account adjacent shores – 12 km long) The local beach is home to sea turtles, numerous lizards and migratory birds, and a little-north you can find some good pensions.

Resort settlements Ayos-Eoros, Ayia-Varvara and dunes of the beach Iceos allow you to relax by the sea in these idyllic edges. Agios Georgios (Agios Georgios) will not suit fans of noisy entertainment – this is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility, as well as for family holidays. Here is a beautiful equipped sandy beach. The resort is located in a pretty isolated place and for movement on the island better renting a car. However, the resort has restaurants and bars, on the beach – opportunities for water sports.

The capital of the flat south – the town of Lefs is the second largest after Kerkira. 6 km south-east of the Lefs, on the most tip of the island, lies the resort town of Kavos – the true center of active recreation and nightlife in Kerkira.

Outside Kavos, the coastal track passes through the unspoiled countryside around the village Sparter (Spartera), from which half an hour can walk to the cliffs of Cape aspquare and nearby Monastery Arkudillas, relax on the deserted beach of the same name or on the wild shore Ayi Gordis Paleochori (3 km from Sparter), go through the recently laid tourist Trail Corfu-Trail, Cape Iiia-Ecaterini on the north coast (total passage will take at least 10 days). And the yachtsmen and windsurfysts love local waters for the constant wind and the picturesque nature of the coast.

Northwest coast

The North-West part of Kerkira is famous for its dramatic coastal landscapes and forest-covered low mountains, a somewhat difficult movement in the region, but it gives it a special color.

Greece Island Kerkira (Corfu)
  • Paleokastric
  • Glyfada Beach
  • Resort Aga – Georgios
  • Nisakion

The only resort of the area – Paleokastric – lies in the liapades bay and is considered the most picturesque on the island. On the rocky shore above the village rises Monastery Teotoka (open from 7.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00; FREE LUDITY), dated XIII century. There is a magnificent museum of icons decorated with precious stones of the Bibles and other attributes of Orthodox church rituals, although the main point is monastic gardens with exciting views on the entire coast. Strongly destroyed Castle angelokastro Lies on the Cape of the same name 6 km south, at the village of Krini (Krini), and is currently being restored. Nearby you can find excellent O Boulis taverns in Lakones, as well as Bella Vista and Golden Fox between Laprands and Macrades (Makradhes).

The north of the resort area begins Ayos-Eoros Around the village of the same name and the bay, whose extended sandy beach is considered one of the best windsurfing centers in the Ionian Sea. Another north, halfway to the cafathy cafath, is a pleasant sandy beach Arylas, Only novice its resort development. And the northernmost resorts of this area – family Ayos Stefanos Lies almost opposite Islands Dyaplon and has all the necessary rest infrastructure.

North-Western tip Kerkira almost 20 km stretched a series of small Islands of Diapontia Nii (Dhiapondia). Only three people are inhabited – Erikusa (Erikoussa), Otison (Othoni) and Matracion, or mattress (Mathraki). Some transport agencies of the resorts of the northern coast offer trips for swimming and tanning on the sandy beaches of Braghini on Erikus or Pottello on Otison, as well as all sorts of mini cruises for all group islands. However, you can get to them yourself – on the ferry from Kerkira (three times a week) or on cai, which depart from local ports often without any schedule.

Northeast and Northern Coast

The northeastern part of the island is "The most Greek" Region Kerkira. These edges of the mountains have a rocky coastline, so far from all vacationers are suitable, but have numerous resort villages, pebble bays and clean sea.

Immediately behind the industrial outskirts of Kerkira begin the wooded bays Daphnilas and Dasa with their pebble beaches and a full-fledged recreation infrastructure, including already three aqueous complex and many hotels, while the village Dionisus (Dionysus) Organized Camping Places. From the village Puria (Pyrgi) already lying in the Bay of IPSOS (YPSOS), begins several routes leading to the slopes of the Mountain Paddotractor (911 m), to the monasteries of the mountain village Spreadlas (Spartylas), colorful mountain villages Strinilas (Strinylas, 18 km from Pyri) and Episkopsis (Episkepsi, 5 km north-west of Strinilas).

The coastal road runs along the southern slopes of the Padotractor to Barbation (4 km east of the port of Ipsos) – the best beach on this coast framed by the ultra-modern residential complex Riviera Barbati, boarding houses and taverns. Then the road is pressed closer to the shore, leaving a whole row of bays Nisakiona (Nissakion) – Only the first one is available from the highway, to the rest you need to descend on the country track. Another three pebble bays that tourists are trying not to skip in this area, lie a little further along the shore, for Cavalanga. Agni Known to mine "trio" beautiful taverns, and Kalay and Kulura – Elegant bay with good shores. Tiny Harbor Kulur (Kouloura) at Cape Karagol, moreover, managed to preserve his historic charm – only the bay, pine and cai make up "Rama" This colorful canvase, her only tavern is considered one of the most idyllic places for meals on all Kerkira.

However, the most attractive resort on this coast – Ayios Stefanos Sinion (officially Ayios Stefanos Sinion) lies 3 km north. Almost at the very northeastern tip of the peninsula lies the fishing village of Kasopi – the main resort of this part of Kerkira.

Coastline to the west of kasopy, around the northernmost point of the island – Cape Iia-Ecaterini, goes into rather boring swampy edges, while the road does not get to the beach Almiros – one of the longest on the island. Southeast Coast Bay Ayos-Eoros Built-up with residential buildings and a huge new resort complex, lying a little further from the coastal line than it is usually accepted. From here you can climb to the small villages of the northern slope of the Padotratern like Ayios Martinos (Ayios Martinos) and Laphs (Lafki). And families with children can relax in the nearby Water Park Hydropolis (Summer is open daily from 10.30 to 18.thirty; 15 euros) a little east of the village of Arahavi (Arahavi, on Russian cards – Anaharavi). Closing bay town Roda (Rodha) is famous for its old quarters between the main road and the embankment, where there are best restaurants and bars, and here the shore is a rocky and not very comfortable for swimming.

The next famous resort of the area is Sidarion, or Cydar, is constantly expanding and completely "Occupied" Tourists from the United Kingdom.


Of course, the island provides excellent beach holiday opportunities. But on Corfu there are classes and for fans of active recreation. On many beaches you can rent catamarans and ride water skiing. Motor boats can be rented for the whole day and explore the coast of the island. Also on Corfu there are dive centers and water park. Hiking routes are popular, in particular lift to the mountain Pantokrator (Pantokrator) height of 1 km. In addition, the Corfu has a picturesque golf course on 18 holes.


Airport is located 3 kilometers south of Kerkira. Daily regular flights to Athens are performed from it, as well as flights to Thessaloniki several times a week. The flight time in both cities is less than an hour. In the summer, the airport takes charters from other countries, including from Russia.

Ferries on the island depart from the port of Igumeenitsa, which is located on the mainland "against" Corfu, and ports Patras on Peloponnese Peninsula. Corfu is connected by ferry message with other Ionic Islands, as well as with Italy and Albania.

In the capital of the island and the surrounding area runs the city bus. Also well-developed long-distance bus service connects the main resorts of the island. Corfu has a taxi service and numerous car rental and motorcycle rates.

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