Greece: Mykonos Island (Cyclades)

Initially visited only as a stop on the way to an ancient Tylos, Mykonos Island (Mykonos) in recent years has become one of the most popular and expensive resorts, not only Kyklad, but also all Greece – for the year more than a million tourists from all over the world are visited (and half of the world they are in August). This small (75 kV. KM) the island has become famous due to its rugged coastline with many secluded bays, succeeding in the capital of the same name – one of the most "Photogenic" cities of Greece with a hundred small churches, shrines and chapels, as well as a noisy nightlife created by the island of reputation of one of the most "Merry" Mediterranean resorts.

The image of the capital of the island – the town of Mykonos – is converted on thousands of postcards and advertising posters. The labyrinth of his narrow streets is able to confuse anyone – such a complex layout was specially created to facilitate the defense of the city from pirates, which literally terrorized Cyclades in the XVII-XIX centuries.


The closest beaches lie north of the city feature – TURLOS (2 km) and Ayos Stefanos (3 km) Although they cannot boast of special purity, but are connected with the city regular buses and possess modern rest infrastructure. But the south-western resorts are known more modest in size, but no less popular shores hiding in cute bays. The closest to the city beach Megali-Amos (1 km to southwest) framed by flat stones and … expensive pensions, Korfos slightly littered, and lying in the very "corner" Bay Ormopes More quiet and comfort. Buses run from here even further, past the Tiny Public Beach Delos to the West Bay of the Island – Ayos-Joanis, Also built up with modern hotels and resort complexes.

Western half of the southern coast – the most popular part of the island. Platis Yalos (4 km south of the city) – one of the most fashionable resorts of Mykonos, whose coastal trait is almost completely built up by hotels. From the capital to the beach every half an hour bus departs. Platis Yialos, boats are departed to other popular beaches on the south coast: Paranga, Agrari, Elia, Paradise and Super Paradise.

  • Platis Yialos Beach
Greece Island Mykonos (Cyclades)

Beach Psar represents 150 meters of white sand, surrounded by thickets of Aira and shrubs, and its fish restaurant N’ammos is considered one of the best in the region. This picturesque non-smoke sandy beach attracts world celebrities. From the capital to the beach can be reached by bus. The diving center, which offers both training programs for beginners and dive safaris for experienced divers. A little further on the coast to the East lies the beach Paranga – In fact, two good shores separated by a small cape.

Immediately behind it begins Golden Crescent Beach Paradise, eternally crowded tourists and possessing his own dive center and expensive night club Cavoparadiso. In the evenings, the whole beach turns into a nightclub in the open sky. Nearby located camping.

Immediately for him stretches Super paradise, Available only by the sea – the coastal road is difficult. This beach is the most popular for gay in all Greece. But he also attracts the people of traditional orientation, thanks to famous day and evening beach parties. Also the beach is suitable for nudists. There are no shops and, despite the name, in size, he is inferior to the beach paradise.

  • Beach Paradise
  • Beach Super Paradise

One of the most beautiful shores on Mykonos – Elia, The last port of the call of Cairo on the way from the capital of the island, but freely achievable on land through a mountain town Ano Mera With his monastery of Panayia Tourlyani and an unusual marble bell tower. This is the widest and longest sand strip on the island, framed from the East of the Rocks, among which are hiding several more secluded bays, popular with gay and nudists.

On the main road to the south-east of Ano-measurement can be easily reached by bus to the beach Calaphatha, Very popular with windsurfingists. There is a rental equipment for water sports, windsurfing and diving centers. There is a restaurant with Greek cuisine and fresh seafood dishes. Get to the beach from the capital by bus. Not far is a good beach Lia (LIA), the length of which is 200 meters. This is a good alternative to Calaphatha Beach for those who stayed in this part of the island, but is looking for a quieter place.

The north coast of the island is somewhat less convenient for recreation – almost constant excitement nails a lot of garbage here, and numerous rocks leave a little holiday destination by the sea. However, the deep bay of Panammos is an exception – its beautiful and relatively protected shores Panammos and Ayos Sostis Although not serviced by regular buses, but they are becoming more and more popular for the silence and small number of noisy companies.

Greece Island Mykonos (Cyclades)

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