Greece. Island surprises

Greek islands are still able to surprise. So, just six months ago on the small island of kitnos, archaeologists found an antique temple, whose age is 2700 years. At first glance, nothing special, ancient Greek civilization was distinguished by unlimited temple construction, but inside the temple of archaeologists waited a truly luxury gift. It turned out that he was not looted. There were many cult items: figures and decorations made of gold, silver, bronze, semi-precious stones and pearl, the area of ​​origin of which covered the most distant parts of the Mediterranean from Egypt and Libya to Italy. So the Greek Islands of many are still able to surprise. And only therefore the tourist trail does not tarnish there.

But not only kitnos, but many other Greek islands prepared surprises for tourists. A surprise can even be the fact of their existence. Few who managed to visit each of the two hundred inhabited Greek islands, even if we consider that every second one is the first-class seaside resort. So we specifically chose some of the most unusual or amazing features of some popular and several not very famous Greek islands, just to show that everything can be surprised, even seemingly familiar and well known.

So, from the island of Rhodes, which is among the Greek Islands one of the most famous, you can see the famous Turkish resort Marmaris. And for this not necessarily even buy binoculars to Turkey from here only about fifteen kilometers. Another surprise of Rhodes can be called a small town of Lindos, where, in addition to the standard Greek island set in the form of a turquoise sea and placing the beaches to solitude, there is a nicely preserved Acropolis and medieval fortress. Acropolis stands on one of the hills, rise to which the exercise is tedious. This task is better to assign donks that not only bring you where necessary, but also will give additional entertainment (in Russia, it is very difficult to find places where they ride on donks).

The most famous from the Ionian Islands Corfu. About the beauty and variety of its nature with love and observation Posted by Gerald Darrell, English Zoologist and writer, who in childhood for five years lived on Corfu. In architecture and customs strongly Italian influence, and this is one of the surprises of the island of a graceful cocktail of Greece and Italy.

On the two tiny islets of Paxa and Antipaxis among the rain subtropical greenery, beautiful modern resorts are located. On the island of Zakynthos, a large colony of sea turtles lives, the neighborhood with which adds impressions to island rest. Hot springs of the Island of Evie (27-70 degrees Celsius) in normal imagination will allow you to feel like Roman emperors who loved to come here for the treatment and maintenance of their imperial forces. For Russian tourists will especially mentally visit the church of St.John Russian, a simple soldier who has affected the faith in Turkish captivity.

Wonderful labyrinths decorated with frescoes and with almost 300 premises, which in the first century.NS. served as shelter for early Christians, are on Milos Island, which was previously called Melos. It was from here that the famous statue of Venus Milos. Truly creepy and at the same time, an exalted impression produces Papafranga cave.

Greece. Island surprises

Sea Mediterranean seals remained only in the caves on the island of Alonisos (Sporadic Islands), the only populated island in the ensemble of the Marine Park.

Skyros Island Just need to visit in March-April, when colorful cheerful carnivals are held here. Wine, delicious food, costume processions, reigning spirit of fun and joy worthy of the summer meeting, especially since at this time there is warm and the sun warms it in a spring gentle and at the same time for us, northerners, already warm and in summer. Paints are fresh and clean, the island literally blooms, the air is hydrated with flavors and joy.

Islands in Greece are really a lot, and most of them offer wonderful rest opportunities. Every day, spent on the Greek Islands, will be unusual and filled with exceptional impressions and surprises. He will definitely be completely different than all other days. And it’s not easy because it is a holiday, just every day, spent here, these are unique impressions and sensations, because on any Greek island you can find a riddle and a holiday.

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