Greece: Thassos Island

Lying only 12 km from the mainland of Tasos Island (Thasos, Thassos) is one of the most popular recreation centers of the northern part of the country.

Before Cavala from here, just an hour by the sea, and to the small port of Keramoti with his airfield – less than 20 minutes on the boat, so more than a century is the island used as a recognized center "holidays on the weekend". Until now, the main income of the islanders bring mining of an excellent snow-white marble, from which the island consists literally for two thirds, as well as honey, nuts and olive oil, so local residents relate to tourists quite calmly, without considering them as the main source of enrichment. Unfortunately, the devastating fires of the late 20th century caused the appearance of Tasos a serious damage, but most of the mountain forests survived, and now the island is one of the few places of the densely populated northern part of the country, where you can still meet a forest kunitsa, owl and even wolf.

Quite the modern capital of the island – city and port Limemas, or TASOS (Limenas, Limin or Thassos), at first glance it seems clearly overloaded transport and tourists. But his picturesque fishing harbor and colorful old quarters with more thank this flaw. Thanks to the export of marble and safe harbor, the ancient Thassos flourished from the dawn of the ancient period before the decline of Byzantium, even those who captured the island in the XV century the Turks almost did not change his appearance. Here you can still see a carefully excavated agoor over the harbor, trading blocks of the reconstructed city of the classical period, the sanctuary of Artemis (V in. to N. NS.) and a whole complex of buildings of the Roman period. Near archaeological museum (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.00 to 15.00; 2 euros) contains a rather small, but quite self-sufficient collection of items found during excavations. From the Temple of Dionysus, lying behind the fishing port, the track turns to the Hellenistic theater, quite unusually built over the coastal line, – now it is used for the summer festival of Tasos. Just before the theater, a little right of the Acropolis, the Byzantine Fort of the XIII-XV centuries rises, erected over the ruins of the Apollo temple and using its own stones. And fragments of the temples of Athens and Pan, as well as cyclopic ancient walls are still visible throughout the seaside site.

Eastern city start rocky slopes Ayos-Joanis Bay with his dozens of tiny beaches. But the best shores can be found in a south of south, behind Calogeros and Pyrgos, Gulf Potovya. Lying in his top of the town Potamia (Potamia) looks pretty new and rarely visited by tourists, but his Museum Polygnotos Vayis (in the summer is open from Thursday to Sunday from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 18.00 to 21.00, on Sundays – from 10.00 to 13.00; Entrance is free), dedicated to the native of these places – the famous American sculptor of the Polygnotos Vagis (in another transcription – Weiss), deserves special attention. From here it starts the routes of numerous trail to the top of the Mountain of Ipsarion (Psaro, 1204 m, usually the rise takes 4 hours), which are popular places of active recreation.

Going to the south the picturesque seaside road runs by the humble bay of Kinira and Stavros, leaving 35 km south of the capital to the most popular beach area of ​​the island – Village Alika (Alyki). This lies on the long and narrow cape of the settlement on both sides is surrounded by the waters of the picturesque bays and fully retains its ancient appearance with stone tiled houses. Every new construction is prohibited here, so the ruins of the ancient temple dedicated to the unknown deity have come to this day, and two elegant early Christian Basilica on Cape, and many old mansions that once belonged to rich sailors. And the whole resort life boils slightly away – on the shores of the pebble western bay, on a slightly less crowded rocky beaches of the Eastern Bay or at the very tip of covered with marble cliffs of Cape, whose crystal clear waters are always sicken by divers. A number of live bars and taverns are literally arguing for the clientele, and therefore the choice is quite sufficient here. Even isolated Kekes Beach, lying in a beautiful pine grove, 1 km from the village, – and he has a good self-tavern Skidhia and a mini-hotel with simple, but comfortable bungalows.

Rather unsuccessfully renovated female Monastery Arkhangelu-Mikhail, or Arkhangelos (XII B.), literally clings for the slopes of the Primorsky Rock 5 km west of Alik. Another 9 km west lies the village Astria (Astris, Astridha) with a good beach north of the Rocky Cape Salonikos and beach Ppiji Amos just north, near the resort village of Potos, extremely popular with German tourists.

Greece Island Thassos

The second largest city island – Limenaria (Limenaria) – Lies in the bay of the same name at the south-west of Tasos. Built as the town of German specialists between 1890 and 1905, he still retained many characteristic mansions scattered over the slopes of the Mount Tumbo (149 m) above the harbor. Despite numerous attempts to improve the coastline, this is not the most attractive place in Thassos, but here there are quite a few good hotels and restaurants, but the nearby good Beach Tripiti With a wide and long (about 800 m) strip of shallow pebbles, serves as a good place to relax by the sea. From the punching can also be climbed into the mountains, to the colorful old village Theologos (Theologos) founded by refugees from Constantinople in the XVI century.

Next north stretches a series of tiny rocky bays, little suitable for swimming. Only attractive small Bay of Scala Marion (Skala Marion, 13 km north of Limenaria), yes Beach Pahis (9 km south-west of the capital of the island) are a pleasant exception. Lying at Cape Traction Town Ormopes-Until can boast a good gentle shore and the ruins of the old fortress.

A little deep in the depths of the island are scenic villages Megalo-Kazaviti and Micro Casavy With their pretty central squares, considered among the most beautiful places on the island.

Greece Island Thassos

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