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The memory has already forgotten the music of the wind, the smell of special mountain air and moans are complaints about the legs of the dried, filled with the sun and the hot wind of the Wooden Halls of the Monastery. But long years I will remember our meeting, and you, as before, will live in my heart and bright memories. Thank you for what you entered my life, so unexpectedly and beautiful ..

Meteora. To remember – you need to see. I will try to understand.

Not far from the city of Kalabak, between the mountains of Kozhekas and Antihasni, 60 million years ago, grew stronger the stone forest. On the majestic rock scalp, which is raised to the sky from the Fesselsal Plain, the Orthodox monasteries are unique in nature. Of the 24 monasteries that exist earlier, on the rocks, the meteor today has been preserved and only functions 6:

– Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ;

– Monastery of the Holy Trinity;

– Monastery of the Holy Martyr Stephen;

– Monastery of Saint Rusan;

– Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapaavs.

Is it worth saying that this is one of the largest and most amazing monastic complexes of the Byzantine era in the north of Greece.

During the origin of the Christian Church, almost all believers tried to lead a clean and light life, as required by the Gospel. But among the believers there were a lot of those who were looking for something more that they would have been associated with the "Higher Plag". Therefore, someone, living with everyone, voluntarily refused the property, distributing him to the poor, someone took over the vow of celibacy, spending time in the ultimate prayer, post, abstinence and labor.

A couple of century later, strict life principles among Christians began to weaken, the devotees were removed to live in the mountains and deserts and there, away from the world and his temptations, conducted a strict mobility life.

So, by refusing all the earth interests, abandoning his property and even from the old name, condemning himself to voluntary martyrdom, they developed in themselves the strength of spiritual life, to fulfill the will of their spiritual mentors in everything.

Today, there are many holy treasures, relics and precious Greek manuscripts, relics and precious Greek manuscripts, which they are rightfully proud of: holy power, skilled crayfish, crosses from the holy tree and caskets for crosses, portable icons, holy bowls and gospels. Bishops and grained church velides – real works of art. Exceptional frescoes – some of the components of these invaluable riches. Also, in the repositories of monasteries there are old written documents, mainly dedication, gift documents, monastic charters, lead seals and other items, which are greater historical and artistic values. Special place occupied handwritten codes recorded or on parchment, or on silk fabric, or on paper. Rewriting was a difficult thing, and the composition of one code was a real feat.

Of course, I did not write a single code in my life, except for a couple of theses, but I did my little feat, rising to the top of one of the rocks to visit the monastery of the Holy Trinity. It was a complex climbing. Issimate 140 steeply high steps cut down in a narrow "corridor" rocks at the end of the 19th century for a more convenient and safe lift to the monastery, seemed to initially inspirely obstacle.

I understood that in the life of the monks this difficult, stern and until recently a very dangerous approach is committed with the sole purpose – to serve divine joy by continuous repentance and incessant prayer. Their goals and thoughts are clear to me, although ********* in spirit. Closer to the middle of the way my thoughts begin to be confused. Monks, climbing a dizzy, sincerely believe in what exactly they get closer to God. And I start to understand that I rises to such a height, apparently, in order to give him my soul. My favorite French Hat-traveler, which I drive with me exclusively in a hand-made knob, turned into a friction. And I absolutely ceased to worry that she could face, to deform, or with her "priceless" decorations, or having worn, she will stay forever at the foot of some of the rocks. The heart is about to break out, the "jackhammers" knocks in the head, each next stage is still harder and harder. "What am I doing? I’m afraid of my height since childhood. Who needs this feat?"- Thoughts, knocking in unison with" jackhammers ".

Everything! This is the end? Or I’m on top?!

On the porch of the monastery, a young man, absolutely not spiritualized outdoor, Boyko trades input tickets.

Monastery of the Holy Trinity. According to the available historical documents, the monastery was built between 1458-1476. It is assumed that the first resident and the founder of the monastery – Domenios. The monastery seemed so tiny, almost toy from below, here, at the top, it looks quite solid and good. A few small decesses are cut down in the rock – these are the former Celi or Kelly, as they are called the Greeks, the ascetic decoration of which was the tiny bed and a small stool, as another reminder that in their hearts, the hearts of the monks, there is a completely different world, not associated with time. Special arches for books are joined in all the cells, there are places for candles and individual iconostasis. A strong impression produces wall painting left by the "old" masters of once residential stone rooms.

Greece. Meteora. Symphony of solitude. Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

A small chapel is built on the territory of the monastery. In the same historical documents, it is possible to read that its unusual wall icon painted is made by the monks of Damascus, arsion and ion. Picious singing of psalms, gold-plated iconostasis, icons, with holy licks depicted on them, negascinable lamps and *************** Candles … Where else, as not in this spiritual oasis, you can find a source of spiritual forces; Where else you can feel so calm and divinely peaceful; where else you can forget so quickly?

Sitting on a wooden bench in the "room", blowable all the winds, you start it more clearly understand that monasticism – the lot of few chosen. Their insurmountable inner desire is entirely to devote themselves to serving God, living in another, remote from the temptations of the world, spending time in daily prayers and reading the scriptures, probably this is the highest feat – the feat of the Spirit and Will. "Who can accommodate, but accommodate," in my opinion, so very correctly stated in Scripture (I would still remember where I know it).

We leave the monastery, peacefully standing on a narrow rock of more than 400 meters high, to the open area to spend a photo session under the code name "soar in heaven" … God! God, forgive! I understood, you did not want my soon untimely death. You wanted me to see it!

Sky!! The mountains!! Clouds!! How many beautiful words, poems, songs, epithets and comparisons are devoted to these three concepts. Royal, fascinating the beauty of stone gigids, silent in the eyelids, cares, as if hypnotizing. Admiring, you start feeling all the infinity and perfection of the nature around us. And memory, memorizing, like a teleotype, pulls out words: height, freedom, … Ecstasy, flight … EUPHORIA…

"… One nature makes a great gift "(c)

and gives it great to everyone, without exception.

Sometimes it seems to me that the main purpose of nature is to infinitely quote the rows of poets or the statement of the great people about it.

Standing on a wide protrusion of the cliff, admiring the beauty of the surrounding cliffs of the landscape, comes the realization that contact with wildlife is the vital source of energy, which allows you to preserve the forces, inhaling optimism by adding joy. And the amazing discovery: it turns out, the height is not scary. From what point the fear is deprived of meaning? Perhaps he ends where the inevitability begins ..

Correctly creak under the legs dried, crumpled by the sun and burning wind, wooden stairs are destroyed, inguy grass ingred, the monastery cells are empty ..

Greece. Meteora. Symphony of solitude. Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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