Greece &# 8211; Paradise Mediterranean

Want to get all this in one vacation? Then you in Greece! Mediterranean country &# 8211; One of the best tourist destinations. And you will soon make sure!

Mainland and 2500 islands

Greece &# 8211; This is not only the mainland with the capital in Athens, but also more than 2500 islands. It is 13.7 thousand. KM Coastline and Three Seas: Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian. Therefore, the question immediately arises, where to relax in Greece is best? Everywhere! Wherever you find: in a quiet mountain village, Anyna (Crete) or a noisy place of Rhodes (Yalissos), Greece climbs the thirst for the adventures of the most capricious tourist.

What kind of Greek resort choose

By choosing a resort, rely on three factors:

  • Season. On the North Corfu and Lesbos in October, you can get under the rain, and the sea cools up to +22 0 s, whereas on Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes are still happy with summer heat. In general, year-round tourism is developed in the country, and the beach season lasts from May to October.
  • Flight. Tourists arriving in thessaloniki, open resorts of Halkidiki &# 8211; Party Cassandra and peaceful, drowning in greenery pines, Sithonia. (Third ; finger ; Peninsula Athos &# 8211; Monastic state where only Male pilgrims can get on a special visa). I drove to the coastal camala, you can ferry to move to green about. Thassos to admire each bay, swim on the marble beach and taste the goat on a spit in a colorful village. Sea and air roads are open from Athens to Ionian Islands (Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos) and Aegean (Skiathos, Skiros, Syros) seas. Straight charters fly from different regions in thessaloniki and the island of Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos and others, working on the popularity of these resorts.
  • Plans for Vacation. Each eldlast resort has its own specifics. Choose the youth resort of Faliraki (Rhodes, Greece), if you eager to the parties, interesting nightlife and beach parties. With children, you will probably like the sandy beaches of messenge on a compact and picturesque Corfu.

Comfort in Dessel or coloring in a cave &# 8211; Where to stay in Greece

Find accommodation to taste will not make problems. Someone will prefer traditional white houses with blue shutters surrounded by fruit gardens, but with a ascetic interior. Comfort supporters will choose an international network operating on the system all inclusive. One of those &# 8211; Dessel Greece &# 8211; He has several 4-hithering hotels in Crete (Blue Star in Ierapetra, Malia Beach in Malia, Dolphin Bay in Amudar, Greece) and Rhodes (Lippia Golf and Olympos Beach Resort).

Greece; Paradise Mediterranean
  • Santorini House Cave

Completely new sensations can be experienced by stopping in traditional Hills of Greeks: Cycladic Cave House in Santorini (about 20,000 rubles. per night), the residence of the shepherd (from 6000 rubles.), Fisherman’s house near the sea. On O. Tinos can spend the night on a windmill, towering over the Beach Stavros (from 10,000 rubles.). All this accommodation is available for registration on Bucking and Airbnb. Campgrounds are also widely developed in Greece, which occupy Europeans traveling in the houses on wheels.

Elda taste

Just a crime feed in Greece exclusively at the hotel. After all, only in taverns feed satisfying, tasty and not expensive. Greek salad with sweet tomatoes and home feta, hearty Musaka, grill orange, orange Fresh straight from the garden. For lovers of kebab &# 8211; Suvlaki. Choose the taverns away from tourist streets. Be prepared for the fact that portions are huge. And as a gratitude, the owner will treat you with fruit, ice cream or liqueur. Middle Check per person &# 8211; from 15 to 40 euros.

What to do in Crete

Swim, eat and travel. The most popular among Russians and the largest Greek island buried the Sun, we blow up with winds and breaks into the sea with sharp rocks. Crete will conquer your heart by serpentines, olive groves and secluded beaches, to which only goat trails lead. Go to the rental (agencies here are a lot, the car A class is from 30 euros per day) and go on the road. There is a very good track around the island, but you will see the most interesting if you drive from the highway.

Attractions Crita

  • Scenic cities: The port of the capital of Heraklion and the Palace in its surroundings; Live medieval city Rethymno; Exquisite Venetian Chania; city ​​of Agios-Nicholas &# 8211; there the lake merges with the sea.
  • Caves dipped on the plateau of Lassiti and Sefedonia &# 8211; In one of them, Zeus-Stublozhets was born in addition.
  • Elafonisi &# 8211; Here the sand has a pink sump, and the road is full of extreme.
  • Laguna Balos and O-in gram &# 8211; Take a tour of the sake of Instagrammy photos and sea walk.
  • National Park Samaraya &# 8211; If you are not afraid of physical exertion Go to a 16 kilometer walk along the longest European gorge. Climbing all closer cliffs covered with coniferous forests, mountain stream, seized traditional village, goats Cree-Cree will meet you on the way.
  • Mountain villages, fishing villages, tourist settlements: Cellular sleeping with a Venetian fountain, secluded road-free Agia Romel, Matala with Hippie’s atmosphere, Civilized Chersonissos and Amudar &# 8211; Greece prepared many surprises in Crete.

Faliraki or Yalissos &# 8211; Where is better on Rhodes

The younger brother of Crete Rhodes takes thousands of Russians every year. Rhodes are more compact, plain, green. And despite the fact that there are all entertainment for a relaxing family holiday &# 8211; From archaeological ruins to water park and park of butterflies, the island has gone to himself the glory of the youth resort. Two cities are most popular:

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