Greece – One of the most popular summer tourist destinations. At the same time, Greece is the ancient European state in the south of the Balkan Peninsula, which in the north is bordered by Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria, in the northeast — With Turkey. Greece consists of the mainland and adjacent to her islands in the ionic, mediterranean and the Aegean seas.

Greece is a real paradise with a developed tourist infrastructure. This is a country endowed with a mild climate, amazing beautiful nature and delicious landscapes, including crystal clear sea, green mountains and beautiful beaches. Greece – it is the country where you can relax, combining pleasant with useful: spending a vacation at the sea coast in parallel you can see the sights of the ancient world.

In Greece, surprisingly diverse nature – from deserted azure shores to high mountain villages and ski resorts with snow. Tours to Greece are always interesting, fascinating and most comfortable thanks to a pleasant climate, affectionate Mediterranean and the Aegean seas, amazing kitchen and hospitality of local residents.

Greece, and officially this country is referred to as the Greek Republic, located in the south-east of Europe. The capital of Greece is Athens – the city with a population of about 5 million people legendary with ancient times.

Other large cities of Greece are Thessaloniki, Pats, Hair, Heraklion, Larisa and DR. Greece occupies 11th place among countries with the longest coastline at 13.7 km. At the same time, the composition of Greece includes more than 2.5 thousand islands, most of whom are uninhabited.

The largest islands of Greece: Crete, Rhodes, Evie or Evia, Kos, Mykonos, etc. Greece is a member of the European Union since 1981, eurozone since 2001, NATO since 1952 and one of the founding countries (1945).

  • language: Greek
  • population: 11 million.
  • telephone code: +thirty
  • currency: Euro
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: GR, EU
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type D, plugs and sockets type E, forks and sockets type F
  • time: 19:41 (UTC + 0300)

Top cities and resorts of Greece

O. Rhodes

O. Corfa






O. Zakynthus

O. Santorini

Paralia Katerini

The best regions, cities and resorts of Greece

Greece is famous not only for a pleasant climate and picturesque beaches, but also by the numerous islands with a great stay. One of the popular islands – Rhodes shrouded in myths and legends. Tourists will be able to enjoy nature and unique architecture. Here you can visit the valley of butterflies. Behind the sandy beaches Go to Crete Island. The most popular resorts are located on its territory, such as Chersonissos or Agios Nikolaos. Students on the island waiting for noisy bars and endless discos. You can enjoy the taste of juicy fruits on the island of Chios, offering a relaxing family vacation. Between rally, this is the only place on Earth, where chocolate makes from the mastics (healing resin).

Saturated excursion programs worth visiting the Greek capital – Athens. In addition to historical heritage, the city is rich in shopping centers and ultra comfortable hotels. Start studying the beauty of the country best of all of thessaloniki, which are often compared with Constantinople. Most religious centers are located in this city.

In addition to beach and cognitive tourism, Greece is rich in ski resorts. The most popular of them is the Massif Parnas, located post 200 kilometers from the capital. The highest point reaches a mark of 2,000 meters. One of the largest ski centers of the Vorace has gained popularity due to wide, gentle descents and convenient routes on which even newcomer can ride.

What is interesting to see in Greece?

Top sights Greece


Athenian Acropolis

Monastery of the Holy Trinity in ..

Lion gate in mycken

Ancient Olympia

Temple of Zeus Olympic

Knossos palace


Theater in the epidaurus


Video from Greece

How to get to Greece?

Getting to Greece from Russia is most conveniently on the plane: Aeroflot Airlines and Olympic Airways in summer make a total of six flights per week between Moscow and Athens. Airplanes companies "East Line" Three times a week flies in thessaloniki. Flights to Athens also serve as airlines "Krasair" and "Siberia". A number of airlines offer flights with a change in various cities of Europe to Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and other cities of Greece.

In the summer, direct flights from many cities of Russia are carried out in the capital of Crete – the city of Heraklion, as well as to the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos, and on Peloponnennese Peninsula. T.To. These are mostly charter flights, tickets for them and tours must be asked in travel agencies.

You can also get to Greece by train with a change in Sofia or Belgrade. Bulgarian, Serbian and Romanian transit visas will be required. Time on the way to Athens is about 90 hours, and the price will be more expensive to the ticket. In Greece, the most desperate travelers can go to Greece. Distance from Athens by road: Moscow – 3180 km, Sofia – 820 km, Bucharest – 1220 km, Tirana – 815 km, Istanbul – 1135 km, Skopje – 710 km.

At the same time, it is necessary to have a passport with entry and transit visas, a driver’s license, a technical distribution system, power of attorney and insurance "Green map", The cost of which depends on the duration of stay and type of car. The car should stand the rooms of the international sample. In addition, the driver’s age should be at least 23 years old, and the driver’s experience must exceed 2 years.

How comfortably move around Greece?

In Greece, there are vehicles for every taste: from the Athens Metro to the usual car. With ease, it is possible to move around Greece at intercity buses KTEL. Planning your travel route is desirable in advance, since the drivers of buses in Greece almost do not know English. On the way, a long-distance bus stops that passengers can have a snack and relax. The schedule of Athenian city buses can be found on the official website — www.Oasa.GR. Bus tickets and trolleybus can be purchased in special kiosks.

There is an air and water communication between the islands and the continental part of Greece. Journey through water on the ferries relatively long but exciting. To save time exist «Flying dolphins» – These are high-speed closed boats on underwater wings, running between Greece Islands.

Athenian metro, reminiscent of the museum – the usual transportation for most tourists. Metro in Athens is relatively young, it is valid only in 2000, but has already managed to establish itself as a reliable type of transport. Tickets for the Athens Metro give the right to travel on other types of public transport and operate within 90 minutes after the stamp is put on the ticket in a special car at the entrance to the subway.

Moving around Greece is convenient for a taxi. All Greek taxis are equipped with meters, and the tip taxists are not accepted. Attach the taxi to other passengers is quite popular practice in Greece, while you pay only for the distance that actually drove.

Moving around Greece can also be on trains that go from Athens go to the side of Peloponnese and Northern Greece (Larisa, Thessaloniki, Drama, Alexandroupoli). Such trips are very cheap and allow you to view almost the whole country.

Greece Rest in Greece, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide TourProm_1

But the best option is to take a car for hire and independently or in the company of friends to drive around the entire country and the main sights of Greece, which can be done in a week!

Where better to stop, traveling in Greece?

Top hotels in Greece

Climate in Greece

The climate of Greece can be divided into three types: Mediterranean, alpine and moderate, each of which has its impact on a certain territory.

Mountain Ridge Pind affects the climate of the mainland country, on those regions that are located west of the sides of Pinda (Epir). There is more precipitation here than in the regions located on the eastern side of the ridge (Fessiona).

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by soft wet winter and hot dry summer. It is inherent in such territories as Kiklada, Dodecanese, Crete, Eastern Peloponnese and part of Central Greece. Temperatures here do not often reach record marks, and in winter it can even fall out.

Alpine climate type is characteristic of the mountainous regions of Greece, which includes Epirus, Central Greece, Western Macedonia, part of the Fessiona, as well as Noma Ahey, Arkady and Laconium. East Macedonia and Frace include regions with a moderate climate type, and Athens are located in the transition zone, where two types of climate are connected: Mediterranean and moderate.

Greek climate contributes to a comfortable stay almost at any time of the year. May 1 at the resorts of Greece offers a beach and swimming season. The climate of Greece allows you to comfortably relax on the sea from mid-May to the beginning of October. Warm winter in Greece, the air temperature rarely falls below +5 degrees, and the average temperature in winter is +12 degrees. In the summer, the average air temperature is +30 degrees. For a complete acquaintance with the climate of the country, see a detailed weather forecast in Greece by months.

O. Rhodes

O. Santorini



O. Corfa






National Kitchen Greece

Typical Greek food is simple, colorful and fragrant. The range of Greek cuisine includes a variety of diverse dishes that will undoubtedly delight the most exquisite connoisseurs of gastronomic pleasures – both fans of meat and vegetarians.

The most characteristic and most important element of the Greek nutrition is olive oil, which is present in almost all dishes, because Greece ranks third in the production of olives in the world, although the ancient Ellity is their discovers.

Greek cuisine has four secrets:

  1. Fresh, high-quality products,
  2. Wise use of herbs and priests,
  3. Famous Greek Olive Oil,
  4. and fundamental simplicity of recipes.

Greek cuisine — This will certainly olives, feta cheese, wine, as well as many vegetables, seafood and meat. Water and bread are those products that are particularly respected by Greeks. Water is a symbol of hospitality for Greeks, this is the first thing that is served by the guest, and in almost all establishments of public catering water is served free to anyone who wants. Greece is the birthplace of the patron saint of Wine Dionysis, as well as the first in the history of nominal wine (VQPRD) from the Islands of Chios and Tasos, which enjoyed broadly fame in the ancient world.

Top restaurants Greece

Restaurant "Theoxenia"

Restaurant "Meteoron Panorama"


"Ammos Restaurant"

Restaurant "Mylos"

"Taverna Bar Vasilis"

Tavern "Stelios"

Restaurant "Stork"

Restaurant "Poseidonia"

Restaurant "Dinner in the Sky Greece"

Safety of tourists in Greece

Civil unrest in Greece is extremely rare, but strikes and demonstrations — phenomena are quite frequent, but tourists are usually not concerned.

Attacks on tourists, for example, theft, represent a greater threat in tourist sites and in crowded public transport, which is especially characteristic of Athens. Therefore, tourists are encouraged to comply with the usual security measures: it is undesirable to expect a single day in the dark, and go to nightclubs and bars only in the company of good acquaintances.

On the loss or theft of the passport to tourists should immediately inform the Greek police and to the nearest Consulate of the Russian Federation. If you get to any critical situation, you must also contact Russian diplomats. They will provide the necessary assistance, for example, will help you get appropriate medical care, phoned with members of your family or friends, and also explain how to make money.

If we talk about road safety, then in Greece road rules are somewhat different from Russian. Therefore, before traveling to Greece, it is advisable to inquire with local traffic rules. First of all, tourists in Greece must be very attentive on the roads. Chaotic movement and not very good roads in the country are threatened by the health of tourists. Do not control a motorcycle or moped without a helmet.

During his stay in Greece, Russian citizens are subject to the laws of this country, and the fines are tougher here than in Russia. People who violated Greek laws, even unconsciously, can be expelled, arrested or imprisoned. Penalties for owning, use or for illegal drug trafficking in Greece — Strict, and convicts expects imprisonment. Also decree of the Greek government is prohibited to photograph military facilities and objects. People traveling to Greece, who are not speaking Greek, can call 112 when entering an emergency.

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