Greece, Sea, Islands.

Happy traveler who first saw Greece from the sea. . Unforgettable minutes when in the cool morning haze foreshadowing the hot Mediterranean day, in front of your vessel’s nose, as if from the most of his innermost azure depths, begin to appeal the outlines of the whites of the Rockies of Greece. If your path lies in the Piraeus, then crossing the bay of Saronyikos you will certainly see as if soaring over the town of Gray and Majestic Parthenon. Countless islands and bays of an extraordinarily rugged coast make the image of Greece unforgettable and extremely attractive for lovers of a seafood. If figuratively express the fact that the total area of ​​the Greek Peninsula with the islands of the Aegean and Ionian Sea is 132000 at the length of the coastline reaching 16,000 km, then we can say that all Greece is located on the coast – because its average width is less than 10 kilometers. The height difference in the relief of Greece and its continental shelf reaches almost 7 kilometers away from the highest point. Olympus (2917 m) to the deepest depression of the Mediterranean Sea – Frear Tone Inusson (4850 m) – so Greece is not just a shore – this is a cool and rocky shore. Snow-white houses of numerous Greek villages adherent to the rocks on the seashore quite clearly demonstrate that Greece itself was born from the sea. Yes, and most of the marine culture of our civilization come from Greece.For the Russians, Greece sincerely was the desired goal of their trade expeditions on the way from "Varyag in Greeks". Large victories of the Russian military fleet and his world fame were found in the waters of the Greek Archipelago. Chios, Corfu, Navarine became synonymous for the combat success of Russian sailors. Protection of the Orthodox and liberation of Greece and Cyprus from Ottoman Iega forever remained in the hearts of people of our countries. Russian tourists can always count on a warm welcome in the most notted corners of Greece. If adding to this image the abundance of the bright sun and the soft Mediterranean climate is the best place for a good holiday on the sea. Some countries in the world having so many islands, cozy bays and bays are very favorable for training underwater sports and workouts under the sail.

But before you get acquainted with the Islands of Greece, any guest of this country will not be able to avoid Athens and the Sea Gate of Greece from the most ancient times – Piraey located in the Central Region – Attics.

Attica is part of Greece, bordering in the north with central Greece ("Sterea Elda"), and in the south is washed by the waters of the Saronic Gulf.

The attacks of the bright sun, the Attica is full of memories of the past: at the Cape Sunion temples of Poseidon and Athens, in Brábron Temple of Artemis, in Ramunda, the Temple of Nemesis, the Marathon comes to life about the victory of the Greek National Spirit and Weapons, in Elephxin – Demeter Temple; There are also Byzantine monuments such as Kesariani and Daphny monasteries.

Distilic feature of attices: an extraordinary variety of landscape. On the one hand, the majestic beauty of the Pardon Mountains, Pendoto and Ghimet (imittos), and on the other – the sea with its lace coasts and beaches.

The capital of the Greek state is called the name of the ancient Greek Goddess of the wisdom and the knowledge of Athens. Democracy was born here. Here was created a masterpiece of architecture Parthenon. Here art has become an integral part of everyday life, and there was a gravestone in the pericles "Epitaph", This magnificent monument of oral speech.

For the entire civilized world, Athens are a symbol that personifies freedom, democracy, art.

In Athens, the memory never fades. Wherever you go, wherever they are, – the story comes to life everywhere.

Two hill are towering in the center of Athens: Hill Acropolis, with the monuments of the Epoch of Pericla, and the Hill Lycabet (Likavittos), with a picturesque church. Georgia.

Athens today is a modern city, one of the largest in the whole Mediterranean. Romantic, combining all the benefits of the Western city with the aroma of the approaching East, with lively streets and squares, with bright multicolored shop windows, but also with secluded alleys, with quiet and secluded quarters, such as a cry and metings. In the countless stores of the capital, the buyer will find everything that only wishes; Athenian taverns are able to satisfy any order. And if you want to have fun all night until the morning, there are numerous night discos, bars and restaurants. Athens never cease to have fun, starting in the evening and ending with the first rays of the morning dawn.

Pirae is a port of Athens with deep antiquity, today’s Piraeus, built on the site of the ancient city, is a major maritime and shopping center not only Greece, but also the whole Mediterranean. From here, vessels connecting the Greek capital, both with the most distant corners of Island Greece and other countries.

Pirae is about 10 km south-west from the center of Athens and communicates with the capital buses and metro. The hills of the Prophet Ilya (Profit Edition) and Castell, with mansions in neoclassical style and modern buildings framing the city from the sea.

Among the most noisy-business and most tourist areas, Piraea should be called his small natural harbor: Microlimano, Pasalimani, Zea, Freatida and Hadzikryakio. Here in countless taverns near the sea are preparing exotic snacks from fish and other inhabitants of sea depths. You can enjoy them by drinking unique, pure Greek drink – Uzo. And to top off the pleasure – the fresh smell of the sea and the dimensional splash of numerous boats, boats and yachts, swaying on the waves, very close to your table.

Islands of the Saronic Gulf ("Argosaronikos")

This is a group of small islands in the Saronic Bay, washing the southern shores of Attica.

Almost next to the attic coast is the island of Salamin (Salamin), the largest of the Saronic Islands, with beautiful embankments and the preserved ruins of the ancient Acropolis, as well as the Monastery of Our Lady ("Pheromeni") with wonderful frescoes.

A little further – the island of Aegina, famous for his ceramics. Rolly covered with forests from pistachio trees, with elegant villages, drowning in greenery, with pine groves, is also one of the wonderful monuments of antique antiquity – the temple of Aphi.

Then the Poros island immested in the greenery, with the purest coast and with the picturesque monastery of Our Lady of the life-giving ("Zoodok Pigis").

Hydra Island (Idra) famous for the traditions of navigation. The central part of it, the choir, pictorial and color, with its high multi-colored captain-old mansions, animated with a gray monotony of natural landscape. Between houses – narrow streets with taverns and shops in which Greek and foreign tourists who arrived in the small port of this beautiful island.

And finally, Spepsies – the most remote from Athens Island. Special flavor gives him horseback carts with their Cocan, hoofs on the cobblestone pavement, white houses and mansions, with their cotton courtyards and bushes of exotic fire-red flowers, which are cunning with aluminum bunches through white fences. And, of course, the seaport and its beautiful green embankments with dozens of fish shops, taverns and shops selling folk crafts.

"Corfu has such great importance for me that the loss will apply a fatal blow to my plans. Remember: with the current state of Europe, the biggest misfortune, which can comprehend me, is the loss of Corfu." Napoleon

To the west of Epirus, Central Greece and Peloponnese are seven large islands that make up the island part of the Ionian Sea.

Greece, Sea, Islands.

The most famous of the Ionian Islands – Kerkira (Corfu), the whole impeding in greenery, which has enlightened the traditions of many and heterogeneous crops that flourished on the island in different epochs. Kerkira seeds, captivates and enchants visitor. With her two fortresses, narrow streets, high houses, arches, the Venetian City Hall building, the Church of St. Spiridon – the patron saint of the city, blooming courtyards and iron balconies, which are samples of this art, Kerkira produces an indelible impression.

Kerkira Island, where surprises and attractions await you at every step, truly can claim the title of earthly paradise. From Paleokastric to Canoni, from Achillio to Pondicanisi and Northern Shores, everywhere you will meet the sea with crystal clear water, picturesque bays with a thick and abundant greens, as if immersed in the blue of the sea. On this truly cosmopolitan island you can easily combine calm-serene rest with a tense rhythm of intensive nightlife.

Paksa Island is a real magic world, refuge for anyone who is eager for silence and peace; This is a solid flowering garden. Here you will meet the majestic white rocks, beautiful sea coasts with transparent water, as well as small bays and sea caves. Guios – a picturesque village with beautiful houses and narrow streets. Old Windmill and Venetian Fortress, Sretenskaya (Ipapandis) Sea Cave – Main Attractions of Paxi Island.

From here you can get around the sea to the city of the Parg, on the contrary, on the coast of Epirus, or to the island of Antipaxi; virgin and quiet, with a magnificent sandy beach and one single village, it is not more suitable for a relaxing holiday.

Levada Island: Brush vegetation and gentle shore in the eastern part of it, the Western coast of the Outburst and Sand. But everywhere the same beautiful blue-blue sea. There is something noble-aristocratic in all the aids of the island with his impressive Venetian fortress and monastery of Plyeromenis (the Epiphany of Our Lady). The capital of the island island Levvada, calm and picturesque, with colorful wooden houses – a characteristic local feature. Many interesting routes can be done on the island. There are quite a few attractions: you will endure places that are thick and brown vegetation, the villages located on the very seafront, the ruins of the prehistoric city and circular graves, as well as picturesque fishing villages on the west coast, with the gripped pebble beach and transparent water.

Kefallinia (Kefallon) – the largest of the Ionian Islands. Steep rocks covered with greens, as if immersed in the blue blue. Colorful villages and small towns; Here you will see old aristocratic mansions as well "modest" Rural villas, and a little indeed – ruins of some ancient city. Ruins Roman, Venetian or resurrect memory of the Byzantine era. And here – use wide fame of the coast and beaches. All this corrects characterizes Kefallinia as the island of contrasts.

The capital of the island is the city of Argostoli. Here are the famous underground effluents; These are places where the sea is poured into land and, forming deep depressions in the depths of the earth, as if wounds, disappears in underground tunnels, thus creating a rare geological phenomenon.

Truly unforgettable, the magical spectacle represents Lake Melissani, when the sun’s rays, falling into its mirror waters, illuminate the bottomless depth of this unique ash-cave lake. Not far from here is drogura – a cave with unusually beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. And finally, Fussrdo – the village is drowning in the greenery, with a beautiful bay, with houses, preserved old architectural style.

Ithaca Island is world famous thanks to Homerovskaya "Odyssey". Despite the fact that the island is a small and horizens, his charming bays and the bays make it look like a small earthly paradise. Cool and almost naked western coast contrasts with green oriental, hollow leaving to the sea. It is worth a visit to the seaside villages marked by a local flavor and the faithful spirit of antiquity and traditions, medieval Arkhangelsky ("Taksiharhon tone") Monastery, as well as magnificent, undiluted while caves.

Green Ithaca, with its beautiful beaches and peaceful settlements, is the perfect place where you can spend your holidays.

The most southern island of the Ionian Archipelago – Almost Turicular Shape Idyllic Zakynthos. This island also has something to be captured and leave an indelible impression. For a long time will remain in the memory of the Visitor of the Emerald Sea, the thick forest of the mountains, heart and hospitable inhabitants. Highly over the modern city of his beautiful buildings in the characteristic Zakynthic architectural style, the Venetian Fortress. The abundance of churches is another feature of the city of St. Dionysius – Saint, which is the patron saint of Zakynthos Island. And everywhere – coffee shops, small picturesque villages, hidden among the greenery of olive and almond trees or located on the plains engaged in vineyards, fruit gardens and gardens. On the island of Nolo sandy beaches with a calm and clean sea. It is very possible that here, on one of these coasts, you will seem to meet a rare sea turtle Caretta Caretta.Zakynthos Island is one of two Greek national marine parks created specifically for the protection of sea turtles and rare copies of the Mediterranean seal.Blue caves (glazes of spiles) and the grottoes of this island will call the delight of everyone who will spend at least one day in them. The southeastern end of Peloponnese is the island of Kifira, all in greenery, bordered by the edges of extensive beaches with the purest sea; In the inside of the island, your attention will attract settlements from which it fits the tradition, as well as fortresses, monasteries and churches.

In addition to the Ionian Islands, the islands of the Aegean Archipelago (Kiklada, Dodecanese Islands, Chios, Samos and Lesbos) and the most southern lands of Greece are enjoyed in Greece – Crete and the islands adjacent to him.

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